Wednesday, December 8, 2010

:: a 'bloody' tragedy ::

Salam to all my readers.

Today is the start of a new day in a new year according to Islamic calendar. Whether it's new year or not, my resolution is still the same - want to get good result in whatever I do. Haha. Cliche? Naahh, who cares.

Actually I wanna share with you guys about a tragedy that had happened here in my house. Early in the morning, after eating my breakfast, I sat comfortably on the couch, watching Downsize Me which is aired on TLC Channel. The window that lead straight to my porch and my veranda was widely opened and I easily could see people go in and out of my house.

Suddenly, there was a boy went up to my veranda and sat on the couch there. I didn't realize him at first, until my mom called me and asked me to get rid of the boy coz he seemed clueless and not in his right mind. His shirt was covered with dirt and when I asked him what he was doing here, he simply replied "Ahh, nak tumpang duduk je, takkan tak boleh.". I was like, okay, this is not a public property for you to come in and sit. Then I swished him away, only to realize that he had stolen my mom's money, which was in my mom's purse on the table near the door.

I don't know where he get the gut to sneak into my house and the fact that he stole the money without me and my mom noticing was brilliant. He must be using some kind of magic I think. He was quick indeed. After talking to the neighbours, then only we knew that the boy is actually a girl. She lives not so far from my neighbourhood and always saw by the people wandering around, looking for a house to sneak into perhaps.

It's quite dangerous to think that people is losing their integrity and mind nowadays. The thief is merely a girl, but his action is like a pro. I don't know if there's any case involving the boy, opss, i mean, the girl been reported before but honestly, I swear if I ever found her, I'll cut her hands in pieces, so that she cannot steal anymore. Hahaha. How cruel! So guys, please be careful after this, okay. Until then, ciao!

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