Monday, December 13, 2010

:: imagination ::

Salam to all my readers.

I would love to drive at night when the rain is pouring down, with the cool breeze hugging your body and you could feel the coldness creep inside you, while listening to soul R&B kinda music.

There's something with the smell of the rain when it touches the road that stimulate me and please me at the same time. It gets better if you have somebody you love so dearly sitting right next to you, holding your hands, with the music from the radio soars into the night.

I always imagining things, and it comes from memory of mine and for some reasons, rain and wind play a major role in my imagination. I can't help myself but to relish it, as if it really happens. It keeps me calm and reminiscing at the same time. How I wish I could be in this situation whenever problems get hold of myself.

Life of surprises. Either you hate them or love them. *sigh

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