Wednesday, June 30, 2010

:: me and British accent ::

Salam to all my readers

i'm gonna have some difficulties to be online 24/7 and to update my blog, because we haven't pay the bills yet. money is quiet a trouble for us this month, since my sister will be off to UiTM Kuala Pilah this week. actually i'm kinda jealous coz my 'rayuan' still haven't been answered yet.

really wish that i will be back to Puncak Alam as a post-diploma student. sure the atmosphere will be much better and different since i will be no longer staying at the hostel. my friend who have got the chance to further their study has already rent an apartment. they have reserved a place for me and hopefully it's a sign that i i'll be joining them soon. finger crossed!

ok, actually, i have got something to ask you guys. to those who don't know me, i'm really into British accent. i don't know, i just find it cool and listening to them talking really turn me on. LOL. i like watching movies who got british actors in it. i don't know, i just love it. maybe it's quiet hard to understand what they're saying but it's like a boast to me, to learn more about their unique accent.

i have googled about it, you know, on how they pronounce their words, their phrasing, everything. even they have different term on one thing. for example, we say soccer in US but in UK, they pronounce it as football. even David Beckham had trouble to get used to the word 'soccer' when he first moved on to US.

some British actors that i like are Harry Potter aka Dan Radcliffe, his leading actress, Hermione, erkk, i mean, Emma Watson, Paul Bettany, Ben Barnes of Narnia, and of course, the mean-but-nice American Idol ex-judge, Simon Cowell. i don't know if i can sound like them, but getting into a relationship with a British girl would be nice. LOL.

p/s ~ owh, about the URL issue, i have made up my mind and i am going to stick with the current one.

Monday, June 28, 2010

:: need a little help over here ::

Salam to all my readers

I've been thinking about changing my blog URL. if you notice, it's kinda long and people hardly remember it. plus, i want my URL to reflect the person i am today, which i think is really necessary.

i wanna change it into something simpler like or both are my name, well, nickname actually, but it makes sense. but the problem is, i don't know how to spread the words to all bloggers around the world. you know, if i change the URL without informing all my readers, they would lose tract of my blog.

how about this. first part, i keep my blog private for a day or two, then change the URL. ok, that sounds good. but the second part is informing the readers, which i still don't have any clue on how to do it. perhaps you guys can help me on this. owh i forgot. one more problem. i have to design new header. if you notice, my URL is in it.

actually, i'm on my way to enhance the used of my blog, not just a place where i can write about everything. i'm learning how to deal with the nuffnang, and how to make money from blogging. i know it sounds i've been living in a cave and everybody seem to know about it but hey, at least i'm willing to learn. but yeah, still lame.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

:: waiting is torturing ::

Salam to all my readers

i can't barely sleep well nowadays. can't keep the rayuan thingy outta my head. y'know, to think that my fate will lies on the rayuan that i sent is really nerve-racking.

owh, maybe you don't know, but my application to further my degree have been rejected. i have sent the plea letter, and now, all i can do is wait for the result. and believe my, waiting is another way to torture people. arghh, i hate waiting!

last night, i got the chance to watch Michael Jackson's This Is It movie, which i think is phenomenal. if he was still alive, the concert will be a world event. people will going crazy seeing MJ performing, with high-tech stage and stuffs. i was amazed seeing how MJ want the concert to be perfect and he even monitored the sound effect himself.

again, i almost shed a tear, seeing his passion and spirit, although it's just a rehearsal. seriously, all artistes around the world should make MJ's This Is It as a guidance on how to make a great concert, especially Malaysians singers. its like MJ is trying to say "this how we do it!"

Thursday, June 24, 2010

:: Beastly ::

Salam to all my readers

i did mention in my previous entry that i am now into reading novels, which i found it quite interesting. one of the novels that i read is Beastly, written by Alex Flinn, a supernatural romance novel. it's another version of Beauty and The Beast, but in a way that you can never imagine, which i think its pretty cool. the scene is set in New York City.

~ the book ~

but i'm not gonna write more on the book, no that's not my intention. i wanna highlight to you guys that this book is going to be in the big screen. yes, a movie version with the same name is going to be released soon this year, starring Vanessa Hudgens, Alex Pettyfer and Mary-Kate Olsen, who played Lindy Taylor, Kyle Kingsbury/Adrian King and Kendra Hilferty respectively. since our musical princess is in it, i hope she can shed her Disney-ish looks so that it would not be another Disney movie. i prefer Amanda Bynes play the role.

~ the movie version ~

basically, the book tells you that just because you got perfect looks, rich family, well-known and influence father, it doesn't mean you can treat people the way you wanted and disrespect people around you. especially when you doing it to people that you're not suppose to do. and the consequences is fatal, and beastly. and just like any other fairy tales in the world, only pure love can be the cure, and you've got to earn it.

i don't know what the movie is gonna be but hopefully, they include all important plots and please follow at least 90% of the story. if not, it would be like Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince. i admit, i'm looking forward to this as i wanna see whether my imaginations are right. i mean i read the book while picturing each scene i read and i wanna see how they convert it into real world.

you can grab one at all book stores near you. i bought it at MPH Book Store at Alamanda, Putrajaya. click here to see the official trailer.

after all, love is a beast!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

:: Toy Story 3 - gonna miss them all! ::

Salam to all my reader

Toy Story 3 was great! i've been following the whole series and all i can say, i totally gonna miss the character, since this is the final chapter i guess.

well, in this story, Andy is moving to college anytime soon so all of the toys are worried. they don't know what will happen to them. either going to the attic or get donated to daycare center. after bla bla bla bla and bla (you gotta watch it yourself to know what the blas are) here come the ending.

~ really gonna miss the characters ~

this is the part where Andy gotta say goodbye to the toys which 'm sure my besties will know what will happen to me. haha. i almost cry. you heard it right. i almost cry. although it's cartoon, which suppose to be fun, but i ended up feeling sad instead. and i would have cried if not because of my sister and my cousins who were sitting next to me. it's hard to hold the tears you know. lol.

~ Woody and Buzz Lightyear ~

but great ending, even though i prefer all the toys are put at the attic, or stays in Andy's room. but it's great. and lovely. Andy loves his toys so damn much! i wish they keep the story going and maybe create a new chapter in which Andy got married, and have a children, who plays with the toys just like Andy used to do. 5 stars to Toy Story 3.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

;; hairy or hairless guy? ::

Salam to all my readers

well, before you dive deeper in my latest entry, i've got to warn you. it's gonna be a little 18SX..or PL, whatever. so, if any of you, who might want to keep your mind clean, do get the hell out of this blog right away. but i guess everybody have been introduced to this kinda stuff before.

ok, here we go. which one is sexier, guys with hair on their chest, or hairless guys? histrionic question isn't it? some say, hairy guy looks like a mess and gross. they say hair are not meant to grow on chest. how do they live with it? plus, they gotta trim it once in a while. not to say those who have high level of hormone. maybe once in 3 days. women will all go 'euwww' if they're looking at hairy guy walking across the beach. now when they see a guy with no body hair and women are like, "owh that what a man should look like."

but on the other hand, some prefer guy with body hair. remember in the 70s, all the dudes have big hairy chest. and the women went like, "uuww he's such a man." and they don't want guy with no body hair coz that what women should look like. they even say, man are suppose to be hairy. and the funny fact that i heard, they say god doesn't love you as much if he created you with no body hair. haha. silly.

if its for me, i prefer man with ermm, i got to say, less body hair. i don't say i love be a hairy guy, i do want hair but not to hairy. coz i don't want to bother to trim it. but here's the thing. if you got hair on your chest, you gotta trim it, coz you don't want it hanging out of your shirt. y'know, if its get too long. i hate talking to somebody and they have this shit hanging out in front of their shirt, it will distract the hell out of me. imagine if the breeze come along. haha.

but whatever it is, it's all depend on the individual actually. hairy or hairless, it doesn't really matter nowadays. but to keep you hygienic, do trim your body hair, if you got any. ok.

p/s ~ it's hard to find suitable pics for this enty actually, coz so many 'unwanted' pics coming out from google when i type 'hairy guy'. huhuhu~~

Thursday, June 17, 2010

:: for readers who don't even care about World Cup ::

Salam to all my readers

when i was a kid, i wasn't really an outdoor kid. and the only sports that i played was badminton and football. and you know what, i always thought that men were suppose to play football, coz its a guy thing. but growing up made me realize that football is not my thing.

i used to play the game when i was a kid but the position i always played was the man who stood in front of the goal. not a keeper, i don't remember what people call it. but my friend know that i can't play, so they just put me in the position. less complicated, less action, just wait for the ball to come and then you're on your role.

up until now, i stop playing football. some people may think that i'm weird bcoz they hardly find a guy who rather watch Jamie At Home or Nigella Express then playing and watching football match. now they found one. not to mention the teasing part. i know, some guys may think that. y'know, it's like offering me budu. i don't eat budu although i'm living in Kelantan. i'm more to sambal belacan. not more, but really into sambal belacan.

y'know, sambal belacan, when you open the container and the acid-taste-like smell blended with the strong smell of belacan quickly filled the air, that's the best taste of sambal belacan. if the smell is stronger, so do the taste. and it'll taste even better if you put some lime juice in it, but not too much. ahh, so yummy. haha. erkk, ok, i got too carried away, did i??

lets get back to reality shall we??

ok2, now is World Cup (WC) fever right, so obviously, people, especially guys will be talking about it wherever they are. and believe me, i do feel like i've been left alone. the worst part is when i have to see my dad watching WC matches alone. but sometimes my mom will keep him company. i do wish that we'll be like any other family when it comes to WC, the whole family stay in front of the tv, bring snacks and watch together.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

:: anotha tag ::

Salam to all my readers

tag kali ni diilhamkan drp Cik N. enjoy it!

1) adakah anda rasa anda hot?

the hell with the question, of course i do!

2) upload wallpaper pc/laptop anda gunakan skrg.

3) cerita psl gambar ni.

well, aku rse aku nmpk hensem dlm both of the pics..hahahaa!

4) kali terakhir makan piza.

hmm, last week kot.

5) lagu terakhir anda dengar.

Art of Love - Jordin Sparks & Guy Sebastian.

6) apakah yg anda buat selain selesaikan tag ini.

download lagu2 baru.

7) selain nama sendiri, anda dipanggil dgn nama apa?

along, judiene, kacak..erkk!?? ;P

8) tag 5 org yg anda nak kene tag

- azam shah
- najmie
- eipul
- sya mansor
- fairuz selamat

9) sape org no 1 dgn anda?

blogger mate!

10) katekan sesuatu kpd org no 5.

bro, ko nyanyi lagu irama asli dulu best giler siot..
tp aku da lupa tajuk lagu tuh..hehehe

11) no 3 ada hubungan ngn sape?

dgn org la..xkn dgn berok kot!

12) bagaimana dgn org no 2.

dia antara blogger2 awal yg aku kenal..
thanx for always support me

13) kata-kata cinta kpd org no 4

you are me..
ni lirik lagu ok!

14) berikan 5 fakta mengenai org yg anda tag

- dowg ada hidung, kaki, tgn sume..hihi
- dowg best
- dowg manusia, bkn alien!
- dowg suka menaip, kalo x cne ada blog kan!
- lastly, dowg makan dan berak! hahahaha!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

:: awards and tag ::

Salam to all my readers

first of all, you can see i seldom update my blog nowadays. maybe 1 entry in 3 days. just so you guys know that i've been busy reading few novels which will be written in a separate entry, so watch this space ok. but for now, i got to answer several tags from blogger Azam Shah, which i'm so sorry coz only now i got time to answer them. ohh, not to forget, i also got awards from him. this one i like. hehe.

ok, tugas bg sesiapa yg telah menerima award ni ialah:
1.tulis sebuah entry pasal award ni kat blog korang. nak tulis apa? sila baca yg selanjutnya.
2.ceritakan bagaimana usaha korang utk mencomelkan blog korang. contoh macam korang mengubah suai blog sampai tak tido malam ke, etc. juga sertakan sekali 2 website yg korang slalu pegi utk membantu korang mengedit blog. sila jgn kedekut ilmu, ya. kita mesti saling berkongsi. :)
3.tuliskan 5 perkataan yg menggambarkan diri korang. contoh: pandai, pemalas, pelukis, pembersih, peramah.
4.tag kawan2 korang yg korang rasa patut menerima award ini.

here is the answer..

well, to be honest, it was quite a hard time for me in order to make this blog alive and as cool as today. when i was started blogging earlier last year, i don't know there were many things to learn. you know, the coding, the design of the template, the header. ohh, speaking about header, i really like the header i'm using now, coz it is what i wanted it to be. i asked someone to design it for me, and it should fit my description of how i want it to look like.

and for the rest of my blog, i usually go here to learn few tricks and coding used in blogging. it's kinda useful for me, which explain the hidden chatbox and several few widgets in here.

5 things which reflect me are i like shopping, i'm a heavy eater, like chocolate as much as i like sambal belacan, not very talkative (depend on situation) and can be a bit moody sometimes.


PENCIL yang besar
Menunjukkan kesenian yang begitu peka terhadap blog anda dan mencerminkan sesuatu nilai penghasilan.
FILEM bergerak tanpa henti
Menunjukkan AWARD ini di FOWARD kepada bloggerist yang betul-betul layak menerima.
LOGO bulat berkelip-kelip
jika di perhatikan betul-betul, ia adalah manusia yang berkepalakan monitor komputer. ini membawa maksud anda adalah seorang yang begitu bijak menguasai dunia alam maya ke globalisasi.


1. Apa yang bermain difikiran you all sekarang ?
geram nak hempuk broadband ni, line lembap nak mampos!

2. Apakah nama samaran you all ?
Judiene Helsmley / Judiene Marno

3. Berikan 3 orang yang you all sayang ?
diri sendiri, family dan kawan.

4. Panggilan untuk sidia .
woii! hahahaa!!

5. Hadiah yang you all impikan dari seseorang yang istimewa .
new gadget kot..

6. Blog mana yang you all suka visit ?
blog mereka2 yg dlm list Blogga tu..

7. Tag kan kepada 15 blogger you all .
malas la nak tag org..huhu..

Friday, June 11, 2010

:: i hate paparazzi! ::

Salam to all my readers

i don't know about you guys but i definitely can't live with paparazzi following me 24/7 and watching my moves.

yesterday, i went home after spending 3 days at my friend's place in Kuang. his parents sent me to Putra Bus Station and i took a 10pm bus. maybe i was too tired so i slept the whole journey home. the seat was comfy so i didn't waste any time.

i awoke just before the bus reach Tanah Merah. guess my timing was right, i took all my things and get ready to smell the fresh air of my home town. i thought the paparazzi were sleeping and didn't bother to follow me at this time, but i was wrong. they all stood by the bus when the bus stopped.

i stepped my foot on the ground and just before i managed to get my other foot out, all of them gather around me. i wasn't quite sure what they were talking, i just wanted to get my stuffs. they followed me and started to ask a fucked up question.

paparazzi 1 ~ "abe, nok gi mano?? nok naik keto"?

paparazzi 2 ~ "abe, keto neh, mari la naik."

paparazzi 3 ~ "nok gi mano tuh? nok naik teksi ko?"

and i answered them all at once.

me ~ "xsey, xpo2, abah mari ambik"

then they walked away without even look at me, searching for the next target. thank god none of them take my pictures. i don't want to end up in magazine the next day with my messy hair and blur face. at least i have to spike up my hair.

moral of the story, i rather ask my dad to pick me up then go with the strangers who claim they are a taxi driver. coz i read in newspaper that they are several cases regarding taxi driver. they rape their customers you know. urghh!

Monday, June 7, 2010

:: baby hatch - is it a good or bad idea? ::

Salam to all my readers

have you guys ever heard Baby Hatch?? yeah, it sounds like a place where babies are 'hatched' from the 'eggs'. just like chicken. but that is exactly what it means. that is the place where people or well, unwed mothers dump their unwanted babies after 'accidentally' making them. the just want the pleasure of having sex. then when it comes to being responsible, this is where they usually take it for granted.

Baby Hatch is already in Malaysia, located at Kampung Tuanku, Petaling Jaya under non-government organization, OrphanCARE. i'm sure some of you already know the fact that the reason why this thing is established is to save lives of abandon babies in Malaysia. what a good intention that is. well, if you see it that way, yeah, it is good because no more news about babies found dead in the dustbin and the cute creatures will be open for adoption for people out there.

but on the second thought, i think, maybe it will lead to something bad. it is proved when i read papers today, when they interviewed some of the local citizens regarding this baby hatch. most of them said that the opening of this kind of place, you know where newborns are drop off when the mothers decide not to raise them, is actually stimulates the teens to have more premarital sex.

~ imagine yourself find this cute little angel near the rubbish bin dead ~

yeah, it's pretty easy. you make out with someone, and a baby out of wedlock. then if you don't want your family or other people know bout it, just simply go to Baby Hatch, fill up consent form and drop off your baby without been asked a single thing. isn't that great! and the caretaker of the place will be put in charged of the dumped baby. and the funny thing is, if the mothers want to see their children or ask anything about them in the future, the person in charged will be happy to arrange the meeting. imagine how the children' feeling if they know that this is her mom and she dumped them here???

but on the other hand, i see the main intention is good but i don't know if the opening of this place is a right thing to do. maybe yes in this time but in the future, i can't foresee. let's just hope the best outcome and pray that no more babies found dead or abandon. it's heart-wrenching to read that kinda stories. judiene pen off.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

:: Changeling ::

Salam to all my readers

i just watched Changeling on HBO. yeah, i know, it's pretty late. the movie was released on 2008 but only now i get to see it. why? bcoz it didn't looks like a good movie. although they have Angelina Jolie in it, but that didn't seem to attract me. but i gotta say, it all changed after watching it. guess don't judge a book by its cover really works this time.

for those who didn't know, Changeling is based on a true story back on 1928, in Wineville, California. more info regarding the incident called Wineville Chicken Coop Murders, just click here. honestly, when kids or children involved in a murder, i don't think none of us can stand read about it, or even hear about it.

Changeling is a drama film based on real life events in 1928 Los Angeles, the film stars Angelina Jolie as a woman who is reunited with her missing son—only to realize he is an impostor. She confronts the city authorities, who vilify her as an unfit mother and brand her delusional. The dramatized incident was connected to the Wineville Chicken Coop kidnapping and murder case. Changeling explores female disempowerment, political corruption, child endangerment and the repercussions of violence.

to me, this movie has everything; a terrific story based on true events, outstanding acting from everyone of the cast, excitement, tears, blood and it holds you tight until the end. Angelina's character is terrific and she fights, what seems to be at first a lost fight, for her son in a world controlled by men. You learn to hate some characters in the movie and love others. You learn to feel for Angelina's character and hope the movie ends well. Changeling will make you cry. well, i did!

after watching it, i asked myself. if the same thing happen to us, will us be as strong as Christine Collins?? will us fight for justice?? or remain silence and let the political corruption takes our life?? she was just an amazing woman.


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