Sunday, August 21, 2011

:: Source of pride ::

Salam to all my readers.

This past few weeks, I had encountered so many people who uploaded the stuffs they bought from their shopping spree. With Hari Raya is around the corner, the number of people who is doing that is skyrocketing. 

If a person uploaded a photo or video of her wearing a different style of hijab, maybe she wants to share with the world on how to wear them. If someone published photos of a model taken by them, maybe they wanna share their talent and look for potential client. But what happen if someone who just got home from the mall, take a picture of stuff they bought and purposely upload it (or them) for people to see? I don't think the intention was to give guidance for public to shop. 

Don't expect to see paper bag from Jusco or Pacific in picture they have uploaded coz all you're gonna see are stuffs from for example, Zarra, Topman, Jefferson or any other famous, exclusive and expensive brands. After a minute or two, people will start commenting on the picture, praising you for how rich you are to be able to buy all the branded things and it makes me sick when they try to act all innocent and reply, "Ala, biase biase je ni." when the actual thing they wanna say is "Yeah, I am damn rich!". Even though they claim they're not boosting with pride, at some extent, it will come out sooner or later.

~ The real photo taken from his Facebook ~

There is another thing that got me blurting all the harsh words whenever I see theirs photos. I call them as anak ikan or money boy since they constantly receive expensive gifts from whom they call as brothers. I quite close with one of these people and I know, being a full-time student (or maybe not full time in his case) and still getting money from his parents, there is no way he can afford all that plush stuffs. Every now and then, he'll post a photo of a gift from one of his 'brothers' and caption it with, again, modesty when all his feeling is high-pride.

Well, maybe that's how they chose to live their life. I have no right to say anything to them but like I said, it's really annoyed me when all I wanna do is checking my Facebook latest status and their photos suddenly appeared on my wall. I can't stand people like this, dang it! I'm sorry if any of you feel offended by what I write but this is something that I would call, straight from the heart. Sometime, there's thing that need to be kept low-profile.

Friday, August 19, 2011

:: Harry Potter found new love ::

Salam to all my readers.

I don't know whether this is a latest gossip or not but I think it is. Apparently, girls and women around the world would have to stop looking for love potion because Harry Potter star, Daniel Radcliffe was recently spotted strolling down the New York street, hand-in-hand with a mystery girlfriend. 

However, the identity of the mystery girlfriend has been unfolded and Daniel is said to have been meeting this girl during filming the last three Harry Potter movies and his upcoming movie, The Woman In Black. According to reports, Daniel and Rossane Coker started dating last year and is rumoured to be living together. These pictures below might rub salt to every girls wound but at least all you girls can do now is praying for his happiness.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

:: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks ::

Assalamualaikum to all my readers.

I like reading novels. It’s more fun when you have sisters and cousin who share the same hobby of yours. We always trade books with each other and most of the time, my cousin is someone I’d normally find to look for something to read since she has a shelve full with different kind of novels. A couple of weeks ago, I went to the Popular Bookstore and the intention was to find a newly published novel. I came across this novel, looking at the title, I didn’t have any clue of who Henrietta Lacks was. After reading the synopsis, I was sure that this is gonna something interesting to read. So, I bought it, happily.

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. This is the title of the book that I’m about to share with you guys. I don’t usually read medical-related books but this book is different. It has medical story as well as conflict drama about a person who has done a lot for human being, even after her death. Since it’s impossible for you to read the synopsis, I’m gonna copy it down so that you guys can read it.

“Her name was Henrietta Lacks, but scientists know her as HeLa. Born a poor, black tobacco farmer, her cancer cells – taken without her knowledge – became a multimillion-dollar industry and one of the most important tools in medicine. Yet Henrietta’s family did not learn of her ‘immortality’ until more than twenty years after her death, with devastating consequences... Balancing the beauty and drama of scientific discovery with dark questions about who owns the stuff our bodies are made of, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks is an extraordinary detective story in search of the soul and story of a real woman, whose cells live on today in all four corners of the world.”
 ~ The book ~

 ~ Henrietta's family photo ~

One of the comment about the book said, "Rebecca Skloot (the author) explores the idealism and faith in science that helped to save thousands of lives but nearly destroyed a family. This is an extraordinary book, haunting and beautifully told." The reasons why I bought this book in the first place are because it has something to do with my studying and it is a true story. The story is set in from 1920s to 2000s and it gives you the picture of how bad the situation during the racism era in United States where black people were seen as the most dangerous, the poorest and notorious people.

I am already halfway through and I enjoy reading it. I'm a slow reader so, it took me 10 days to read half of the book. Will need another 10 or 15 days to finish it up. For those interested of purchasing this book, it doesn't cost much. RM39.90, that's the price you have to pay.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

:: #7 Wordless Wednesday ::

Salam to all my readers.

p/s: What about this book that's so fascinating? Stay tuned for the next entry to find out.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

:: I'm fine with just one Facebook account ::

Salam to all my readers.

First and foremost, let me make myself clear that I have no intention to annoy someone with my writing  or if there is someone who may not like things that I will be writing here, I just have gotta tell you this - get your ass out of my blog! Hee.

I am aware that this issue has been brought by so many bloggers before me but it doesn't gonna stop me from pouring my ideas and thoughts into this one because there is people who probably still don't understand how much I hate to see people with two or three Facebook account. Opss, I think I may have slipped out my main point right out of my mouth. Haha. 

Fine, I get it. It's your Facebook so, you can do whatever you want with it but honestly dude, do you really need to approve everybody who want to add you as friend and keep making another account so that you can fit everyone in it? If any of you accuse me for being jealous because I didn't get a lot of friend requests, well, please save it. How do you know that I didn't get a lot of friend requests? Haa. See, that's the trick. What? There is also who own a fan page even though they are nobody? Okay, let's not go there coz it's totally a different story. LMAO.

~ Pic courtesy of Google ~

From my understanding, Facebook has limited its number of friends up to 5000++. Theoretically, people who has more than one Facebook account has more than 5000 friends and do they really know each and everyone of them? I add and approve people too but only to whom I feel I know, if not close, quite well mainly from my previous schools, relatives and not to mention bloggers. Moreover, there is also a phrase saying, 'I'd rather have fewer close friends than have thousands of friends who are not there when you need them'. If you still don't have a clue about the hidden meaning of the phrase, go get someone who can break it down for you. 

I better stop writing now. This is just my point of view so if you think you can't handle it, refer to paragraph number 1. Good day everyone!

Monday, August 15, 2011

:: Ramadhan: It's time to reassess ::

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Please scroll down to read the latest entry. Thank you.

Salam to all my readers.

Today is our first day of the Holy Month of Ramadhan where Muslims around the world refrain themselves not only from eating and drinking during the day, but also from doing anything than can bring wrath of the One, the Creator and the Ruler, Allah S.W.T. This is also the month where appraisal is done within themselves to see whether have we been the best Muslim this whole life.

"May the spirit of Ramadhan 
illuminate the world 
and show us they way to peace and harmony."

:: I'm not famous, I'm okay ::

Salam to all my readers.

There is a few questions asked by Anonymous (actually I know who they are but I choose not to reveal their identities) about what is the reason I blog and what did I get from blogging because according to these observers, they look at me as a decadent blogger, whose blog doesn't give anything but wasting of time.

Well, honestly people, when I first started out in this blogging world, I didn't even know there is a vlogger or nuffnang or whatever it is that famous bloggers usually have on their blogs. I was just someone who likes to write about anything, mostly crappy stuffs, and wanted to improve my English thus I chose English as the medium.

I am aware that I am not as lucky as those famous bloggers are, who got famous instantly after posting two to three entries, or having their videos watched by millions of people. I don't get a lot of cash out of Nuffnang, I don't have thousand of followers and most importantly, I don't have a fan page. I'm just a blogger who writes about stuff and never involved in any event created and organized by bloggers. Maybe the fact that I live outside of KL makes me hard to join. 

So, to make thing short and simple, I'm happy with my life right now. Even though people don't recognize me as people do to Anwar Hadi or Hanis Zalikha, I'm fine with that. Whatever it is, I do have a dream to see my blog become a must-read blog one day and people will be like "Have you read the latest article on Judiene's Soul?" "Yeah, I've read it 3 times already." Haha. InsyaAllah.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

:: Teaching UPSR candidates ::

Salam to all readers.

There is something apart from myself telling me that I wanna be an educator when I grow up. The funny thing is, I haven't aware of this until I realize how tough this world can be if you don't have solid vision in life and that happen after I graduated from high school. My mom had told me hundreds of time to enrol in any Institut Perguruan in Malaysia but I refused because I thought being an educator was not going to make me rich. That was because I didn't see the big picture and now, I kinda regret for not following her advice.

So, after all this years, an opportunity to become an educator suddenly reappeared and came to me. My former headmistress had invited me and my friends to be Assistant Teacher (not teachers' assistant) for a day and obviously it involved teaching. The objective of this program is to help students who has not doing a good job with Maths and give them a personal tutor. 10 volunteers, including me, had joined the program the students seemed delighted to see their seniors and shared some of our stories during our days in the school with them. 

We were sitting opposite them, on the stage, beautifully decorated and introduced ourselves one by one as well as telling them the proper way of studying and how to focus in the Maths subject. To be honest, I was quite nervous talking in front of them, mostly because I didn't expect to give a speech. I thought we were gonna come and just get into the class but apparently not. I tried to crack a few jokes but I thought I was making fool of myself. After a terrifying welcoming speech, we helped the teachers giving out questions papers and walked around the hall to see if somebody needs our help. A student suddenly called upon me. I walked toward him and asked what he didn't understand. To my surprise, he actually couldn't read, let alone to count. 

 ~ The UPSR candidates ~

 ~ Me and my friend standing in front of a class ~

I didn't panic, astonishingly, and thought to myself, it's time to get my hand dirty. I taught him to understand what's the question want and I taught him how to count. Seriously, it was like teaching a kindergarten student. When I let him do the next question, he was struggling with the words. I saw him staring at the question paper and I was touched. To see him in that state, few months before the UPSR exam was really unbelievable. Don't know how he's gonna pull it off during the exam. I wish him good luck. He really needs it.

To me, this experience is priceless. Not only is it brought memories but also it motivated me in some kinda ways. I really wanna help them but we were running out of time and hope that the teachers could do something like this more often. I wanna give back to the school which has make me a person I am today.

 ~ my former classmates posing in front of our class ~

 ~ With the teachers and the Head of Students ~

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

:: #6 Wordless Wednesday ::

Salam to all my readers.

 Will be talking about this on my next entry. Watch this space! :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

:: Get married first for God sake! ::

Salam to all my readers.

While I was looking at my Facebook last night, a status posted by a friend of mine suddenly appeared on my wall. Take a look at what he had posted.

The message is clear and simple for people to understand. If there is people who still scratch their heads after reading this, you better go live somewhere else, everywhere but earth. I mean, seriously guys, if you are in a relationship with someone, please, in a million years, don't ever treat your partner like this. This is psycho man!

I know if you worry about your partner but honestly, asking this sort of questions is making you less caring boyfriend/girlfriend but more controlling one. I'm sure none of us wanna be label as the latter, don't we? The thing is, it gets really annoying and disturbing to see an unmarried couple acting like they have been married for years, especially when the people that you see is somebody close to you. Like for example, when your female friend wants to go out with you and your other friends, her boyfriend has setup a few rules and the rules are, like, no single guy in the group, make sure she gets back home before midnight and the list goes on.

I can't actually see what's the joy they find in this kind of relationship, I mean, like obviously he is controlling her life before they even get married. Can't imagine what else he will do after they tied the knot. Trust me, you're not gonna lose your partner by not acting this way. Well, not if your partner loves you as much as you do. Have faith in your partner, trust her if she says she is not gonna fall for somebody else. I know it is not easy to gain people trust but it is apart of living a wonderful life with your partner so, you gotta own it. It will come in time.

Friday, August 5, 2011

:: Hitting Bazaar Ramadhan ::

Salam to all my readers.

Lets face it, who is going to be richer the moment Ramadhan draws the curtain down? The answer is the hawkers that responsible for giving you all sort of ready-to-eat food at the bazaar Ramadhan. Every year during this fasting season, people will be more fascinated about where the bazaar will be open up or is it gonna be big like last year or I hope the one who sold ayam percik last year will be selling it this year.

I'm not saying it's wrong to go to the bazaar or anything, it's one of the must-go places during Ramadhan, other than the masjid of course. The bazaar is the alternative way for people to look for their juadah berbuka if their mothers or their spouses are busy and unable to cook for the particular day. Everyone loves to go there, myself included BUT as for me, I go there ONLY if there is no source of food for me to break my fast. Like when I was studying in Seremban last two years, me and my friends often go to the bazaar only because we didn't have the tools for cooking and if we did have, we didn't know how to cook like our mothers do. So, the last resort was, going to the bazaar.

This year, I've got the chance to spend the whole Ramadhan at home and so far, it has been a bless. Been able to sit down and enjoy the meal during berbuka and bersahur with family is a moment you can't get anywhere else. One thing that I really admire about my mother is, she likes to cook for family and we don't have to go to the bazaar anymore since she can cook pretty much everything that is being sell at the bazaar. Well, not all at once of course. My mother is the best! Love you mom! :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

:: Segmen | Singgah Sahur Pucukandubi ::

Salam to all my readers.

This morning, I blogwalked after finished cleaning the house as my mom had asked me to do so last night. I stumbled upon a blog called Pucukandubi, owned by, quite a famous blogger I must say, referring to his amount of followers. Done reading few entries of his, including the latest segment hosted by him named Singgah Sahur Pucukandubi. Click on the banner below to go straight to this segment.

As I viewed at the contestants, well, they are not really contestants because this is not a contest, the bloggers who have joined the segment, there are like 70++ of them, indicating how famous this blogger is. Because I want to be apart of his big community, I have followed him. Okay, back to the segment. Basically, we don't have to complete a slogan or anything, simply just write a few lines regarding the segment and you're done. Your blog will make into the list anytime soon.

Later, he will make a review on your blog and that is so interesting because it is one of the ways to let people know about your blog and also, we might find new friends along the way. Well, if he is gonna make a review on my blog, I will be like, so humble because, I don't know what he will be writing about my blog. You see, my blog doesn't have like, a concept or a theme to write about. I just write what I feel like to at a certain moment. My blog is a rojak blog.

So, hope I will make into the list. To the Mr. Ame, have fun reading my blog.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

:: The final Harry Potter craze ::

Salam to all my readers.

I know it's kinda late and I'm sure some of you are already sick of reading about Harry Potter stuffs but don't worry, I'm gonna make this entry simple and short. Well, if I can.

I just watched Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2, in my room, alone, away from any distractions. All I can say is, I'm so glad that I didn't catch the movie in cinema. I'm not complaining, I'm expressing my gratitude to God that have made me realize that I should watch it alone. It is because, there are a lot of scenes in the movie that can make me yell Accio handkerchief or Accio tissue. Some guys might not gonna admit the fact that the movie brought them to tears but I'm gonna come clean and say yes, I did shed tears.

It is unsurprisingly that watching final installment of Harry Potter can make my eyes watery, especially at the scene where Professor Snape was dying after been attacked by Nagini and he asked Harry to collect his memory that subsequently brought me to tears, again, during the scene where Dumbledore was talking to Snape about the plan and where Snape admitted to have affection on Harry. While I was reading the book, the story already moved me and I was like, lying on bed, thinking what would David Yates do to make this scene alive and to make the audience feel the sadness that I'd felt. And yes, David did it.

The war between the good and the bad people is so amazing but I wish David could elaborate more on Professor McGonagall fighting scene coz I think she truly deserves the spotlight moment as she is likely to be the next headmistress of Hogwarts. Also, the ending, after Harry had killed Voldermort and entered the Great Hall, everybody seemed to not realize the impact of the death of The Dark Lord. I wish if, maybe the students and the teachers could go, like cheering Harry up or Professor McGonagall hugging Harry or something. But hey, I'm really happy the way everything turn out to be. This is an incredibly amazing piece and despite the changes that I have suggested, it couldn't get better than this. 

~ The iconic death scene of Professor Snape ~

~ Professor Snape ~

I'll definitely miss Harry Potter, I mean the books, the movies and the craze the franchise has created. Truth to be told, I bid farewell to the boy with the lightning-bolt scar two years ago, when I finished reading the final chapter of the final book. But you know, it's never easy to say goodbye. 

~ I'll miss this three companion dearly ~


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