Monday, March 28, 2011

:: The Tiring Journey of Tok Wan Mountain ::

Salam to all my readers.

Yesterday was so tiring! Really, I'm not gonna lie. Me and other 40++ students of MELTECH went to hike at Gunung Tok Wan, 3.1 km further than Sheik Muzaffar made famous, Broga Hill. I don't know the exact location of Gunung Tok Wan but if you can make it to the top of Broga Hill, surely you can see the signboard of Gunung Tok Wan.

This mountain I'm talking about, it's not an ordinary mountain. Well, at least for me. A week before this event, me and my buddies went hiking at a hill (I already forgot what's the name of that hill) at Kg. Donglai, Sg. Congkak and although it was slippery, muddy and stuff, there's nothing compare to my hiking moment at Gunung Tok Wan. Apart from the slippery thingy, this time, it challenged more of your inside. The way up to Broga Hill was challenging and quite dangerous I must say, regarding to its steep slope.

We started off our hiking at approximately 10.00am and the track before we reached the foothill of Broga was totally fine with me but the way up to Broga was quite challenging since I am fear of heights. The slope was so steep that I climbed up the hill without even looking down and I started to feel dizzy. My mind was telling me not to look down and fortunately I managed to get on the first hill. The moment I touched the ground of the peak, I feel like, "Thank God I'm still alive." It was a so nerve-wrecking experience.

~ at the first peak of Broga Hill ~

~ the peak of Broga Hill ~

~ the scenery taken from where I'm standing on the peak ~

We thought we have made it to the peak of Gunung Tok Wan but as soon as we realized that it was the peak of Broga Hill that we were standing on, all of us went like "What!!!!". It turns out that Gunung Tok Wan is 3.1 km further. We continue our journey and along the way to the peak, there were moments where I feel like giving up and turn back. The route was sooo long as if there was no ending. After about 2 hours, we finally reached the peak and wtf! The peak was nothing like what we have imagined. It was dirty and there was no beautiful scenery that we could see.

I think this is all for part 1. Stay tune for more actions and dramas. Until then, ciao!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

:: Glam Night with Roses ::

Salam to all my readers.

I am two weeks away from my big night. It is the night where all students of Medical Lab Technology gather under one roof and getting to know each other, have fun and put aside their worry about test or assignments which are await to be finished. It is the night which I call as 'Malam Anniversary MELTECH 2011'.

As the program director for this big event, I have got so many things to settle within this short two weeks. This blog might be abandoned again for quite sometimes, until everything is done.

For the past a couple of weeks, I have been thinking of what theme I'm gonna do for this year. I have come out with Fairy Tales theme, Masquerade theme and a theme that my friend suggested, Back To School. When I first expressed my thoughts that I wanna do the Fairy Tales theme, most of the students, especially guys were taken aback and insisted me to choose another theme. After some deliberations and suggestion, I have chosen 'Glam Night with Roses' as the theme for this year dinner.

~ the poster ~

I know, I know, you guys probably scream and be like 'What the hell with the theme' or 'What's with the roses' but seriously guys, I think this is the most suitable theme as you can wear anything you want as long as it looks glam and not like you are going to class or something. And of course you have to pin a rose flower on your clothes. It's as simple as that. It is hard to please everyone in the course so if there is people who feel like this theme is lame or against to what I have picked for, you are welcome to express your thoughts and critics.

I would like to end my entry here but before that, to all bloggers, if you have any idea on how to make a dinner more lively and to keep it off the track of the ordinary dinner event, do type it in the comment box below. I'm new to this sort of thing so really need your support and ideas. Thanks for sharing. Until then, ciao!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

:: Friendship Week ::

Salam to all my readers.

Hey guys. Finally I manage to get my fingers dancing on the keyboard again. You guys won't believe how busy my life has been this few weeks. I've been going back and fourth from my home to faculty. So many things to settle. Apart from the things are MELTECH's stuffs. We're organizing an event called Friendship Week, where students and other people can buy stuffs like cupcakes, teddy bears, lollipops and chocolates from us, beautifully packed in 3 different packages, and they can dedicate it as a gift to their friends.

~ cupcakes, choc and teddy package ~

~ some of our products ~

This two weeks event is conducted by our own Entrepreneurship Bureau and it's getting a wide publicity and attention from students of UiTM Puncak Alam. Actually we are not a newbie in this kind of event coz MELTECH have been organizing Apple's Week and Cupcake's Week in the previous administration. The only thing different is Puncak Alam is 100x bigger than UiTM Jalan Othman so the Publicity Bureau needs to work harder in order to get more buyers.

Time is getting late and I have class tomorrow morning so, gotta stop rambling now. I have lots and lots of stories to tell you guys so, keep this page in view okay. Until next time, ciao!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

:: Homestay: The Review (Part 1) ::

Salam to all my readers.

Hey y'all. I'm back with so many stuffs to talk about. As I promised, I will share the moments of my homestay program which me and my MELTECH's students went to last week. Okay, lets go straight to the point. But I warn ya, there is gonna be lots and lots of pictures in this entry.

Total students who joined the event is 120 and we started off out journey to Bukit Gantang, Taiping at around 10 o'clock in the morning with our sleepy faces, as some of us didn't manage to get some sleep the other night, busy packing things. We arrived at the main site of Bukit Gantang homestay at 3 pm and we were happily welcomed by the villagers as they stood up in line waiting for us with wide smile carving on their faces. Soon we were divided to foster family and each family got 5 to 6 foster children. Wanna see my foster family? See the picture below.

~ me and my new family ~

~ the cheerful villagers ~

On the first night there, we and our foster families went to a hot spring, sorry I don't know what they call that place, but it is a hot spring. At first, I thought it was a big lake with hot water coming down from a pipe or anything but it was not like what I had imagined at all. The place is divided into two area, the first area is where we fill up a bucket with hot water and put our feet in it whilst the second area is a pond, and you can swim or just immerse your feet in it. Basically we didn't do anything much on the first night, except for this, we went home and got to know our family better.

~ the water in the bucket was hot ya know! ~

The next day, which is Saturday, was where the opening ceremony, blood donation, health exhibition and free medical check-up for the villagers took place. It started in the morning and ended at 2pm. Quite a hectic and packed schedule I must say, coz people keep coming to our exhibition like there's no tomorrow. There were also students from schools around Taiping that we invited to play some games and participating in colouring contest. It was fun to watch the kids having some fun with the stuffs we had prepared.

Okay, I think this entry is long enough for you guys to read, so I shall stop writing now. But this is not over yet. Stay tuned for the second part of this wonderful and exciting weekends. Until then, ciao!


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