Wednesday, December 30, 2009

:: NY @ Bukit Bintang ::

Salam to all my readers

well, this is the second try poasting a video entry, hope you guys are gonna like it. sorry kalo nampak kusut masai coz i just rolled out of bed. that explain the lousy way of speaking. hehe. =)

but whatever it is, i just wanna wish you guys a Happy New Year 2010. hope the sun will shine brighter this coming new year.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

:: Santa Is Coming To Town ::

Salam to all my readers

well, hope you guys enjoy my first debut video, khas sempena Christmas, which is around the corner. do leave your comment, your thoughts about my vlog (bak kata Atok) and any suggestion utk memantapkan lagi blog aku yg tak seberapa ni.

ok la, until then, enjoy your holiday!

p/s ~ credit to background music, Jingle Bell by Boney M and We Wish You A Merry Christmas by T.I.V.C.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

:: and the winner is.. ::

Salam to all my reader

wow, finally it's all come down this finale of X-Factor 2009. Joe McElderry, Stacey Solomon and Olly Murs. i've watched all the performances via YouTube and the best part was when the host announces the winner of the singing competition. yes, it was Joe McElderry! yay!

~ the amazing Joe McElderry ~

~ l-r ; Lloyd Daniels, Ricky Loney, Cheryl Cole (mentor) and Joe McElderry ~

at first, i thought it's gonna be Olly Murs but thank god he didn't make it. he's undoubtly one of the best singer in the competition but i think the viewers knows who's best to win. he's finale single, The Climb, which Miley Cyrus made popular, sure gonna sell like hot cakes.

if you wanna find out more on this amazing guy, just click here. you can also download his videos performances, his interview backstage and his weekly diary. kalo nak senang lg, pgi je YouTube. hehehe.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

:: black & white photo contest ::

Salam to all my readers

this is the second time i join contest that are organized by bloggers. the first contest was from Primadona69. ok, basically, this contest required me to upload a pic of mine in black and white. i dunno how she gonna judge all the pics but i actually feel like i'm in America's Next Top Model, you know, the part where the judges deliberate about the models' pics, before Tyra announces the eliminated model. haha.

so, here the pic that i'm gonna use for the contest. it was taken not too long ago, obviously it was at Putrajaya and it was taken by me friend (do i sound like Joe McElderry?? haha), WanZai. credit to him. i hope this pic will make it to the final (hahaha). finger cross!!

owh, almost forget. Ezzan Yusop is the one who organized this contest. ohh, and she's a girl. haha. i thought she was a man, so i addressed her as 'bro'. this contest ends on 31 Dec 2009.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

:: i drink a beer?? ::

Salam to all my readers

i dunno what was happening to me last night. first, my glasses broke. it felt on the floor in my bathroom. thank god satu cermin je pecah. so, as i'm typing this entry, my eyes are a bit blur bcoz aku hanya guna satu cermin shj. so, pandangan belah kanan ok, pandangan belah kiri, blur. huhuhu. but it really starts giving me headache.

second, i had this dream. i dunno what's the sign but it really a crazy dream and obviously i wouldn't dare to do what i did in my dream, in my real life. my dream was actually me, drinking beer or alcohol. its a but scary and funny bcoz it scary when it comes to think that, i was drinking a beer, you know, i'm Islam and would never ever gonna drink that kind of beverage. and i'm actually taste it, like it was real. seriously, i taste it. i dunno how to describe the taste but it was aweful and very sweet.

and the funny part of my dream was one of the characters is Afdlin Shauki! it's weird coz how would Afdlin be in my dream? its like i was thinking of him and he ended up played a role in my dream. aku still ingat kata2 Afdlin, dia cakap "ko taw ko da buat dosa besar, dosa besar!". muka dia mmg serius time tuh. but why this dream? is it giving me some kind of sign or something? i asked my mum just now and she was surprised, but she said that it's all mainan tido. don't think about it too much.

unlike my previous dream which i still can remember the storyline, this time, it was chaos. the storyline was blurry and its like a mixture of something. i try to remember the whole thing but my mind was stuck at the drinking part.

i just, dunno..

Thursday, December 10, 2009

:: what a stupid people! ::

Salam to all my readers

just now, there were 1 group of men, 4 all of them. they were talking in front of my house, ok, well, nothing weird about that. later on, their conversation getting louder and i thought i heard a loud sound like a heavy thing fall on the ground. rupa-rupanya, dowg tu tgh gadoh. aku yg tgh YM ngn member pn tersentap (ok, to find more info about tersentap, click here).

lahabau r punye org. nak gadoh depan2 umah aku. at first, i thought they were going to trash talk aje. then, sorg mamat ni sepak motor member dia neh. dah tu, mula la sorg tu angkat topi keledar nak hempuk mamat yg sepak motor dia tuh. but thing started to get funny when the man who kicked the bike, lari plak bila member dia nak hempuk ngn keledar. dah taw nak gadoh lari plak. ingatkan nak lawan ke ape ke. dpt gak la aku tgk free show kejap.

mamat yg lagi 2 org tu konon2 cm baik r, cuba nak leraikan dowg tuh. the man who kicked the bike now nowhere to be seen. he ran away, afraid of getting into a fight while the other members trying to calm the guy who wanted to hit his friend. i just sneeking from the gap of my window inside my room, waiting to see the next action. ohh, so not cool. they took their bikes, started the engine and went after the oh-i-wanna-start-a-fight-then-i-change-my-mind guy.

but looking at the bright side, ada la jugak something yg tarik perhatian aku di kala aku keboringan. huh. petang2 cni wat aku mengantuk plak. moral of the story, if your friend wanna hit you, just run away. ahahahaha!

oh, so damn boring!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

:: wtf! i love the hair-do! ::

Salam to all my readers

you know what, Allah cipta kita manusia neh, muka, personaliti kita sume, dah elok dah. what i'm trying to say is, no need to get boobs job done or any other cosmetic surgery. dah la mahal. bleh mati pn ada. well, kalo yg suntik collagen ke, vitamin ke, no comment. but i think no need la, just take care of yourself traditional way. better right. with all the herbs and other supplement that we need, to slowdown the ageing problem.

ohhh, i really wish that it was me who said something nice like above. but the truth is, arghhhh, i'm the one who feel that stupid, shitty feeling. you know, the feeling when you look at someone who got great hair-do, nice clothes, macho or good-looking face, well toned body, that kind of feeling. i know i sound totally lame and wierd pn ada gak but that's the fact that i can't avoid. man, it's killing me slowly.

i always went like, "ohh my, what a great hair", "wtf, i love that jeans", "jeles gler tgk baju dia" and lot lot lot of crappy things i said when i look at someone who got those things. it's not like i'm grateful for what i have, we're human right, so, it can't be avoided. org cakap, kalo nak rasa bersyukur, tgk lah pada mereka yg kurang berkemampuan dari kita, mereka2 yg kurang upaya. if we compare to people who are wayyyy better than ourselves, you'll never find that grateful feeling.

~ motif letak pic ni?? ~

the great things to people who are very good looking, rich and intelligent, these people will not find it hard to live. for examples, kalo nak berkawankan, of coz, ramai yg nak berkenalan. tak payah susah2 nak introduce theirselves la, tersengeh2 nak berkawan ngn org la. my theory also can be applied in love. kalo ko smart, damn handsome, bijak, ko tggu je, for sure akan ada la yg dtg menyapa. selain perilaku yg baik, having those characteristics in you really gonna help you out. same goes to women.

~ he's one of the good-looking guy that i like to see. look at his hair and his body ~

but up until now, i'm very grateful of what i am. of coz ada certain things yg nak kena touch up sket, cthnye, body nak kena tambah muscle sket, muka nak kena jaga, lose some weight. hey, if guys find it poyo for me to say like this, say what you want coz i'm not embarrass to admit it. it'd be great if someone walk pass you, and turn their head back on you. haha. what a accomplishment. if i manage to get a muscular body, no need to find changing room whenever i go for shopping. you have it, flaunt it. hahaha. dang it i sound stupid!

but, whatever it is, i still feel great being me. like i said earlier, Allah cipta semua manusia tu sama shj. sume ada baik buruknya stp kejadian. last but not least, to Najmie, not all good-looking guys are gay. hahaha!!

p/s ~ video klip Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me, damn, they're cute together!!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

:: to laugh or to cry?? ::

Salam to all my reader

when i first saw the cover album of the runner-up of American Idol 8, Adam Lambert, i gasped and i thought it was a joke, or at least an unofficial cover of his album. but it turns out that the cover is really the official one and i don't know whether to laugh, to cry or to amaze. apparently, Adam wasn't kidding when he once told press in US that his debut album would sound "as if a '70s time-capsule blasted off into space and you're watching it through a holographic filter" coz For Your Entertainment is gonna look and sound like it.

~ Adam Lambert cover album ~

some say that the cover look very much like him, you know, the glamrock thing plus the eye liner and they would really like this cover. while the other say that this is the worst cover ever done by the Idol alum and they would be embarrassed to carry this cover up to the cash register. if you guys ask me, hmmm, apart of me love it and the other part just can't accept it. but who cares about the cover seriously, if the songs are all good, then why not to love it, right?? well, here are the tracks :
  1. Music Again
  2. For Your Entertainment
  3. Whataya Want From Me
  4. Strut
  5. Soaked
  6. Sure Fire Winners
  7. A Loaded Smile
  8. If I Had You
  9. Pick You Up
  10. Fever
  11. Sleepwalker
  12. Aftermath
  13. Broken Opens
  14. Time For Miracles (2012 OST)
i already watched he performed the For Your Entertainment song at American Music Awards 2009 and to me, it was a flawless and amazing performance and i thought he did a wonderful job. i'm don't know much about music but that's all i've got to say about that. althought there was a slight controversy regarding the man-to-man kissing but that doesn't seem bother the fans. check out his performance by clicking here.

owh, btw, i'm so frustrated that David Archuleta didn't make it into the Best New Artist category in Grammy Award this year but the other david did. i mean David Cook of course and i hope he's gonna win.

~ both of them are great! ~

p/s ~ Christmast is getting closer..

Thursday, December 3, 2009

:: a walk into hell ::

Salam to all my readers

i just watched I Shouldn't Be Alive at Discovery Channel. The program told the stories of ordinary people who face incredible circumstances. The subjects of the show narrate their life-threatening experiences while actors re-enact their experiences. basically it's about a story of people who survived a life-threatening tragedy. i really love this program coz it explores the very best true stories of survival, focusing on the moral dilemmas, crucial moments, chance events and life-or-death decisions of the survivors. i feel like it is me who are on the tv, making the very crucial and important decision of my life, like "what would i've done to survive?"

the episode that i watched is called A Walk Into Hell. it's about a group of five teenage scouts and three adult guides hike into the Grand Canyon during a heat wave. As their water runs out and the older members collapse in exhaustion, three of the teenagers must set out on their own to reach the Colorado River. it was such an amazing journey to see the three teenagers trying their very best to survive and in order to go to the river to get some water. the responsible on their shoulders are big, as they also have to bring back some water to their older members who are unable to walk.

~ the view of Grand Canyon ~

get some thoughts about this. if you guys are stuck at the grand canyon, or anywhere in a situation where you run out of water and the heat is unbearable, what will you do to survive? it requires a lot of knowledge to know exactly what to do when you're in that kind of situation. 3 remaja ni they support each other and dowg tlg menolong la. ada satu scene ni masa salah sorg drp mereka ni abes air. so, kwn dia ni bg la air dia, yg mmg dah tggl sikit. air yg sikit pn still bleh share. amazing btol. i'm so touched.

~ Colorado River at Grand Canyon ~

then saat genting ble sorg drp mereka rebah. da tak mampu nak berjalan. mata hitam dia masuk ke dalam, nafas tersekat2. tanda2 dehydration yg terlampau. his 2 friends tried to talk to him, he could hear, but couldn't talk. so, one of them decide to go get some water from the river, which happen to be near them, and pour it on his friend's body. still, air tak mencukupi. yg sorg lg plak g amik air. nasib baik time tuh, sekumpulan penyelamat tiba but it was too late. the boy died, living his friends crying beside him. i'm not embarrase to admit that i feel sad too. segala ape yg dowg wat tak kesampaian.

skrg, dah 10 thn kejadian tu. dowg pn dah besar2 dah. but one thing for sure, they said that they will never ever forget his late friend who were happy dan bertenaga pada mulanya. dan hanya selang beberapa hari saje, their friends are gone. aku bleh tgk frienship dowg, how they be friends after the tragedy, it reminds me of my close friends. huhu. dowg ckp lg, dowg sedih sbb David mati pd saat2 penyelamat sampai. ohh, lupa plak, nama bdk tu David. he will always be with them.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

:: Aidil Adha Edition ::

Salam to all my readers

this is my first entry since Hari Raya. takde mood nk hapdate blog. huhu. mabuk daging lembu mungkin. sejak beberapa hari ni, daging lembu jd santapan aku. daging kicap la, daging masak tumis, daging goreng, masak nasi goreng pn letak daging blambak2. well, Hari Raya Aidil Adha kali ni lbh meriah drp thn lps. maybe ayah aku buat korban, so, terisi la gak hari raya aku. selebihnya luangkan masa ngn adik beradik dan sepupu sepapat.

skrg ni demam New Moon plak. mana2 blog aku tgk, ada je pic separa bogel si Taylor Lautner tuh, jd santapan para gadis sekalian. well, tak bleh salahkan dowg gak, hahaha, i mean me myself get so jealous tgk badan mantap Taylor, pdhal umur sama baya ngn aku je. suke gak tgk muka childish Kristen Stewart. huhu. soooo damn cute. aku tak dpt tk lg, harap2 sempat la aku tgk nnt. ok2, enough of this twilight saga.

so, raya hari tu, se'ramai' 3 ekor lembu berjaya ditumbangkan. dgn segala tenaga kerja pnduduk kampung (ada antaranya aku tak kenal), kerja2 penyembelihan berjalan dgn lancar. hepi gler sbb tgk ramai btol yg dtg bg sokongan kt ktowg. yg tak bestnye, dalam ramai2 tu, most of them are not my relatives. dowg join venture sekali sembelih lembu. raya kali ni atok aku dah takde, so anak2 dia pecah2 la wat korban. sorg kt sini, sorg kt sana. that's why la tak dpt sekali. but at the end of the day, umah nenek aku penuh dgn daging korban. hahaha. da bau cam tmpt jual daging dah.

~ pic @ hari raya ~

raya thn ni ada sepupu aku yg tak blk. cuti kjap, dowg plak bz ngn spm la, exam apekebende la. adik aku pn 3 hari je cuti. tu yg hari ahad ari2 pgi anta dia kt Kuala Pilah. otw blk Kelantan on the same day tu, masyaAllah, aku rasa ni la kejadian paling byk kete yg kuar dari Pantai Timur pulang ke umah masing2. sepanjang perjalanan aku, tak putus2 kete. aku sampai Kelantan dlm pukul 12 tgh mlm still ada lg kete. panjang gler. kalo kowg g stesen minyak, mmh lmbt la nk bleh isi minyak tuh coz dah mcm semut urung gula da aku tgk. bsusun kt stesen minyak tuh.

moment yg plg best psl raya haji ni bg aku, adalah raya haji thn, ermm, aku tak ingt la, tp rasa2nye antara thn 2004-2005. sbb ape?? sbb, raya haji thn tersebut aku still rapat ngn sepupu2 aku dan atok aku wat korban lembu kt umah. so, berhimpun la sume sedare, yg jauh, yg dkt, sume dtg la tlg melapah lembu. aku time tu tak bape reti lg so just tlg potong2 daging dan tlg yg kecik2 jela. rasa best dan kadang2 sayu pn ada ingt time2 dulu. bila masa da berubah ni, manusia pn berubah gak. tak dpt ckp la perubahan tu membawa kebaikan atau keburukan tp apa yg au tgk, aku kurang suka dgn perubahan tu. hmmm...


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