Sunday, December 19, 2010

:: this is just the beginning of something great ::

Salam to all my readers.

Well, some of you might already know that I am the treasurer of my students association called MELTECH. For those who didn't know, you might wanna spend a minute reading through this.

Anyway, I've been assigned to organize the annual dinner of MELTECH and to be frank, I was quite nervous and slightly happy with the task I've been given. Firstly, if I should succeed with this project, it could be the highlight of my life here in UiTM. Secondly, I thought this task was quite risky and it's an event where all people are looking up to. It's annual. People must be talking if there is any mishap. But not to worry, with the help of my order, I'm willingly take this responsibility, with my head held high. Hahaha.

Okay, enough the that crap. Me and my friends had been searching for a suitable spot for this dinner and quite a number of hotels had been checked out for the past few weeks. Because I'm not from Shah Alam and the fact that I live in Kelantan really making me so tense and I had to rush this thing out. Finally we managed to locate a spot and after some deliberation with my order, we had decided to call the manager of the hotel and make a deal. I'm not gonna announce the name of the hotel since there's no black and white yet but after everything is settled, I'm gonna tell you guys.

Now I know it's not easy to organize a big event like this even though it's only 2% of the whole process. At this point, all sort of advices regarding this project are really really needed. I'm hoping that everything will turn out as planned and God, please make this work.

So guys, this is just the beginning and you can expect a lot of these in the coming entries. I'm gonna talk about and maybe ask your opinion on the theme coz I really wanna make something big and grand. Hope you guys aren't that busy to drop some comments or suggestion, later on the next entry. Until then, ciao!

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