Thursday, May 26, 2011

:: The winner of American Idol is.. ::

Salam to all my readers.

My heart was pumping so fast as I waited for Ryan Seacrest to announce who is gonna win the American Idol Season 10. I can't believe it was down to Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery. I watched the whole audition episodes and still remember Steven Tyler called Lauren as 'The One'. At that time, I didn't even think that Scotty would make the cut and advanced into top 13. Both contestants have put in their best last night at the performance show and as the result show comes to the end, Ryan finally announced that the winner of American Idol is Scotty McCreery.

~ Scotty and Lauren as they wait for the result ~

~ The reunion of top 13 finalist ~

I am gutted and my dream of seeing female contestants be crowned as the American Idol tear into pieces. It's not that I don't like Scotty at all. In fact I do enjoy his performances every week but to win something as big as American Idol, you need to have at least strong voice and I don't think Scotty has that. It's obvious that Lauren was one of this season's best singers and if its based on the shows that they did the night before, Lauren did better than Scotty and therefore she should win the title.

Remember what Jennifer said during Lauren's performance of 'Like My Mother Does'? "This is a very tight race tonight but Lauren, with that song, you may have just won.". You interpret this sentence. The same thing happened last season where Crystal gave a really stunning performances than Lee did but in the end, it was Lee who won the show.

I guess my words wouldn't change anything would it? So, if you read my blog Scotty (which I'll be extremely happy if he did even though I'm against his winning), I just wanna wish ya Good Luck and don't worry coz Lauren will outsell you in terms of records sale. Haha.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

:: Who will be the next American Idol? ::

Salam to all my readers.

The end is getting closer. Tomorrow, we will find out who is gonna walk away from the Nokia Theater Los Angeles as the new American Idol. Will it be Scotty McCreery or Lauren Alaina? Both are comfortable singing Country songs and they are the youngest top 2 ever in American Idol history.

~ Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina ~

On the first part of American Idol Finale, both Scotty and Lauren performed three songs, as you all already know. Scotty sang 'Gone', 'Check Yes or No' and his new original song, 'Love You This Big'. His contender, Lauren chose to sing 'Flat on the Floor', 'Maybe It Was Memphis' and a cover song from Kristy Lee Cook (previous American Idol finalist) entitled 'Like My Mother Does'.

I just told you guys the facts of the one-hour finale but the truth is, I think this is the dullest finale ever, right after Crystal and Lee duo last season. You see, both of them sing Country songs and I have nothing against the Country genre in fact there are some Country songs that I really like BUT this is different. I was kinda like saddled with six Country and Western songs that some of the songs was the songs that I never heard of. Thanks to Lauren for her ability to sing from her heart that made her last performance kinda brought tears to my eyes. It would probably be interesting if Haley is in the finale. At least we have two singers belt out two different genres.

But whatever it is, the finale has end and now it's up to the American to choose their next idol. If you ask me, hurmm, lets look at this chronology first. I wanted Pia to be in the top 2, but she got eliminated in top 9. Then, I put my trust in Haley and prayed so that she can make it to finale. Again, my dream was crushed. I am left with no choice but to choose Lauren to win because she got distinctive voice and she can sing high note pretty well.

So, lets wait for the result show to see whose name Ryan going to announce at the end of the show. They got so many singers going to perform on that night and damn, they neglected David Archuleta. I really hope they could call Archie to perform his latest single live. Damn it!

~ She got style! ~

:: The twins attack! ::

Salam to all my readers.

Ya know, I always like the idea of having a twins in my family. Seriously I do. Whenever I see twins I will go like, "This is a must-have item after I got married.". Haha. Twins are not like any ordinary people. Apart from the fact that they are twins, they tend to attract a lot of attention from the public, especially if the twins wear something similar and many eyes will fascinatingly rest on them.

I have heard stories, most of them inspiring, from the people who got a chance in life to raise twins and it is easy to assume that they had a true joy experiences in raising them. So, the question is, why is this twin people exist? From what I have learned in school, identical twins or known as monozygotic, form from a single fertilized egg and splits into two parts, resulting in the development of two embryos. Because of the two embryos come from a single egg/sperm fertilization, they have the same genetic origin. There is no authentic solid reason why the egg split into two, maybe it's a malfunction of the normal development process. To know more, go check your biology textbook.

If my wife pregnant and I have a 'choose' button whether you want identical twins or non-identical twins, I definitely go for identical twins. The number one reason why I want twins is because I want them to look alike. Non-identical twins is similar to any ordinary children, except for you will not be having children that share the same age. What's the point of wanting a twins if you don't want them to be identical right? I will buy them the same cloth, the same toys, damn, it's gonna be interesting! Hehehe.

~ Amanda and Michelle : the first ever twins made it to ANTM ~

~ Dylan and Cole Sprouse, who play Zack and Cody Martin in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody ~

Okay, I may like a twins-maniac here but don't get me wrong guys. I am not gonna hate my single-birth children just because my wish to have twins is not granted. I will love them equally. Haha. But hey, according to this article that I read, there is no established connection between genetics and monozygotic twinning. Scientists have not really found and confirmed clear cause for monozygotic twinning, which you already knew how it is occurred inside of the women's womb. All parents have a reasonably equal chance of getting identical twins. Now, that's a great news to hear! :P

p/s : may Allah push away all the complications if I were to get a twins babies. Hehe

Monday, May 23, 2011

:: ANTM All-Stars Cycle ::

Salam to all my readers.

This is might be a not-so-latest- news to all die-hard fans of America's Next Top Model (ANTM) because recently, Tyra Banks had previewed the cast of ANTM All-Stars in a runway show in L.A. Yes, you heard it right. The next cycle of ANTM will be the All-Stars Edition. I'm sure you guys knew what 'all-stars' means right so I don't need to explain more about the term.

Apparently, Tyra had asked the girls whom she has chosen to be in this cycle while the ANTM Cycle 16 was still showing on national television. When I heard about Tyra making an all-stars cycle, me and my friend couldn't help but speculate which girl she would choose to do this all over again. I was like, 'No! She didn't!' after looking at the list. I can imagine how chaotic and tension the atmosphere in the house would be, simply because the lot is packed with lots of personalities SLASH bitchiness. Seriously, there are a lot of bitches coming back. Maybe its for drama purpose. Here is the list:

  • Shannon Stewart, Cycle 1
  • Camille McDonald, Cycle 2
  • Britanny Brower, Cycle 4
  • Lisa D'Amato, Cycle 5
  • Bre Scullark, Cycle 5
  • Bianca Golden, Cycle 9
  • Dominique Reighard, Cycle 10
  • Isis King, Cycle 11
  • Sheena Sakai, Cycle 11
  • Allison Harvard, Cycle 12
  • Laura Kirkpatrick, Cycle 13
  • Angelea Preston, Cycle 14
  • Kayla Ferrell, Cycle 15
  • Alexandria Everett, Cycle 16

~ the cast of ANTM All-Stars respectively ~

To be honest, I'm glad that Laura, Allison and Kayla made it here but as I thought the house would be 'safer' and more tranquil without Jade Cole coming back, the names like Angelea, Bianca, Dominique, Camille and Bre sure can cover for Jade effortlessly. I wonder how Alexandria will blend with all these bitches. Gosh, my ears already hurt thinking about all of them yelling for each other. After all, this what makes ANTM fiercer and interesting isn't? Damn, they're going to tear the house down.

Friday, May 20, 2011

:: America's Next Top Model Cycle 16 is... ::

Salam to all my readers.

Perhaps you guys knew this already but I still want to announce it anyway. I am gladly announce that the winner of America's Next Top Model Cycle 16 is the fierce Brittani Kline! Yay!

~ Brittani's Cover Girl Ad ~

~ Molly's Cover Girl Ad ~

Now the winner has been revealed, who is the runner-up? It's non other than our own Molly O'Connell. If you guys look at their Cover Girl ads, you may think that Molly's is much more Cover Girl-like than Brittani's but, unfortunately, the finale deliberation of who's gonna be wearing the ANTM crown is not based on the Cover Girl ads solely. They were judged based on their finale runway walks and the previous works. The result out of the deliberation is Brittani crowned as the latest top model and also the latest 'baby girl' of IMG Model Management. During the finale runway show, they participated in a runway show for Vivienne Westwood latest collection.

~ Brittani's photos during the Marrakesh Love Story episode ~

~ Molly's photos during the Marrakesh Love Story episode ~

~ Molly and Brittani during the finale runway ~

To be honest, I wouldn't be upset if either of them wins, I mean, both these girls are really good and they were neck and neck at the finale. It just, maybe Brittani kinda outshone Molly during the finale runway walk so that could be the contribution factor of Brittani winning. This could be the best final 2 ever, well, after Danielle and Joanie of Cycle 6 of course. What a great cycle! Oh, forgot to tell ya. Our final 2 was spotted with a new makeover at the final panel and looking at the picture above, I think they work the new hairdo.

~ Final 2 at the panel ~

~ Final 2 facing the judges ~

~ The judges ~

That's it of ANTM Cycle 16. Now, the next cycle would be ANTM Cycle 17 or also known as ANTM: All-Stars Edition. It means that, the models who are robbed or who are not make it in the previous cycles will have another shot to be on top. They will start all over again, just like any other cycle but the only difference is, they already knew how this show work. The list of who's gonna be competing on this cycle is already leaked and I'm will be making a special entry about that one. So, gotta watch this space. Hehe.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

:: I dreamed a dream ::

Salam to all my readers.

Yesterday I asked my mom, can I be a model? No. That was what she said. And I asked her why. She said I am too big to be a model, which I kinda agree with the statement, and later she added, model don't wear glasses so, if I want to be a model, I need to wear contact lens or go to the hospital and get my eyes fixed. I was laughing hearing her opinions on me becoming a model.

I think in our life, I certainly believe that, we do have this kinda feeling. The feeling of becoming somebody that is not us and somebody that is far out of our reach. This is not ambition. Ambition is more like a strong desire to do or achieve something in life, but this is different. The feeling when you're watching TV and you see Celine Dion performing and getting big applause from the audience and suddenly you say, I wanna try to be like her for one day. This is the feeling that I'm talking about.

This maybe a lil bit embarrass to admit but okay, fine, I think wanna try to be a model for a day. Laugh your heart out if you want but it is really something that I feel like I wanna be if Allah granted me a chance to be somebody else, which by all means, is not gonna happen in real life. It's okay to dream, the last time I checked. I'm gonna put the blame of shows like America's Next Top Model (ANTM) coz for some reasons watching the show kinda influence me a bit, or maybe not a bit, but the thing is, it all started with the show.

There was also times when I sat on my comfy couch and imagined how fantastic it would be to see myself playing a role on the silver screen and to see my face handsomely on the poster of blockbuster movies. I wrote about this once, click here to read more on what type of movie I would like to be in if I was an actor. Haha. In real life, I am nobody. I want to feel the pride, the glory when people cheering at me and people calling out my name when I walk down the street. "Judiene!" "Judiene!". Boy, it turns me on! Haha. I successfully managed to make myself look pretty stupid and lame. LOL!

~ one of my favourite actor he is ~

Come on people, don't act like you never had a dream like this. Don't lie to me, or at least, don't lie to yourself. Feel free to share some of your dreams here. Put away all your shyness, I promise, it's only you and me. Hehe. Until next time guys, ciao!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

:: Short forms in blogging is unacceptable ::

Salam to all my readers.

Yessss! Finally we are back in business. I bet all bloggers are gonna update their new posts now. Haha. I wonder what is the new improvement blogspot did coz it looks like the same to me. Nothing new. Hurmm.

Okay, lets get straight to the main points. I've been doing lot of blogwalking this past few days since blogspot was outage and I have come across quite a number of blogs that prefer to use short form words rather that spell it in a full form. Lets take a look at an example of sentence below.

'ktrg dh abis exm. nh la pdhnya bla jd bdak stat, slalu jer jd pntp pntu pagar U. hbs je exm, apa lg blik trus kms2 brng..'

To the owner of the blog who I copied this sentence from, I'm truly sorry. I don't mean to embarrass you or to humiliate you. I kinda get really annoyed reading a blog that is written like the sentence above and I can't wait for the entry that I am reading to end. It's okay to use these short forms when texting messages through phone but I find it unacceptable when you're writing an essay or something similar to that, you know, like a letter or something.

You guys probably say 'ikut suka aku lah blog aku' but at the end of the day, you want your readers to feel comfortable while reading your entries and you don't want them to kinda like searching for the 'X' button 10 seconds after dropping by at your blog. It will not kill you or weary your fingers to spell the word in its full form. I suggest to every blogger who are using this method to write their entry to start spelling the words the way it is. Trust me, your entry will look nicer and tidier.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

:: AF students can't sing English songs?? ::

Salam to all my readers.

I am a big fan of reality TV singing competition. I watch shows like X-Factor (XF), American Idol (AI), One in a Million (OIAM), Mentor and Akademi Fantasia (AF). Whatever you say folks but these kinda shows really got me glued in front of the TV and there was a moment where I talked to myself and went like, "I think I was born to be in the industry, you know, whether as a singer, songwriter or producer." Hahaha. What a funny thought is that.

Okay, I'm not sitting in front of my lappy just to talk about my unaccomplished desire of becoming someone in a entertainment industry or fashion industry (wth!) but there is another topic worth to talk about. If you watch AF, regardless of any season, there will be a time when the students are gonna be tested with an English song. I notice something 'unhealthy' going on, I don't know if you guys did too. Majority of the students will be like kinda frustrated or scared whenever they get English song to be sang. Some of them will just cry or express their anxiety regarding the song. Have you ever notice that??

Well, in my opinion, there is no reason to be like that coz we've been taught English since we were in standard one and the song doesn't require them to give out a speech or to talk in front of the audience in English, they just need to sing the lyrics out in rhythm. Basically that is what they do right, singing. You don't necessarily have to be 100% grammatically perfect to sing an English song. The words are there, written on the paper and all they need to do is just practice the pronunciation that's all. They even have Puan Fatimah Abu Bakar to help them with that so, no point to be frustrated or go in front of the 'talking' camera and say that you don't like the song and etc. This kinda shit is really not acceptable.

~ I praise Farhan for her ability to sing English song perfecly ~

~ He sounded so bad when he sang in English during one of the concert in AF3 ~

This incident happen to every season of AF. Even I remember how scared Mawi was when he received an English song entitled 'Beautiful Maria'. I'm sure a lot of AF fans will go against me on this one but in order to become a versatile and a good singer, being able to sing in English is a must! Do not spit on me for telling you the truth. The students should be ready to uptake whatever songs that they are given, no matter what language it would be.

Last but not least, happy holidays guys! Ciao!

Monday, May 9, 2011

:: Seru & Fast Furious 5 ::

Salam to all my readers.

A few days ago after me and my friends were done with the final exams, we went to Times Square the next day for a movie spree. We watched one Malay movie and one English movie entitled Seru and Fast Furious 5 respectively. At first I was reluctant to watch Seru since my first choice was Thor and been reading the reviews saying that the movie is great and stuff so, the eagerness to watch Thor was high. But then, majority of my friends wanted to watch Seru so, i just follow the crew. Thank God it was Wednesday so, the ticket didn't cost me much.

After watching it, all I could say is, Seru wouldn't let you down. The idea of the movie might resemble Spanish movie REC where a person is possessed by a spirit and cause chaos and the cinematography in the movie is 100% from the victims camera. They use shaky camerawork instead of using the camera ordinarily use in a film-making. If you have watched REC before then you know what I'm talking about. I give 4 stars out of 5, means that Seru had successfully startled me just like REC did. Shaarnaz Ahmad and Nisha Dirr who starred in the movie, acted effortlessly and for a moment there, I thought I was gonna believe that it was a real story. Kudos to them and the crew!

The next movie that I watched was Fast Furious 5 and man, it was superb! You guys definitely had watched the other series of Fast & Furious and know exactly what the story is all about so, I shall not re-telling you the story. We managed to catch this movie one day earlier than its scheduled screening time so we were like all giddy and excited. I am happen to be a fan of this movie franchise and I tell you what, none of the series fail to impress me. Everything that happen in the movie seem to give me and the audience that I sat with gasp, laughter and some of us even gave an applause when the movie end.

For the acting part, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson plays his part brilliantly. His role is not serious and not funny either. He sometimes uttered a line that gained the kinda rapturous response, even though the line should be said in a serious tone. Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and others, they all played their role as good as the previous series.

I suggest you guys to start your engine car, go to the cinema near you and catch both Seru and Fast Furious 5 coz these movies are worth every penny. This is only my point of view after watching them and if you guys wanna do the same, just drop your links so that I can give your blog a visit and read your reviews on these two. Happy watching! :D

:: X-Factor US 2011 ::

Salam to all my readers.

For those who is a fan of reality television singing competition called X-Factor, one will probably know that the creator of the show, top producer Simon Cowell is launching the US version of the show. It is based on the UK version of the X-Factor, which was where Simon served as one of the judges until its 2010 series. It is revealed that Simon departure from American Idol is because he wants to bring the show to America.

The US version of X-Factor has already kicked off its first audition on May 8th 2011. I am happy because finally Simon will be cooperating with his former American Idol judge, Paula Abdul as the judges for the show. The other two judges are L.A. Reid, a record producer and Cheryl Cole. Now, the weird thing is, I wonder why Cheryl wanted to follow Simon's footsteps and leave her role as the judge of X-Factor UK. She suits well as the judges there, and I don't think Americans are going to love her. She speaks with an odd slang and people might misunderstand her. I rather see Nicole Scherzinger or Kara DioGuardi as the judge. Or any other singers in US. I do like Cheryl but in my opinion, Simon has made a mistake by taking Cheryl into the judging line.

~ Paula and Simon was a sweet pair on American Idol ~

~ L.A. Reid ~

~ Cheryl Cole while in X-Factor UK ~

I'm eager to see what this show will turn out to be as two British and two Americans will served as the judges and from there I think we can predict how they going to blend with each other. I hope Paula and Cheryl will be a good friend while judging coz the latter seemed to have a problem if the other female judge (reads Dannii Minogue) outshines her, in all kind of aspects so, it's gonna be interesting.

Whatever it is, there are four contestants left on American Idol 2011 after Jacob Lusk leaves the show last week. Who's gonna be the next American Idol? Stay tuned to find out. :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

:: The Royal Wedding - Prince William & Kate ::

Salam to all my readers.

One of mt friend said I was preoccupied with the whole Kate & William's Wedding thingy but honestly, I just want to feel apart of this once in a lifetime event. It's a world event actually coz more than 2 millions people watched the wedding. Superb! I was away yesterday so didn't get the chance to watch the broadcast live but thanks to TLC Channel which still in its Kate-William-Wedding theme, I got to watch it today.

~ Price William and Kate as they are leaving the Westminster Abbey ~

All I can say it, the wedding was tremendous. It's a royal wedding of the Britain's heir of the throne and the most popular royal family in the world so, it's pretty much something you can expect, which is tremendous. With thousands of people waited along the way from The Buckingham Palace to the Westminster Abbey and some of them had waited as early as 6 am. Not to mention some who had camped at the site. Very supportive. I was eager to watch the performance part actually rather than the 'I Do' part coz from what I have heard, there were a list of celebrities and singers who going to perform there including my favourite Elton John. Sadly they were saving the part.

~ The crowd roaring excitedly in front of the palace ~

~ The couple is on their way to the Buckingham Palace ~

The broadcast that I watched on TLC was hosted by Amanda Byram and Clinton Kelly in London and Randy Fenoli in Times Square New York City. It was kinda funny because they talked more on the outfit wore by the guests and the royal families rather than they did on the wedding. But hey, that's what keeps us awake isn't it? There was a moment when Amanda said that it is like watching a Grammy's red carpet. All eyes were on the outfits.

Apart from the fashion, there was another moment waited by thousands of people who came and gathered in front of the Buckingham Palace - the royal kiss. Like the late Princess Diana who sealed the kiss on the balcony of the palace, Kate chose to do the same. The kiss was quick to be exact and if you look away or blink your eyes, you probably gonna miss it. All eyes were on Kate and Prince William as they emerged from the palace onto the balcony. It is said that the new Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge will set off to their private honeymoon location today.

~ Kate and Prince William seal their kiss on the balcony ~

Nine days before their impending nuptials, Prince William and Kate took a boat to his mother's final resting place. It is believed that Prince William want to keep his mother close to him during the ceremony and by giving Princess Diana's engagement ring to Kate, he said that this is the way he keeps her mother's memory alive. Long live the marriage.


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