Monday, February 22, 2010

:: hi, can we be friends? ::

Salam to all my readers

"Hi there. I'm Wan Muhammad Izzuddin bin Wan Marno, 21 years-old guy. i live at Tanah Merah Kelantan but i was born in KL on 11 April 1989. i used to live at Bukit Indah, Ampang for about 8 years before moving to Kelantan, coz my dad is working there while my mom was a clerk at Telekom in KL, so, he thought that we need to live together as a family."

"if you ask what my favorite food is, they will have to be cooked hot and spicy. really like the taste of spicy-ness. oh, not to forget, western food. can say No to them. ahahaha. my favorite drink will be fruit juices and milo ice. the one and only food that i will never ever get bored is my mum's Ikan Bawal Sweet Sour. heavenly yummy!"

"you might get surprised if i say that i like pink color. yeah, its very rare to find a guy who adore pink color but now you found one. no need to say pink make one's look guy, save it guy, pink is still one of my favorite color. other than that, i also like white, blue and black."

"currently i'm doing my practical at Hospital Tuanku Jaafar, Seremban for one year. i have two months left before i finish my practical and go back to college. i'm taking diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology. i know you guys don't have a clue what the hell is that course, to know more, just google it ok. i'm hoping that one day i can be someone rich, with big house, big cars, and above all, beautiful and gorgeous wife. oh, not to forget, twin kids. ahahahaha"

~ and this is me, if you haven't got any clue on how i look ~
ok, i think that should be enough. how about you??


p/s ~ i'm thinking, maybe i should start looking for more friends from now on.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

:: the worst journey ever! ::

Salam to all my readers

when is the last time you guys had a happy time in sauna? mine is yesterday. but it wasn't fun, it was 'great'! yeah, i just pay RM45 for 8 hours of sauna. oh, not to mention they turn on some good songs for our pleasure. hahaha. bullshit la you know. this so-called sauna was actually Sutera Bas Express, the bus that i took to go back to Seremban.

why i call it as sauna? bcoz the aircond was broken and we spend 8 hours in that aircond-less bus! we, the passengers were soaking wet in our own sweat. i was sweating like hell. habis satu badan aku melekit-lekit. paling aku kesian tgk sorg makcik yg agak berumur, mengibas baby dia, who from what i saw, gasping for air.

actually there was lot of dramas going on before, during and after my journey from Kelantan to Seremban. this entry is gonna be long, i warn ya. ok first, our bus was delayed for about, hmm, 1 hour ++. i was supposed to get in the bus at 9.45 pm, but the 'unforeseen circumstances' they claimed cost me to wait with thousands of other passengers outside the bus.

next, before we actually get to sit at our seat, the nearly bald and stupid driver told us that this will be a free-sitting seat, not according to number printed on our ticket. i was like, WTF! then, all of us were like, "oh i wanna sit here", "hey, that's my seat, get off". it was chaos but we finally managed to buckle up about half and hour later. after they done with the shuffling seat thing, the bus took of, without turning the aircond on. we thought the driver forgot to do so. but then he said something that we all feared, the aircond engine was broke down.

i was like "what! this can't be happening to me!". i mean, can you imagine, 8 hours of journey without aircond. kalo bleh bukak tingkap lain citer la plak. masing2 cari kain or kertas wat kibas-kibas.

ok, fast forward. after we arrived at Kajang Terminal, most of the passengers stop here, leaving me and a girl on the bus. then the driver looked at us, grabbed his phone, then he came toward us. then he said, "kalu awok gi Serembe naik komuto bleh dop?" we were blur for a moment when he said again, "duo ore jah nok gi Serembe, tok gagoh neh,". means that, it's not worth it to send us to Seremban, regarding the traffic and the amount of gas they have to pay. after a lil chat and yadayadayada, me and the girl went to the KTM Station, bought two tickets to Seremban and got our ass to the final destination.

this is my worst journey ever and i don't know if i'll be taking bus to Seremban again after this. BOIKOT BAS SUTERA! G.T.H!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

:: Chinese New Year and Him ::

Salam to all my reader

my Chinese New Year went normal, minus the Lion 'Dun Dun Cheng' Dance. i really wanted to see the Lion Dance so bad, i already forgot when was the last time i saw it. maybe they don't do the dance here, in Kelantan. Chinese people here are likely to malay people, i mean the way they live, the use of language. if you notice, chinese folk who live in village, some of them are really fluent in Kelantan dialect, which is good to know what they are not just stick to their language.

i still remember, when i was a kid, i used to have chinese friends. they live just a few steps away from my house. his family own a small, grocery shop. like other kid, we just be friend without even know their real name. it comes naturally later. we had this close neighborhood relationship going on back then, even my grandparents were close to theirs.

i still remember, there was a time, on Chinese New Year, his mother invited us to come to their small shop-house. we never been in a chinese house before, so, all sort of things came in mind. at that time, we thought that we were gonna be eating pork. silly. they did understand things we cannot eat, so they served us something instead of pork, which immediately come to our relief.

it's spooky how the time flies when we are having fun. as we all grown-up, he went to further his study, and his nowhere to be found. we hardly meet after that, and i don't remember when was the last time i saw him. me and my cousins, we all headed to different path, so do he. but the memory is still remain, and always be here (sambil tunjuk kat otak).

Monday, February 15, 2010

:: 'No Panties' for V Day ::

Salam to all my readers

i just read through newspaper this morning and i read about IPT students who run a campaign call 'No Panties' for this Valentines Day. seriously, i was quite shock, i mean how come this kind of campaign can be done in the IPT in Malaysia? was the authority there don't know about this?

i may not good to enough to mingle with this thing but clearly it was something that in my point of view, stupid and not very IPT-look attitude. hello, you actually live in Malaysia, not America or England. so you should alert and aware that we don't do things like that here. i have nothing to argue they celebrate the day by giving presents, i mean a real present, or just hanging out with friends. i'm ok with that. but having sex and make a campaign about it, no, that's totally bullshit. ridiculous.

valentines day, or V Day is overrated. they suppose to call it Vagina Day, coz virgin vaginas are mostly 'sacrificed' on that day. haha. suggested by my friend, that idea. sounds horny to me but good for those who celebrate it by having sex.

owh, this entry made specially to all Muslim who contribute their energy, ideas or whatever kind of sources to the 'No Panties' Campaign.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

:: nearly missed it! ::

Salam to all my readers

people say that its not nice to complain about your sickness coz its the sign that Allah loves you and He want to clean your sins by making you sick. i think i heard this from someone that can be trusted. i'm not gonna complain anything, but seriously, this so-called migrain really make my head heavier. but no matter what, i choose to hold on with the saying. been to the doctor, ate the medicine, but, nothing change. arghhh!

up until now, i just hope that there's nothing serious, only a ordinary headache or migrain. don't want to get diagnosed with cancer or tumor, no, no, i'm still not ready for that. oh shit, i shouldn't have said that. if you guys know what kind of diseases that have migrain as the symptoms, do let me know.

ok, enough of that. actually even though i feel sick at the moment, but i'm still happy coz right now, i'm home, in Kelantan. ahhh, it's sooooo good to be home. padahal baru sebulan kot aku kat Seremban. sebulan aku tinggal umah, bilik aku dah berubah 60%. the floor, the bed, the color of the wall, all changed. duit byk lebih kot bulan ni, tu yg habis ubah bilik aku. hahaha. but never mind, it's great to see that. don't know what else will change if i come back 3 months later.

ohh you know what guys, i nearly missed my bus yesterday. it was my bad bad timing actually, and thanx to my buddy, Farris, who drove like crazy just to get me there on time. haha. have to spend my hols at my uncle's place, or even worst, at Seremban if i didn't arrive there on time.

but now i'm here, so, there's nothing to worry about but enjoy every single minute here. hehe. until then, see ya! =)

Friday, February 12, 2010

:: newbie?? who like being newbie?? ::

Salam to all my readers

Leaving your friends behind and move to a new place, thinking that you'll be the only newbie there really creep me out. it's not that i'm afraid or don't wanna make new friends. it's just that i don't know what people there will think about me, their first impression about me. sometimes i don't really give a damn about that but being a new place, a new environment and being surrounded by a group of new people, you just gotta give that a thought.

i don't like being a newbie. you have to smile at people all the time, even at times you don't feel like talking to people at all. oh, not to mention about being friendly and kind, although some people may act 'kerek' to you. it's all just to make your first impression look strong and they will think that you're such a nice person.

another thing that i dislike about the idea of being a newbie is, i'm afraid that i might lose contact with all my friends at my old place, just like what i'm experiencing now. since i study in UiTM, i never been invited to any reunion unless if i'm the one who organize it. some of them say they are busy, can't really text me of reply my text. hallo, ko bukan PM pn sampai nak mesej pn takde masa. these kind of people, i text them today, they reply one week later. haprak! but thanx to Facebook, i manage to track them down.

but whatever it is, being newbie or not, its apart of life cycle. it's naturally happen to every human on earth. we can't just ignore the phase, i mean we have to be newbie first, then the status will change slowly by time. be it at school, at work, whether we like it or not, we gotta face it with our head held high. haha. being newbie is all about your first impression, whether people will look to you as a nice person or you simply just blew it.

p/s ~ i actually wrote this entry while i was in lab, don't have any work to do at that time so, i wrote down my idea at that very moment. back at home, i typed it here.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

:: not so much to say ::

Salam to all my readers

aahhhhhh! lega sungguh lepas telan panadol activast tadi. two tablets is enough to make my migrain, which i've been feeling this past few days, go away. it was like something inside your head, waiting to burst. whenever i look down, the pain was even painful. thanks to my friend for your sense of caring. and after swallowing those medicine, pufff, the pain gone.

and about the choices that i wrote in my previous entry, actually after reading all your comments, its ease me a lil bit to make the choice of my own. thanks a lot to you guys, who dropped by and shared your thought with me. thank you sooooo much. actually, i'm still in the midst of choosing what seem best for me to further my study.

a little update about what's goin' on in my practical days. i'm now in Hematology Lab, a lab that deals with blood and all kinds of disease that related to blood. boring?? hmm, not really. i actually enjoy using the modern and expensive machines there rather than doing the bench work, which i must say, quite similar to biochemical lab. both in Integration Lab. the staffs there are so talkative and kuat gosip you know. haha.

hmm, i think that's all for now. very short entry. don't have the strong point to share with you guys so, i'm afraid you guys will be yawning reading this entry. a little of each things is enough. until next time.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

:: make the decision for me plz! ::

Salam to all my readers

for this entry i just you, peeps, speak out and give your opinion regarding what seem to be, my dilemma and i can't stop thinking about this. i'm afraid that i will make a wrong decision and choose something that's not suit me and my personality. so, i need help from you guys, my friends.

ok here the question. what do you guys prefer, a) work according to your interest but it might be a lil low on your income, or b) work that gonna make you sleep over a ton of money but you don't have any interest about it.

up till now, i don't know if i'll be able to go through my degree, which i don't know what course to choose. i've asked so many people that i think can help me but it turns out that there were so many opinions that i can't see which one is better to listen to. i've asked my family, my lecturers, my uncles, everyone. planning for the future really make me feel like wanna go back to the past.

~ this is not me. have to cover the face. nnt empunya badan marah. heeeeee ~

one of my senior advice me to go thoroughly through every aspect before making the decision, and don't make the wrong choice. but people said, don't be afraid to make a wrong choice, because from that we learn. but the learning process is different. ones take a long period of time to finally realize that they are in a wrong track but there's also people who knows quickly whether the choices they made is gonna work or not.

to make the so-called right decision, i don't know what aspect to see. whether the salary they offer or based on my interest. fortunately enough i know what i really like but the feeling doesn't convince me to make it as my career. i don't want to live poor. everybody doesn't want to live poor.

so back again with the question, which one you will choose and why. you can draw out a picture if you want. ok kidding. but yeah, i need to know what you guys think. really appreciate it. you guys are my friend. =)

p/s ~ try listen to Red Guitar by Kris Allen. what a cool song. never get bored.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

:: Friendship Contest ::

~ click on the picture ~

Salam to all my readers

ni aku ada join "Friendship Contest", created by a blogger (sorry i don't know her name). i wasn't doing anything and as soon as i saw her blog, i thought i should give it a try. so pic below is the pic that i'm gonna be using for this contest.

i don't know if this pic got what it takes to be the winner but just cross our fingers k. hehe. the prize is, like usual, still kept as a mystery. it's ok, i like mystery. to those who thinking of participating in this contest, you can do so before 12 Feb 2010. don't forget to visit the blog by clicking at the logo above.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

:: jom basuh baju! ::

Salam to all my readers

hidup sbg seorang perantau amatlah memeritkan. kita terpaksa belajar cara hidup ala kadar, bersederhana dlm semua benda. makan minum pn sekadar melapik perut je. kadang-kadang rasa teringin balik ke pangkuan keluarga. aduhh, poyo sungguh ayat aku neh

actually aku tgh penat neh, pas basuh baju. yes, aku mmg ke'capek'an neh. kalo basuh mesin takpela jugak. ni basuh tangan. bersila mencangkung berus baju. nak bangun je, adehh, rasa nak patah pinggang aku. nak hantar dobi gile mahal. nak menyental kain tuh, nak nak kalo baju yg berkolar, daki kat belakang baju tuh. wahh, memerlukan kudrat jantan aku. haha.

hehe. kalo nak kire, aku sbnrnye lebih byk hantar dobi drp basuh sndiri. tak larat weii. teringat plak zaman-zaman muda masa kat asrama dulu. time ni mmg dak2 junior takut, coz besenye yg senior akan menge'paw' sabun atau perkakas2 lain utk membasuh. gasak la korg. kalo hujung2 minggu, mmg full la blk air. dari hujung sana sampai hujung sini, soh seh soh seh bunyi dowg berus kain. nak mandi pun kadang2 kena take turn. ada plak yg sampai sanggup tggu tgh mlm tuk basuh baju. time tu sume tgh lena tido, takde org kat blk air. tapi risiko kena 'kacau' hantu mmg tggi. hahaha. bese la, asrama.

~ tgk, kecik2 lagi da pandai basuh baju ~

tp skrg ternyata hantar dobi menjadi pilihan aku. arini hantar, esk da siap. bau pun wangi. just kena siapkan duit jela. huhu. dasar pemalas btoi aku ni. kalo lelaki malas, rasanye bleh dimaafkan lagi. cuba bayangkan kalo pompuan yg malas cenggini, comfem blacklist drp jd menantu. haha. moral of the story, rajin2 la kamu membasuh baju. heeeee~~

Monday, February 1, 2010

:: you can't handle the tooth! ::

Salam to all my readers

AWESOME! FUNNY! GREAT! EXCELLENT! haha. that's how i describe Toothfairy. not the real flying toothfairy, i mean the movie, entitled Toothfairy. the acts like Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, Ashley Judd and Julie Andrews are among the cast in this comedy movie. to those who haven't watch it yet, please do so as you'll be laughing non-stop and it's so hilarious.

i read the review of the movie, of course there were people who like and there were people who don't like. there was a comment that caught my attention. she said that she couldn't stand watching The Rock playing a laidback and comedy role. some of them want he in an action movies. well, maybe we all know The Rock from WWE and he used to be a wrestler, but hey, it doesn't mean he have to stick to one role, that is action. if he can plays comedy, why not. we love him being silly and joking around.

but whatever the comments are, this movie is worth your money. go watch it with your friends, or bring your whole family to the theater and have fun. Julie Andrew mmg seswai bawak watak fairy godmother. huhu. this movie is about someone who doesn't believe in fairy. as a result, he has been summon to the fairyworld and have to serve as toothfairy as a punishment.

ok, put aside the movie. earlier in the cinema, ada la adegan drama berebut seat. iyllienaz, bukan ko sorg je wat drama dlm panggung taw. haha. ada la sorg uncle tu, duduk kat seat ktowg. ktowg senyap jela, duduk seat lain. we thought the seat is unoccupied, but then there was this moron, came and asked for his seat, which happened to be the seat that one of my friend was sitting. yg tak bleh blah, speaking lagi tu. aku taw la tu seat ko, tapi at least berbudi bahasa la sikit.

lepas dah masing2 dpt seat, baru lah leh tgk citer ngn aman. bajet btol la pakcik tuh. bukan ktowg taknak bangun pun. dah ada org tua duduk kt seat ktowg, takkan nak halau suh pakcik tu bangun cepat2. mmg takde kesabaran r that moron. seb bek citer ni kelakar habis, leh cover ktowg yg tgh panas. huhu.

whatever it is guys, you gotta watch this movie. haha. you can't handle the tooth!

p/s ~ click here to watch the movie trailer.


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