Tuesday, December 7, 2010

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Salam to all my readers

I love December. Why? Hurmm, let me think. Is it because Christmas is in this month? Or because I can't wait to start my semester and celebrate new year? Yeah, that might be the reasons.

So, December has opened its curtain with nothing but ordinary days. Beside the fact that Ann is the America's Next Top Model (again??) nothing really stand out. Right now, I just wait for December 10 to approach because that is the day where all UiTM students are going to be online from dawn to dusk, log in to student portal and fill the cyber world with hope to get good result. Haishh, thinking of the result make me nervous. I don't want to repeat subjects again. Not in degree level. Allah, please, save me from any disgraceful event that may take place. Amin.

Okay, enough of that. Everyday seem pretty gloomy here. It's raining non-stop. There's nothing much I could do so I end up sitting in front of my laptop until my butt numb. Sometime I just don't know what to do, I check up the fridge every 10 minutes, thinking is there anything in the fridge to be finished. Yeah, there is a relation between rainy days and hungry, I've googled it out. LOL. I don't know about others but my desire to eat is getting higher these days.

Actually I don't have solid point to write about. I'm clueless. Let my fingers running through the keyboard. Huhu. I think I'm having the same disease Kerol is having now. Haha. When you don't have idea what to blog, you tend to write crap like this. So, I think I better pen off now. Until then guys. Ciao!

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