Sunday, August 30, 2009

:: my Merdeka moments! ::

Salam to all my readers

as i typing this entry, lg 2 jam Hari Kemerdekaan yg ke 52 bakal menjelma
but as for me, no plan to celebrate the historical day of Malaysia
it's bcoz maybe merdeka thn ni dlm bulan Ramadhan and 2nd, all of my friends blk umah masing2 kot, except for me yg terpaksa tggl umah Faris, due to out of ticket
i thot i cud spend my weekend fasting and berbuka puasa with my family in Kelantan but hampeh je...isk isk isk ;'(

ok la, entry ni basically psl moment2 aku where i gained my kemerdekaan
hehehee, maybe u guys don't understand but this is my merdeka according to me, and my past moments
ok2, let's get started, shall we??

1st ~ moment merdeka yg plg aku rasa smpai skrg is when i finish my high school, i mean after the SPM exam is over.
i feel free and it's like a heavy burden was put away from me.
i was happy.
it's also bcoz i'm no longer living in a hostel, hahaaa, what a relief
that hostel u know, keep a lot of memories to me but i dunno why i'm happy to get out of that place (ok, i do feel sad ok, enough said)
but apart from that, i did missing my high school days.
who didn't miss their high school moments rite??
after this, it's gonna be hard to hang out with them coz masing2 ada plan
but thinking about i'm gonna spend 6 months without even bother to go to PLKN make me smile
at the result ~ i got this figure now (look at my latest pic laa)

2nd ~
i know, and i 100% sure, all of us don like attending the 'test lesen kete' session kn

dah la ngn JPJ yg ntah hape2 tuh
for those yg pro drive, then attend bnda2 ni just to get the P
haisyyyy, comfem cm sial je kn
same go to me la
i'm not pro at driving but what irritated me was i actually fail at part B, which was driving along with the JPJ part
and i had to go back to Kelantan just to retake the test
OMG! it was totally suck u know
and i was so damn happy when i finally got my P
it was like "owh, lihatlah dunia!!" xD
xpyh lg nk pgi Machang tiap2 hari bwk kete kancil buruk tu
seriously guys, i was really really really glad that now i can drive and all that thanks to the teachers yg ajar aku
this is one of my merdeka moments

~ if JPJ instructor tu cni ok gak =) ~

3rd ~ erkk, sorry, can't recall my memories laa
sempat dua stories je hahahaa
k k, to be continued k
stay tune...

well, these is my merdeka moments
ade byk lg sbnrnyer, just xdpt nk recall some of them now
i'll update it soon ok
until then..

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

:: it's not that bad ::

~ adly, aku, farris and wan ~

Salam to all my readers

finally, i manage to get myself free time and a virus-free-laptop to update about my practical days as a MLT trainee at HTJ
ohh, not to forget, i also manage to upload some photos for ur view
these pics were taken about a week ago
so u can see my latest pic, grumpy or a lil fat i should say

here a little snippets about what my practical is all about
i'm taking medical lab technology programme in UiTM Shah Alam and now, in sem 5 & 6, i'm currently doing my practical at Hospital Seremban, as an MLT trainee
here we are scheduled to work in 7 different labs
sume lab ade jangka masa la, cthnye, lab biochem 5 mggu, cytology 4 mggu etc..
we'll be here for 8 month (tolak sume cuti sem la hehehe..)
after finishing a certain lab, we have to rotate to the next lab
my first 6 weeks was in biochem lab, which is lab plg luas and plg byk modern and expensive machines
like i told u in my previous entry, my practical here are joined by other college, like IMR, MSU, PTPL and nursing students
the most recognizable students here are IMR students coz dowg pkai tudung kaler biru for junior and maroon for senior
yg len sume nmpk cm staff (ktowg laa hehe) and attendance pn ade gak

what the most exciting and unforgetable moments here are learning a lot of new things and meeting new and nice people
i already write about this in my previous entry so if u wanna read this, go and check my archive
at first, i thought practical is such a boring and unenjoyable thing but all my perceptions change 100% after i know this place
if u think working in a lab is boring, u actually get a wrong idea
but i admit it's a lil bit boring when u already know the flow of working here and when u don't have 6 piles of specimen but hey, there are friends and even staffs who can cheer u up..

now, i'm currently in Serelogy lab, which is in Microbiology department after completing my tasks at Biochem lab
although the staffs here are nice and i got new thing to learn but i'm missing the staffs at Biochem lab
they were a group of people who i met in my first week here, so, u know how it's like to be apart from them
hahahaha, jiwang karat plak!!
tp xpe, lab Microb ade akak2 lawa =)
test2 dia pn agak rumit to handle so it really gonna fulfil my time there
ala, lgpn still contact gak ngn lab Biochem coz sample2 sume sampai dari sne
so hari2 la tunjuk muka wlaupun da pgi lab lain

ahah, here are some pics uploaded just for u guys
it was my moments in biochem lab
enjoy viewing them

~ say peace!! ~

~ before tutorial with pegawai sains ~

~ lab biochem ~

~ biochem lab ~

~ biochem lab ~

~ girls from IMR : ain, kak hajar and aina ~

~ belek2 SOP utk case study =) ~

~ candid time!! ~

Sunday, August 23, 2009

:: missing the day.. ::

Salam to all my readers

Alhamdulillah, i manage to live until now, and the most important is i still live and i can celebrate Ramadhan, which is the most-waited month of all Muslims in the world
hopefully that this Ramadhan will be the best Ramadhan ever in my life
but, i'm not gonna elaborate more on Ramadhan itself but i'm gonna share with u guys about my activity that i used to do after solat tarawih
i was in standard school at that time so what we did back then was stupid+fun

i was with my uncle, who is 5 year older than me, so i don address him as uncle la
together with his friend, about 5 of them, we used to play hide and seek after tarawih
and it took placed at the parking lot!
there were many cars and the light wasn't very bright so my uncle said it was a good place to play
plg xthn ktowg main nyorok2 pkai bju melayu and kain pelikat!
so u can imagine how freak we were, wearing something like that, running and hiding at the parking lot

~ this is Masjid Besar Tanah Merah during the day ~

we played joyfully, shouting and running without even care to those people who were performing solat
and we sweated like we were soaked in water
i remember my dad would get mad everytime i came back, sweating the baju melayu
but sometimes i wore another t-shirt underneath the baju melayu
whenever i played i will took off the baju melayu and wore the t-shirt
xdela kotor baju melayu tu

there's another place that we used to play hide and seek
kt satu gerabak train!
they don't use the compartment at night
so that's why we managed to sneak in and played there
but sometime it will be full with charchoal and other things that i dunno what people call them
adik beradik batu la jugak
ktowg lompat dlm tu, panjat gerabak tu, xde pikir psl bahaya ni
well, we were still kids after all!!


p/s ~ i wish i could go back to that days.. missing the moments..

Saturday, August 22, 2009

:: tag from Yaziith ::

Salam to all my readers

it's been ages since i post entry about tag
luckily Yaziith tagged me and bcoz i don have anything to publish so far, so i decide to answer her tag
owh, for ur information, she doesn't know someone named Judiene


1) Beside ur lips, where is the favourite spot to get kissed?
u can kiss wherever u want, as long as it's me that ur kissing with.. hehehe

2)How did u feel when u woke up this morning?
hurmm, hungry..

3) Who was the last person/people you took photo with?
students from IMR at biochem lab (it was our last day there at biochem lab u know..)

4) Would you consider urself spoiled?
ermm, a bit.. but sometimes its depend on situation la..

5) Have u ever had a best friend who was of the opposite sex?
yup, of course i had!

6) Do you want someone to be dead?
yup, and that person is here, in my life now!!

7) What does your last text message say?
it was a 'cute' msj from someone i dunno, coz i don recognize his/her phone no..

8) What are you thinking right now?
having *** with someone i love soooo much!! heeeee!!

9) Do you want someone to be with you right now?
yes, absolutely..

10) What was the time you went to bed last night?
ermm, 1am

11) Where did you buy the tee you are wearing now?

12) Is someone on your mind right now?
yes.. :)

13) Who was the last person who text you?
someone i dunno.. refer question no. 7

14) TEN lucky person to do this quiz.
still can decide now, maybe later..

Friday, August 21, 2009

:: my Ramadhan ::

Salam to all my readers

well, since every blog write about fasting and all Ramadhan things, aku pn nk tulis gak la
sekadar nk amek pot je
lgpn bleh la aku berdakwah sket melalui blog aku ni, yg sntiasa pnuh ngn bnda2 lagha
this is the good side of me

to be frank with u guys, this coming Ramadhan maybe give me a new experience since i'm 'working'
so the tiredness is even greater compare to my past Ramadhan
like last year, i still can take a nap during the day coz my schedule was not pack
but working days are different
start msk keje kol 8am n abes kol 5pm
so i can't curik2 tdo la while working in the lab
gler ko, dah la kt hospital ni xde pot nk lepak2

i really hope that all the sickness and tiredness will go away from me
at least for a month coz i want my Ramadhan this year to be clean from any bad influences
but it doesn't mean i never had a full month of fasting
of course la aku akan pose penuh every year
jgn ingt pompuan je ade 'cuti'
laki pn ade 'cuti' gak tp tu bkn Allah yg bg, kte yg pndai2 wat
phm2 kn lah ye

actually, i'm just having my sahur while writing this
i feel a bit different coz for the past 2 Ramadhan i started fasting with my friends
but now, i'm with my cousin, and his pregnant wife
i'm not really close to his wife but she's ok and a talkative person
so, she's great to hang out with (xde double meaning di sini ek!)
watever it is, i really glad that i'm still here, living my life as Ramadhan approach and hopefully, nothing can stop me from completing my Ramadhan with gratefull to Allah for every 'nikmat' he gives me..

Sunday, August 16, 2009

:: love, it's pain, sweet, pain and sweet! ::

Salam to all my fellow readers

hey guys, cm kowg tgk entry title aku kali neh
yes, i'm gonna talk about love
from my point of view
and from someone who experiencing some difficulties in his relationship
combine together the ideas and u got this entry
ok2, let's get started shall we??

there was this person, a 20-year-old boy
i name him as A
A is studying in a famous college in PJ
dia ade dating ngn B ni, umo dia 17 thn
tp dak B ni stdy jauh dr dia
dia kenal dak B pn drp friendster
so, it's clear now that friendster can unite people from different part of the map

nk dijadikan cite, dak B ni dah ade org lain dlm hati
but still dak B ni layan A
layan cm dia ni xde 'someone' la
layan pnye layan, finally, A confessed to B yg dia ade hati ngn B
B terima A as a special friend, but not as a 'someone' la
dowg berkawan la gak, wlaupn A ni skt hati n jeles ble B ckp sal 'someone' dia
and ble B cite sal sume sweet memories dia ngn A
yg baiknye kt B neh, even tho dia skt hati n jeles, he still layan A ngn baik
kdg2 dia ckp gak psl pasaan dia, tp secara berhemah la
mknenyer x direct la..

A syg kt B
B pn ade ckp cm2, but syg as a special friend la
hari2 A call B
habis kredit A, but he didn't care of all that
ape yg dia taw, dia nk dgr suara B hari2
'someone' B ni xtaw yg B ni kwn rpt ngn A
kre dowg kwn snyap2 laa
mampos kalo 'someone' B taw
dlm hati A, teringin nk dgr B ckp yg dia syg A as a 'someone'
but will the day approach him???
hurmmm, let time tell the story...

wlau bgaimana pn, A ttp xthn
dia xtaw nk control pasaan dia terhadap B
wlaupn B da ade 'someone', tp A ttp nk kwn ngn B
sggh tggi ksh syg A terhadap B
A akan tetap menanti B terima dia as a 'someone'
A rse sggh happy mengenali B, but at the same time, he feel the pain of loving someone who already have 'someone'
tu la yg aku nk conclude dlm entry aku ni
harap kowg phm la ek

kowg mst nk taw sape yg pgang watak A n B neh
aku ksian btol ngn nasib A neh
dia syg sgt ngn B
dia da xtaw nk wat cne
A pn xleh cite prob ni kt kwn2 dia
adela sebab2 yg dia xbley nk cite
A ni seorang student
IPTA student
xbape pintar, tp baik hati
A ni xkaya and xmiskin
agak pemalu and sensitif

A ni adalah


p/s ~ cite ni adalah cite benar, tp diolah sket supaya xde yg terase hati and utk menyesuaikan keadaan...

Friday, August 14, 2009

:: bullshit! ::

Salam to all my readers

basically, this is a merapu-rapu entry actually
i dunno what to write but at the same time i want my blog to be updated
so, i'm gonna write about what i've been doin' this past few weeks

so as u already know, i'm on my practical session since July
to be frank, the practical is not as hard as we thot before
it's fun and interesting instead as we learn new things
learn how to handle specimens and samples that come from all over the place
it's quite dangerous tough coz one mistake on handling them can cause ur life
not to mention learning how to operate the modern and expensive machines!
u know what guys, sometime i don't even know how to pronounce the name of the machine
silly me
but guys, i sometime do feel boring coz i tend to feel sleepy
dunno, maybe coz when we already know how to handle the thing, we don't take it seriously..

having a practical session with us are students from IMR and MSU
huhuhu, dowg la yg ktowg plg rapat
but all of them are girls
can u imagine, 4 of us with those girls! heaven! :)
they are all very nice and nice and nice and nice (ok, u got da picture!)
most of them are from IMR, about 20 of them
3 from MSU
i'm glad coz we all can be friends, and it's great to know that u have people who willing to help u and teach u even tho we just know
thanks guys for that!

and finally, the staff there
for ur information, we are divided into group of 2
farris n wan are placed in cyto lab and adly n i are in biochem lab
then we are goin to rotate the lab according to the schedule prepared by our supervisor
the staff there are all very nice too
ok, ada la gak yg berlagak tp most of them are very soft-spoken la
easy to work with them and they make us feel like home
ade yg smpai belanja makan la, share cite2 la
not to mention ade yg ajak bergosip psl2 doc2
xthn btol dowg ni, bley thn gile gak pale otak

we have 10 more weeks to finish our practical and i can't wait for the time to come
it's not bcoz i don't enjoy being there at the hospital tp agak meletihkan la
lbh2 lg kalo byk sample pd hari2 tertentu
but, whatever it is, i enjoy every seconds of being there
k, until then..

p/s ~ skrg ni musin H1N1.. so, don forget guys to wear mask whenever u step out of ur place.. heeee~

Friday, August 7, 2009

:: akhirnya dia pergi jua.... ::

Salam to all my readers

firstly, Innalillah to my late grandpa, who passed away last monday
too bad i don't have his pic to be put in my blog
i dunno why but his death is so sudden
altho he's been diagnosed with, i dunno what his disease called but it has something to do with salur darah bengkak la, long time ago
my sis told me about this sad news when i went to her campus to get my phone
i was like "huh?really?why it happens so sudden.."
i'm blur

he's been diagnosed with this disease long time ago
since then, his voice hardly can be heard
he had a hard time trying to talk coz salur yg bengkak tu cm block kotak suara dia
whenever he had to say something, people will have to get closer to him
but still, he live his life like usual, like nothing happen to him
which make me feel pity

one thing about my grandpa that i admire is he was so popular (lOlz)
people at Tanah Merah know him very well coz according to ledeng, cehhh, my moyang ni cm one of the ancestor la kt Tanah Merah tu
cm ala2 wakil rakyat la
so people know him as well as his family, including my grandpa
no wonder there were so may crowd, attending his funeral
yes, seriously
bkn nk lagak or whateva, tp tu la org kte cre org beriman meninggal
bkn mati dlm keadaan gloomy ke or sorg2
i was so disapointed coz i didn't get the chance to go back to Kelantan

p/s ~ al-fatihah...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

:: u are a BITCH!! seriously.. ::

Salam to all my readers

i know it has been a long time since the last entry
seriously i don have time to update my blog since i'm always tired and busy with all the worksheets and lab stuffs
but i'm free now so i'm gonna share with u guys about something irritating that happened to me and my buddies during Hospital Tuanku Jaafar's Bowling Tournament..

before that i'm warning u guys coz this gonna be a nasty entry
we, the trainees, joined the HTJ Bowling Tournament ni
rm20 fee dia
it was a fun event la since rmai staff yg join kn
ktowg mmg riuh gler r mlm tu coz i think we are the youngest bowler that night
marks ktowg not so bad
bleh r dlt no 2 or 3
and i'm happy coz aku dpt cipta my personal record la - highest pinfall 169
to be frank, our group is actually one of the top 3 winner
happy gler
xsgka dpt kalahkn staff tu


we didn't get what we deserved!!
bcoz we are TRAINEES!!
is that suck!!??
yeah, it is suck!!
we were disqualified and we played for nothing that night
it was all Sister Saloma's fault!
aku berani sebut nama dia - Sister FUCK-U-LA Saloma form wad 6C
she was the one who made that stupid and pathetic decision to disqualified all trainees
we were like "huh?? what's goin' on??"
the problem was she didn't inform us earlier
she claimed that the bowling tournament is actually utk satu pertubuhan dlm hospital tu which i forgot the name
and the stupid part was when she blamed us for not asking about the tournament
we had a big and nasty 'mouth-fight' before she went away without saying she's sorry or watsoeva

bkn ktowg aje yg bengang ngn sister tu
ade la sowg mamat ni
dia husband kpd sorg lab staff ni, sorry kak coz i don't remember her name
she was the one who told us that we were disqualified from the tournament
and she stood up for us even we are new at the hospital
she's really kind and cute too :)
and her husband pn disqualified gak
wlaupn he's actually one of the highest solo bowler that night
he deserved to win
our team pn should be in top 3
but bcoz of sister yg xde hati perut n perikemanusiaan tu, dia lgsg xendah kt trainees sume
dah la dia ckp, we all pay for the tournament and we should be thankful la coz da dpt main and dpt cenderamata
u know what, aku kre xberkat r dia coz mkn duit student yg xtaw lgsg psl hal ni
FUCK la seluruh keturunan dia!
we were so pissed!
this is soooooo not cool!

to akak yg inform ktowg psl hal ni and her husband
sabar and thanx a lot ek
kalo xsure ktowg cm terkontang-kanting pas result tu coz xtaw nape nama group ktowg xde dlm list top 3
we were sooo happy coz we thot that we gonna received the prizes and everybody will look at us and say "wow, they are sooo great!"
and to Sister Saloma aka Sister Bitch
u are surely a bitch
tgk muke pn cm bitch tua xsedar diri
she' so arrogant!
so full of herself!

but don worry guys
we all had made a plan
tomorrow, we gonna spread the news about the sister
and we are lucky coz rmai gak staf2 yg xske geng2 sister neh
siap la ko nnt!
be prepared!
ktowg xpuas ati coz rse cm ditipu
sumenye sia-sia je
but whateva it is, syukur coz we didn't involve in any fist fight with her
kalo x, mmg da pecah muke sister bitch tuh!

p/s ~ our group name is H1N1... :)


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