Thursday, December 2, 2010

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Salam to all my readers.

Thank God, my mood to blog finally come. I don't know why I've become lazy and I acted as if I don't own a blog. Haha. Yeah, and come to think of it, one of my friend actually asked me yesterday when I'm gonna post about my graduation day, which went smoothly although we fought the rain and storm to take pictures as soon as the ceremony is over.

I was kinda nervous at first. Don't know what to expect to happen. And it was quite a chaos when the emcee announced that all graduands can leave the hall, everybody run to the main entrance. Together with the parents, it was like a stampede. Thank God they open the doors on the side of the hall but still the situation was out of control. Everybody was calling their parents.

The heavy rain and storm that evening make photo shoot seem impossible but I manage to snap some on the way to give back the convocation robe. Thanks to my dad for being the photographer on that day. Literally he had to follow me everywhere I go to snap the moments and he's been helpful too. Thanks dad.

So, check out the pictures. I know I look a little fat at the face so save your critics. Hahaha.

For more pictures, you can simply log on to facebook and click on my profile. :)

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