Tuesday, June 30, 2009

:: when heart is in confusion.. ::

~Jennifer Hawkins, Miss Universe 2004~

Salam to all my readers

" What u seek in a girl?"
" What's ur dreams girl would be?"

Have u ever been asked questions like above?
of coz u had kn
and then u will list down all 'characteristics' that u seek in a girl
and that wud be ur dream girl/guy la kan
and again, of coz some of the characteristics u seek is hardly found in real human being
u can't find someone who 100% meet with ur ideal girl/guy
maybe u found a guy/girl who is handsome, pretty, cute and smart but at the same time they surely lack of other characteristics that u're looking for
do u understand what i'm getting in to??
u'll do..

Me myself now are experiencing the problem
i met a girl who i think suit me and cud be my first gf
but the problem is, my heart is firmly tied with what i cud say, the characteristic of my dream girl
maybe u'll think i'm over the top or insane if i say that i wish i cud date a chinese or an english girl
yes, a chinese and english girl!
i repeat, chinese and english!!!

~Jennifer Hawkins : She'll always be my dream girl! :D~

~She's so damn hot!!!~

it's not like i hate malay girls
no, never
i do love malay girls
it's just, i'm a bit crazy when it comes to this matter
i always imagined how my childrens are goin to look like if i marry sekian sekian sekian
i mean, let say, if i marry a chinese girl, biologically, my childrens will have chinese gene in them
they may get chinese looks too
and according to our Prophet, he encourages mix marriages
it got something to do with the IQ thing of the child..

now u guys know why i wud lovvvvvveeeeee to have a chinese gf
but on top of that, according to my friend la
"sedarlah diri tu sket, muke bknnye hensem sgt, xpyh berangan nk kawen omputih atau cine!"
what they said is true
i'm not rich, i'm not smart and i'm not that handsome but maybe a lil cute
huahahahaha!! :D

ok2, back to the topic
i wanna give a go with this girl i found suitable for me
but like i said earlier
my mental and my heart block the feeling inside me
the feeling for her
my mind keep reminding me about my i-dunno-where-i-can-find dream girl whenever i think of couple with her

At this point of my life, didn't have someone to be loved and to love is actually freaking me out
"U shud start looking for one rite now"
that's from my cousin
who had married and has a cute lil baby boy
i dunno whether i cud find the rite girl on the rite time
life is full of surprises
it's hard to predict what may come in the future
but all i can do is pray to Allah, so that Allah will show me the girl who is really meant for me

u know what,
i dunno why all of a sudden i'm talking about this
maybe it has something to do with...


me who never experience love!!!

p/s ~ i'll be waiting here for u, my love, Jennifer Hawkins! ahaks!! :)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

:: tag from Wan ::

Salam readers!
i just got back from Kuala Pilah
sending my sis to UiTM there
my family member is getting smaller which make my house looks sleepier

1st of all, i want to answer Wan's tag
he tagged me last week but since i can't find any free time to settle it
so, i'm doing it now
lets get started shall we??

1. What have you been doing recently?

Updating my blog and spend my time with my family

2. Do you ever turn your cellphone off?
What kind of question is this, of course i do! (cehh, emo plak tetibe)

3. What happened at 10.am today?
I was on journey to send my sister to UiTM Kuala Pilah

4. When did you last cry?
Ermm, i don really remember la..seyesly!

5. Believe in fate/ destiny?
Yes, it's really important, especially when something bad happen to me! :D

6. What do you want in your life now?
Happiness ever after!

7. Do you carry an umbrella when it rains or just put up your hood?
I never carry an umbrella before

8. What’s your favourite thing to do on the bed?
SMSing, sleeping, xxxxxx (it's up to u guys to defy the xxxxxx word haha)

9. What bottoms are you wearing now?
What, do u mean underwear? I'm not wearing any!! xD

10. What’s the nicest thing in your inbox?
Someone sent me a friendship wishes

11. Do you tend to make the relationship complicated?
Why shud i?

12. Are you wearing anything borrowed from anyone?
Ermm, dunno, let me check first ya..

13. What was the last movie you caught?
Ermm, i don remember laa...
Fast and Furious maybe...

14. What are you proud of?
I'm proud of who i am.. what else??

15. What does the oldest text message in your inbox say?
Last year Hari Raya wishes!

16. What was the last song you sang out loud?
Crush by my peberet idol of all time, David Archuleta!

17. Do you have any nicknames?
Yup, Judiene, Judin, Along, Deden, Din...

18. What does the newest text say?
Its too long to type, but its about our rent house in Seremban

19. What time did you go to bed last night?
1 AM something..

20. Are you currently happy?
Dunno, i'm confius with my feelings rite now

21. Who gives you the best advise?
My parents and my close friends.. hahahaa!!

22. Do you eat whipped cream straight from the can?
Nope, its dirty the button head!

23. Who did you talk on the phone last night?
My sister

24. Is something bugging you now?
Yup, i have 'sumthing' that shud be done u immediately but i keep postponing it..

25. Who was the last person to make you laugh?
My younger brother

26. Choose your lucky friends and tag them.
Sorry but i'm not in the mood to tag people, maybe next time ya!

Friday, June 26, 2009

:: off da net for 48 hours! ::

Salam to all my readers

starting after Subuh prayer tomorrow, i'll be away for 2 days
got to got to Kuala Pilah
sending my sis to further her study at UiTM there
i'm gonna miss my lappy

for those who tagged me, i'll do it as soon as i'm home
keep sending ur comment
until then
c yaa!!

p/s ~ i juz found out that Farrah Fawcet, the "Charlie's Angels" star whose feathered blond hair and dazzling smile made her one of the biggest sex symbols of the 1970s, died Thursday after battling anal cancer. She was 62.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

:: Judiene's Secret ::

Salam to all my readers

first of all, sorry to Wan coz i couldn't find a free time to do his tag
why? why? why?
bcoz, i've been busying myself managing my brand new restaurant called 'Judiene's Secret'!
it's not a real restaurant tough, i play the Restaurant City game in facebook
this is one of the reasons why i like facebook now
there're so many games to play with

at first, i'm not really into this game as it looks like a kid game
it similar to The Sims
so, i thot it gonna be one stupid boring game
but guess what!
i'm addicted to it now
can't stop thinking how to keep my restaurant popularity
how to find great ingredients
and above of all, how to fight with my friends who already open their restaurants and succeed in their businesses
opss! did i said my friends?? it's actually my seniors!

~view of my restaurant~

the game is fun as u have to manage your own restaurant
u can hire your friend as your cook or your waiter
plus, the game keep testing my creativity on how to satisfy my customers and find the ingredients needed
but watch out guys!
the customers are the key to rise up the popularity of our franchise
so, serve them well!
i dunno when i wanna decorate my restaurant again
don have enough coins laaa..

come on guys, have fun with Restaurant City
make friends from all over the world
lebih2 plak!! :)

:: honesty is the best policy ::

Salam to all my loyal readers

since past few days, i've been quiet a victim to be tagged
dunno why
mybe its a tag week
but i'm grateful
at least, people still be thinking about me
and they remember me

wateve it is, read my 2nd tag below
courtesy of Zra..

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 100 Truths about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.

(To do this, go to “notes” under tabs on your profile page, copy and paste this note, erase my answers and enter your own, tag people (in the right hand corner of the app) then click publish.)


1. Last beverage: TEH AIS
3. Last text message: ARYIEN
4. Last song you listened to: SO CLOSE - JON McLAUGHLIN
5. Last time you cried: DUNNO, DON REMEMBER ;)

6. Dated someone twice: DATE SUM1 TP SEKALI JELA.. HIHIHI
7. Been cheated on: YESSSSS, UNDOUBTEDLY
8. Kissed someone & regretted it: YESSS BUT DON REMEMBER FEELING REGRET
9. Lost someone special: NOPE
10. Been depressed: ALWAYSSSSSZZZZ
11. Been drunk and threw up: NO, OF COURSE NOT, I'LL NEVER DO THAT

14. PINK

15. Made a new friend: YUP
16. Fallen out of love: HUH?? A LIL CONFIUSSS
17. Laughed until you cried: JUZ LAUGH BUT NO CRYING
18. Met someone who changed you: I AFRAID I HAD
19. Found out who your true friends were: YES, THANK GOD!
20. Found out someone was talking about you: NOPE
21. Kissed anyone on your friend's list: NOOOO
22. How many people on your friends list do you know in real life: EMM, MYBE NOT LESS THAN 1
23. How many kids do you want?: MIN. 2 BUT ITS UP TO MY WIFE PRODUCTIVITY HEHEHE..
24. Do you have any pets: YES, MOSQUITOES!!
25. Do you want to change your name: I DON THINK SO, IZZUDDIN IS SUCH A CUTE YET SEXY NAME HAHAHAHA..
26. What did you do for your last birthday: EATING DOMINOS PIZZA WITH MY BUDDIES
27. What time did you wake up today: 6.30 (SUBUH PRAYER) THAN TIDO BLK :)
30. Last time you saw your Mother: WATCHING CSI WITH ME JUST NOW
31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: MAKE ME MORE DETERMINE TO STUDY
32. What are you listening to right now : SAVE THE DAY - DAVID ARCHULETA
33. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: TOM WHO??
34. What's getting on your nerves right now: A LOT, WANT ME TO LIST THEM DOWN??
35. Most visited webpage: FS, FB, BLOG, YOUTUBE, WWE
37. Nicknames: JUDIENE, JUDIN (different spelling if u look properly), ALONG, DIN
38. Relationship Status: SINGLE AND AVAILABLE
39. Zodiac sign: ARIES
40. Male or female?: EMM, DUNNO, U TELL!
41. Primary School?: SK SRI SURIA 3
42. Secondary School?: MAKTAB SULTAN ISMAIL (SIC)
43. High school/college/university?: UiTM SHAH ALAM (CAWANGAN PJ)
45. Long or short: SHORT
47. Do you have a crush on someone?: DUNNO
48: What do you like about yourself?: EMM, MY HAIR AND MY MR.PEE-BODY HAHAHA (only people who watch movie DUPLEX know what Mr. Pee-Body is)
49. Piercings: HUH??
51. Righty or lefty: RIGHTY

52. First surgery: YUP, BERKHATAN (is that count)
53. First piercing: NOPE
54. First best friend: ARIFFIN (masa skul kt Tmn. Kosas, Ampang dulu) :(
55. First sport you joined: BADMINTON
58. First pair of trainers: DON HAVE ANY

59. Eating: NO
60. Drinking: NO
61. I'm about to: FINISHING THIS LONG TAG!
62. Listening to: LONG SHOT - KELLY CLARKSON
63. Waiting on: MY 1ST PRACTICAL DAY

64. What kids?: BOTH GENDER
65. Get Married?: INSYAALLAH...
66. Career?: DUNNO, ACTOR MYBE.. :)

67. Lips or eyes: BOTH
68. Hugs or kisses: BOTH
69. Shorter or taller: TALLER
70. Older or Younger: YOUNGER, NO DOUBT!
71. Romantic or spontaneous: EMM, ANY SUGGESTION PEOPLE??
72. Nice stomach or nice arms: TO ME, NICE STOMACH! HEHEHE..
73. Sensitive or loud: BOTH
74. Hook-up or relationship: RELATIONSHIP LAA
75. Trouble maker or hesitant: DONT WANT BOTH

76. Kissed a stranger: NOPE! WTF!!
77. Drank hard liquor: NO
78. Lost glasses/contacts: YUP
79. Sex on first date: ERMM, HIHIHI
80. Broken someone's heart: YESS, A LOT. PEOPLE HATE ME, GIRLS MOSTLY
82. Been arrested: HELL NO!
84. Cried when someone died: YES
85. Fallen for a friend?: YES

86. Yourself: YUP!
87. Miracles: YUP!
88. Love at first sight: YUP!
89. Heaven: YUP!
90. Santa Claus: YES AND NO
91. Kiss on the first date: SURE, WHY NOT..
92. Angels: YUP!


94. Had more than 1 girlfriend/boyfriend at a time: NO
95. Did you sing today?: YES
96. Ever cheated on somebody?: YES
97. If you could go back in time, how far would you go?: TIME FORM 1
98. If you could pick a day from last year and relive it, what would it be?: THE DAY I SIT FOR MY FINAL EXAM
99. Are you afraid of falling in love?: YESSSS
100. Posting this as 100 truths?: HELL YEAH!!

p/s ~ pheww.. wat a long tag. thank god i manage to finish it.. hehe.. nk tag sape ekk?? shah and yaziith r..

Monday, June 22, 2009

:: 1st time! (part 2) ::


it's not I Kissed A Girl song by Katy Perry ehh,
well, have u ever kicked a girl before?
if u don't, i tell u what it's like kicking a girl

**bling bling**

don be shocked ok guys
it's true but i have no idea why exactly i kicked da girl
i was not in da mood dat day
ohh, did i tell u guys dat i was a prefect back at primary school??

i dunno why i was moody
then, here came a girl
she was actly a very naughty and playful girl
she was really annoying (believe me!)
then, she yelled at me with my stupid nickname, which i hate soooo much when ppl call me dat

again, i dunno what i was doing at the time
but if i'm not mistaken, i was finishing my homework
at 1st, i didn't really care coz i was in a rush to finish my homework
but she didn't stop right there
she keep yelling at me with dat nickname
at that was the starting point where i felt like i wanna slap and kick her ass
i got up from chair
and without showing any sign, i walked towards her and hell yeah da incident happened!
i kicked her at her stomach

i wasn't really look to my surrounding when i realized dat all eyes were on me
all jaws were open coz they were shocked by how crazy i was, kicking a girl like that
but i didn't care with all da eyes
i went to the toilet and when i went back to the class, i saw her friends comforting her and she was crying so hard but who cares
i was soooo angry as i felt like wanna kick her again

suprisingly, all my classmates just stood there and do nothing
they don't even report to my class teacher
mybe my position as a prefect make them think twice about repoting the case
and the rest were history!!!

**bling bling**

ok, back to the reality
the incident took place about 10 years ago
when i was in standard 5
when i think about it, i feel great instead of regret
i mean, i was angry so it wasn't a stupid thing to do laa at that moment
after all, we've been quarelling since standard 3

u know what da funniest thing?
altho we like to say bad things to each other
people around us think we make a good couple
yucks! hell not!
'judin and ???' 'judin and ???'
i'm sick of listening to the song people created for us

but now, both of us headed to a different way
it's been ages since da last time i saw her
i dunno what happen to her now
mybe she is happy with her life rite now

p/s ~ i dunno whether u guys cud understand my story since i'm not very gud at it.. hehehe

Sunday, June 21, 2009

:: 'buttons' tag from eipul ::

salam to all my readers
actually, this is da 1st time i've been tagged
thanx to eipul

tapi ade rulesnye..


1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Tag 10 friends.
5. Everyone tagged has to do the same thing.
6. Have Fun!

Lets Talk About Love - David Archuleta

The Climb - Miley Cyrus

So Glad I'm Me - Lakisha Jones

Fearless - Taylor Swift (yay!!)

The Man Who Can't Be Moved - The Script

Renegade - Kris Allen & Danny Gokey

Declaration Of Love - Melinda Doolittle (haha wtf!)

If This Isn't Love - Jennifer Hudson

Save The Day - David Archuleta

So Small - Carrie Underwood (haha, fren, don believe this)

No Boundaries - Kris Allen

Halo - Beyonce (huh??)

Ain't No Sunshine - Kris Allen (American Idol Studio Version)

Stay Beautiful - Taylor Swift

No Boundaries - Adam Lambert version (haha, xtahan!)

My Happy Ending - Avril Lavigne

What Hurt The Most - The Rascall

Single Ladies - Beyonce (i'm a guy ok)

Love Story - Taylor Swift

I Know You Won't - Carrie Underwood


Buttons - The Pussycat Dolls

Kak Hooz
- Wan
- Wyza
- Chaie
- Hannah
- Epa
- Izzuddin
- Eazy Izzuddin
- Emyliza
- Kak Eleza

p/s ~ i had a fun time doing this tag, i can't stop laughing..haha!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

:: 1st time! (part 1)::

salam to all my readers!
this post is basically about me doin' something for the 1st time
lets recall my memories shall we??

**blink blink**

i'm not really pleased when entering my high school days coz i really hate being send to hostel as i'm not really an independent guy
at first, everything was odd and hard for me
especially in making new friends
i'm suck at this u know
it was awkward when i had to smile n pretend to be a friendly guy, hoping that people wud come and befriends with me

~outside of girls hostel~

next challenge dat i had to face was food challenge!
da food prepared by the 'makcik2' soooooo xsedap!
i only ate about 2 times a day - breakfast and lunch/dinner
i had to buy cookies or breads (extra food) from outside
so that i wouldn't starve to death!

then, weekend approaced.
i have to wash my own clothes.
its fine to me, but, there were no proper place to do so
u know, sometimes i had to 'cangkuk' or sit on the floor,
brushing da clothes - helplessly
thank god those days are gone

as i'm the eldest in my family, so, i have to encounter all da difficultist alone, without refering to anyone but my seniors
unlike those who has brothers or sisters, they can ask them at home
but to me, my hostel is my home
i only had seniors at that time
pretty hard!
that was what i said when i learned the subjects for the first time

for ur information guys, i'm 'allergic' to numbers
i hate numbers
that's why i don't watch Numbers at AXN!
and that's also why i had major troubles when it comes to addmath, physics and chem
i always thot that people who creates all those 3 subjects is crazy!
coz they make me crazy trying to solve da probs
again, wtf!!

~~to be continued~~

Friday, June 19, 2009

:: hope she recover soon ::

~kak yus~

salam to all my readers

this post i want to dedicate to my sis
Yuslina Yusof aka Kak Yus
rite now, she's fighting wif i dunno wat kind of disease infect her but she's struggling to recover,
she's been hospitalized at PPUM since emmm, last Tuesday if i'm not mistaken..
up till now, doctor seem dunno wat disease infected her
but rumours said dat its due to bacteria infection
dunno, lets hear from her family later..

as my title of this post stated,
and as prayed by everyone dat know her,



~k.yus (right) n her bestfren, k.sue (left)~

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

:: if i'm not in MLT coarse.. ::

salam to all
hope u guys in a good mood to read my latest post
ok2, lets get str8 to da point

lately, i've been thinking..
wat coarse will i choose if i'm not in my current coarse, which is medical lab technology??
well, my passions are always to food, arts (dunno wat kind of art hehe) n....ermmm
ermm, to be frank guys, i dunno wat i wanna be n i dunno wat i wanna achieve in my life
its like theres no goal..
i know its hard to believe, i mean at this age, i still feel lost n still searching da reason i live in this world..

looking at my frens now, all of them are happy wif da way they live their lifes..
and speaking of which, i'm quite jealous of my friend, shazwan..
he's currently taking coarse in wat looks like to be my passion of all time - food!

~imagine dat he is me hehe~

to be frank, i rather take culinary coarse coz i like watching ppl prepare food coz it looks creative n very artistic..
that explain my likes on watching cooking shows.. :-P
my mom will always be my companion whenever i watch da cooking shows

to me, food is very unique to prepare
not only it requires skills, a creative mind are always matter
to me, the best part is when ppl feel good about da food dat i've prepared and they will ask me how do i do it..
i always imagined dat one day i'm gonna open a food franchise and my mom will be da chef there
and da franchise is all about Penang food (dats bcoz my mum is from penang)

but rite now,
i have to finish wat i've started
to be up there on da stage, wearing graduation robes n waiting to hold my degree in MLT
hopefully i manage to succeed all da way to the very end of my study
which is still a long journey to me..

~while sitting for microb final exam~

~~finger crossed~~

Monday, June 15, 2009

:: terkedu seketika.. ::

~a key to success~

salam y'all

**kring kring (bnyi msj aku laaa)**
jam 8.18 am

mata dlm samar2, blur2 lg. hati da panas. sape la yg ada brann kacau time tdo aku. pelan2 bkak inbox (cmne tuh!). adoiii, mamat Abu Farris bin Abu Hasan rpenye. pagi2 lg tnye hal muet. smngat mgkn. tgn aku mule membalas, tp mata separuh terbukak. tdo blk.

**kring kring**

ati semakin panas. huh! sape lg!!!! tgk2 mamat tu lg. ksian plak tkt xsmpat nk amek muet, aku bls la msj die, smbil tgn separa maya menaip msj. huhu. tp actly, thanks to him gak coz wat mood tdo aku terbantot. then, trus bgun, mndi, bekfes (plg awal pnh aku bekfes), n bersiap2 nk anta borang exam muet. fuhh, seb bek r smpat. xredha kalo aku kne amek muet nxt year. haha.

pastu, kne g anta my sis's lappy plak kt pakcik karim. seb bek xjauh sgt kedai die. tgh2 dok ckp psl prob lappy tuh, pakcik karim dtg smbil tnye khabar aku. xtaw plak die cam aku. mybe pajero abah aku yg aku drive m'bantu pengecaman beliau. then, die hulur sehelai kertas putih. ingt nk bg cek. haha. tgk2, slip result Shaidi sem ni (anak dia, yakni kwn aku).

agak terkedu aku seketika (yay! da smpai main point aku) bila aku tgk result die. fuhh, mantap!!! dpt Anug. Dekan lg. at dat moment, i feel like, a strike of lightning pass thru my heart. i feel embarrass in front of pakcik karim. i mean, looking at my latest result, its like langit dgn bumi. b4 diz, i never been compared to my old frens' results. i dunno they had such a good progress.

after all these times, they praised me n said dat i'm one step in front of them (altho i'm not), but actually its them who one step in front of me. and, on da very moment, i can see how proud a father is, to see ppl amazed, looking at his son's success.

~finally, he meet da success route. i wish i cud be like him~

on my way home, i can smell a new spirit approach me. a spirit to stdy harder n harder. a spirit to make my family proud of me. but, i dunno how long this spirit will endure in me. i always had this kind of spirit, but i dunno how to keep it in me, so dat it can push me to stdy hard. hopefully, this will be a starting point for me, to change da way i live my life, da way i fill my spare time n i'll find da key to success. aminnn..

[mood : sayu ]

Sunday, June 14, 2009

:: letih? nak mintak tolong? Rasulullah kata.. ::

Bagi mengatasi kepenatan melaksanakan tugas-tugas seharian sama ada di rumah mahupun di tempat kerja, sudah semestinya petua yang diajar oleh Rasulullah s.a.w. kepada puteri kesayangannya Saidatina Fatimah sebagai penawarnya dijadikan amalan seharian.

Suatu hari Saidatina Fatimah mengadu kepada suaminya Saidina Ali bin Abu Talib tentang
kesakitan pada tangannya kerana keletihan menggiling gandum untuk membuat roti. Saidina Ali berkata : "Bapa kamu telah datang membawa balik tawanan perang. Berjumpalah dia dan mintalah seorang khadam untuk membantu mu."

Saidatina Fatimah pergi bertemu bapanya dan menyatakan hasrat untuk mendapatkan
seorang khadam bagi membantu tugas hariannya di rumah. Bagaimanapun Rasulullah s.a.w. tidak mampu memenuhi permintaan anak kesayangannya itu. Lalu Baginda s.a.w. pergi menemui puterinya serta menantu itu. Baginda s.a.w. berkata: "Apa kamu berdua mahu aku ajarkan perkara yang lebih baik daripada apa yang kamu minta daripadaku? Apabila kamu berdua berbaring untuk tidur, bertasbihlah (Subhanallah) 33 kali, bertahmid (Alhamdulillah) 33 kali dan bertakbir (Allahuakbar) 33 kali.

Ia adalah lebih baik
untuk kamu berdua daripada seorang khadam." Inilah penawar ringkas yang Nabi s.a.w. ajarkan kepada anak dan menantunya bagi meringankan keletihan dan kesusahan hidup mereka berdua. Saidina Ali terus mengulang- ulang kalimah-kalimah yang diajarkan oleh Rasulullah.s.a.w. ini. Katanya :- "Demi Allah aku tidak pernah meninggalkannya semenjak ia diajarkan kepadaku."

Sayugia dicadangkan kepada ibu-ibu, suami-suami atau sesiapa sahaja yang merasai
kepenatan setelah melakukan tugas-tugas harian supaya mengamalkan membaca 'Subhanallah' (33 kali), 'Alhamdulillah' (33 kali) dan 'Allahuakbar' (33 kali) pada setiap malam iaitu sebelum melelapkan mata.

lakukanlah dengan penuh ikhlas dan istiqamah (berterusan). Insya-Allah petunjuk
Nabawi ini mampu menyelesaikan bebanan-bebanan hidup seharian kita. Akan terserlah ceria di wajah pada keesokan hari dengan senyuman. "Sebarkanlah ajaranku walau satu ayat pun" (Sabda Rasulullah SAW) Sampaikanlah dakwah ini kepada keluarga dan saudara-saudara islam yang lain agar dapat dimanfaatkan bersama dan ikhlaskanlah hati kita dalam menyampaikan dakwah ini kerana Allah.

Dunia adalah tempat bercucuk tanam dan akhiratlah tempat menuainya. Tanamlah benih
yang baik semasa kita di dunia agar kita dapat memperolehi hasil yang baik juga di akhirat sana.


p/s : again, i wanna say thank you to Raja, for this interesting article. depend to u guys to take da next step, i mean, whether u guys want to help me and spread this article, or change da way we live our life after reading it. hehe.. Insyaallah, if we do exactly like wat our Prophet taught, we shud be fine..

Friday, June 12, 2009

:: kalaulah Rasulullah SAW... ::


Bayangkan apabila Rasulullah tiba-tiba muncul mengetuk pintu rumah kita…
Baginda datang dengan tersenyum dan bermuka bersih di muka pintu rumah kita…
Apa yang kita lakukan???

Mestinya kita akan sangat bahagia, memeluk Baginda erat-erat dan lantas mempersilakan Baginda masuk ke ruang tamu kita.
Kemudian kita tentunya akan meminta sangat agar Rasulullah S.A.W. sudi menginap beberapa hari di rumah kita.
Baginda tentu tersenyum…

Atau barangkali kita meminta pula agar Rasulullah S.A.W. menunggu sebentar di depan pintu kerana kita teringatkan video, CD, DVD, movie ntah apa-apa yang ada di ruang tengah dan kita tergesa-gesa memindahkan dahulu semuanya ke dalam.
Baginda tentu tersenyum…

Atau barangkali kita teringat akan poster-poster artis pujaan yang kita pasang di suatu ruang di rumah kita, sehingga kita terpaksa juga memindahkannya ke belakang dengan tergesa-gesa.

Barangkali kita akan mengeluarkan lafaz Allah dan Muhammad yang tersimpan di dalam setor dan kita letakkannya di ruang tamu.
Baginda tentu tersenyum…

Bagaimana pula bila Rasulullah S.A.W. bersedia untuk menginap di rumah kita???
Barangkali kita teringat bahawa adik-adik kita lebih hafal lagu-lagu Barat daripada menghafal selawat kepada Junjungan Besar Rasulullah S.A.W.
Barangkali kita menjadi malu bahawa adik-adik kita tidak mengetahui sejarah hidup Rasulullah S.A.W. kerana kita lupa dan lalai mentarbiyah adik-adik kita sedangkan kita adalah pelajar sekolah agama.
Baginda tentu tersenyum…

Barangkali kita menjadi malu apabila kita tidak mengetahui dan mengingati nama-nama ahli keluarga Rasulullah dan sahabat-sahabatnya,
Tetapi yang hafal dalam kepala otak mengenai anggota Westlife, Spider, KRU, Ungu…
Barangkali kita terpaksa menukarkan satu kamar mandi menjadi ruang solat.
Barangkali kita teringat bahawa sebagai seorang muslim, kita tidak memiliki koleksi pakaian yang sesuai untuk berhadapan dengan Rasulullah S.A.W.
Baginda tentu tersenyum…

Belum lagi koleksi buku-buku dan majalah-majalah kita
Belum lagi koleksi cd-cd kita dan home theatre kita
Belum lagi koleksi karaoke kita dan play station kita
Kemana kita harus singkirkan semua koleksi tersebut demi menghormati Junjungan kita??
Barangkali kita malu diketahui Junjungan kita bahawa kita tidak pernah ke masjid meskipun azan berkumandang melainkan pada hari Jumaat.
Baginda tentu tersenyum…

Barangkali kita menjadi malu kerana pada saat Maghrib kita masih sibuk di depan televisyen.
Barangkali kita menjadi malu kerana kita menghabiskan hampir seluruh waktu kita untuk mencari hiburan dan keseronokan duniawi
Barangkali kita menjadi malu kerana kita jarang menunaikan solat sunat dan membaca Al-Quran
Barangkali kita menjadi malu kerana kita tidak mengenali tetangga-tetangga kita.
Baginda tentu tersenyum…

Barangkali kita menjadi malu jika Rasulullah S.A.W. menanyakan kepada kita siapa nama tukang sampah yang setiap hari lalu di hadapan rumah kita
Barangkali kita menjadi malu jika Rasulullah S.A.W. bertanya tentang nama dan alamat tukang penjaga masjid di kampung kita
Betapa senyum Baginda masih di situ…

Barangkali apabila Rasulullah S.A.W. tiba-tiba muncul di depan rumah kita…
Apa yang akan kita lakukan
Masihkah kita memeluk Junjungan dan mempersilakan Baginda masuk dan menginap di rumah kita??
Atau akhirnya dengan berat hati kita akan menolak baginda berkunjung ke rumah kerana hal-hal yang membuatkan kita kalut dan malu

Maafkan kami Ya Rasulullah……….
Masihkah Baginda tersenyum???
Senyum pilu, senyum sedih, senyum getir………
Oh! Betapa memalukan kehidupan kita saat ini
Di mata Rasulullah….

p/s : aku dpt artikel ni from a fren of mine. agak terase di hati ni ble bce artikel ni. seolah2 ia ditujukn khas utk aku. rse cm jahil gle plak. huhu. emmm, terserah pd korg sume utk berfikir n bertindak. hehe. setiap individu lain tindakannya lain2...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

:: PAR Paints Silk ::

Salam semua

actually, smlm hari bersejarah bg aku. nk taw nape? aku telah menambah satu lg tugasan dlm portfolio aku, sbg tukang cat rumah. kerja ni amatlah memenatkn coz slain memerlukan tenaga, die gak perlu sentuhan tgn yg kreatif. dan sah2 la keje ni sesuai utk aku. wakakakaka!

~alat2 perang haha~

pengecatan ini diadakan kerana dapur umah aku da setahun xbertukar color. slain memberi nafas baru (xtahan), ia juga utk bg smangat kt umi aku supaya masak mknan yg enak2 n sodap2. bleh la masak ikan bawal sweet sour hari2. haha. ktowg pilih color koko + oren slepas 1 jam bermesyuarat di meja makan.

tepat jam 10 lbh, keje2 pengecatan dijalankan. satu layer cat putih then baru la dicat dgn color yg ktowg plh. b4 dat, my dad n i divide keje msg2. aku diberi tugas utk cat bhg bwh manakala my dad bhg atas. kalo kowg tgk pic aku tgh cat tu, pasan xaku juz pkai berus kecik je. dats bcoz keje2 pengecatan yg kreatif hendaklah dilakukan with caution n slow motion. so, dats y berus kecik jd plhn. hehe.

kredit ptt diberikan kpd ayahanda aku, coz sbnrnye die yg byk wat keje pengecatan neh. bkn aku xtlg, tp keadaan tidak mengizinkn. hehe. kt bhg hujung dinding, xbleh gne pengecat gelek tu, coz xsmpai n tkt t'kne siling. so, kne gne berus kecik instead. my dad asked me to use stairs so dat i can reach da top. but, kegayatan aku jd penghalang. gle ko, keje aku agak slow kalo cat dibhg atas. so, now u guys know why my job is to paint da lower part of da wall.

nk xnk, my dad gak la yg kne cat bhg hujung2 kt atas tu. nk wat cne, aku dilahirkan dgn kelemahan - gayat! bg sesape yg se'spesis' ngn aku, sure kowg phm pasaan aku time tu. gheee. dats y kalo pgi tmpt tggi cm satu tmpt kt Langkawi yg ade jambatan goyang atas bukit tu, aku xkn lalu kt jambatan tuh. sahkn lalu, tgk bwh pn aku xsggp. huhu.

agak2 da tgh hari tuh, keje ktowg pn siap. rse best gak r ble tgk hasilnye yg lawa gler. haha. pasni nk slalu g dapur r. rse nk tdo kt dapur pn ade neh. yeay! perot pn da lapar, time utk makan!


:: new mp3 songs! ::

Salam to all

currently, i'm listening to these 2 new english songs. actly byk new songs tp aku xupload lg. lagu ni from Ciara ft. Justin Timberlake dan from my peberet idol, David Archuleta. Lagu Archie ni ssh nk jmpe coz die xde dlm his debut album. Lagu ni dirakam khas utk kempen kanak2 'Build-A-Bear'. so sweet. haha. if u guys nk download lagu2 neh, click je kt tajuk lagu msg2. enjoy!

David Archuleta - Lets Talk About Love

Sometimes I wondered,
What I’d be when I grew up,
And then I remembered,
It was anything I dreamed of,

I could be a poet or a singer,
Or I can be a scientist,
But before I make that decision,
Let’s talk about my list,

Let’s talk about love,
Let’s talk about peace,
And living in perfect harmony,
Let’s talk about hugs,
And talk about ways that we can share,

Let’s talk about you,
Let’s talk about me,
Let’s talk about how we can be one big family,
Let’s talk about love,

Sometimes I feel like,
I want to give my friends a call,
To tell them what I’m dreaming,
And everything I want,

I want us to be a little closer,
And to always reach out a hand,
To be kind to one another,
And always understand,

It’s all about love,
It’s all about peace,
And living in perfect harmony,
It’s all about hugs,
It’s all about ways that we can share,

It’s about you,
It’s about me,
It’s all about how we can be one big family,
It’s all about love,

La La La La La La La,
La La La La La,
La La La La La La La,
La La La La La,

Everybody has a heart,
Everybody has a smile,
Let’s wrap a bow around each one,
And give it away once in a [while].

Ciara ft. Justin Timberlake - Love Sex Magic

1, 2, 3 Go…
Here we go, talk to ‘em…

Ya touch is so magic to me
Strangest things can happen
The way that you react to me
I wanna do something you can’t imagine
Imagine, if it was a million me’s talking sexy to ya like that
Ya think ya can handle, boy if I give you my sleaze
And I need you to push it right back

Baby show me, show me,
What’s your favorite trick that you wanna use on me
And I’ll volunteer…
And I’ll be flowing, and going to go the distant place
And nothing but shoes on me
Ohh baby…

[Ciara & Justin Timberlake]
All night showing, just you in the crowd
Doin’ tricks you never seen…
And I bet that I can make ya believe
In love and sex and magic
So let me drive my body around ya
I bet you know what I mean
Cause you know that I can make you believe
In love and sex and magic

[Justin Timberlake]
Everything ain’t what it seems
I wave my hands and I got you
And ya feel so fly, assistin’ me
But now is my turn to watch you
I ain’t gonna stop you
If ya wanna grab my neck, talk sexy to me like that
Just do what I taught you, girl when I give you my heat
And I need you to push it right back

Baby show me, show me,
What’s your favorite trick that you wanna use on me
And I’ll volunteer…
And I’ll be flowing, and going to go the distant place
And nothing but shoes on me
Ohh baby..

[Ciara & Justin Timberlake]
All night showing, just you in the crowd
Doin’ tricks you never seen…
And I bet that I can make ya believe
In love and sex and magic
So let me drive my body around ya
I bet you know what I mean
Cause you know that I can make you believe
In love and sex and magic

This is the part where we fall in love (Ohh, suga..)
Let’s slow it down, so we fall in love (Ohh…)
But don’t stop when you give it to me

All night showing, just you in the crowd
Doin’ tricks you never seen…
And I bet that I can make ya believe
In love and sex and magic
So let me drive my body around ya
I bet you know what I mean
(You know what I mean)
Cause you know that I can make you believe
In love and sex and magic

All night showing, just you in the crowd
Doin’ tricks you never seen…
And I bet that I can make ya believe
In love and sex and magic
So let me drive my body around ya
I bet you know what I mean
(You know what I mean)
Cause you know that I can make you believe
In love and sex and magic

Yeah… Uh, uh, uh… Yeah,
I see you on the floor

Get it girl
Love, sex and magic
I see you on the floor
You know what I mean
Get it girl
I bet that I can make you believe
In love and sex and magic, ow!
I See you on the floor Get it girl…

Friday, June 5, 2009

:: bila hati aku terdetik.. ::

hey, happy friday everybody!!
tbe2 plak kn..

pagi td, my dad asked me to get my motor fixed. tayar bocor. kt workshop blakg umah je. mls sbnrnye. ari jumaat, nk rest2. haha. tp ok la, bcoz of my dad, aku bwk gak r moto tu. agak rmai la customer arini. kdai lain xbkak mgkin. yg lawaknye, rata2 yg dtg tu, kes same ngn aku. tayar bocor. smpai tokey kedai pn pasan. haha. hari bocor sedunia agaknye.

tp, bkn psl tayar bocor yg ingin aku cte, tp wat happen mse kt workshop tu. cni, mase apek cine terajang2 + belek2 sket moto aku tu, aku tgk je dowg wat keje. kusyuk gak r time tuh. sumpah kalo David Archuleta lalu sblh aku xsdr. aku bkn tgk ape, aku kusyuk tgk dowg wat keje, baiki moto2 yg ade. tbe2 ati aku terdetik, they seem know wat they're doin. its like they were programmed to do da works. ade yg baiki moto gne sblh tgn smbil mata usha2 owg.

at dat moment, it makes me think about myself. about my ambition. my stdy and my future. smpai skrg, kalo tnya soalan psl stdy aku secara spontan, kmpem aku xdpt jwb or tergaru2 pale. bkak sem ni nk praktikal. hmmm, apela ko ni judin. huhu. kemalasan dlm diri ni yg jd tembok bsr cina. nk stdy pn mls. aduiiii. mse kt workshop tu, aku rse aku kcik sgt. aku rse cm aku sorg je yg still tercari2 arah tuju dlm idop (ayat sedey). seyesly.

i'm 20 diz year, da preadult phase da. tp still, dunno anythg about da world around me. still thinking like bdk2. tp xbdk2 sgt la. kdg2 matured gak. hehe. aku ni satu saat sedar la konon2, then satu saat lg da blk pd old Judiene. dunno la, mybe oneday i'll be sumone dat can be categorized as an matured adult. i'll wait for dat time to come.

mse aku tggu moto aku siap, ade la 2 owg pakcik ni. aku sure dowg xknl each other. mula, dowg tnye hal moto msg2, then da besembang ntah ke mane da. xlame pastu, dowg tgk aku, keboringan mgkin. dowg tego la aku. tnye umah kt ne, anak sape (seb bek dowg knl atok aku haha). tbe2 aku terfikir lagi, rakyat Kelantan ni sesungguhnye peramah dan mesra. haha. masyarakat majmuk. haha. (masyarakat majmuk??)

agak2 da dkt stgh jam kt workshop tu, apek tu pggl aku. moto aku da siap. huhu. apek tu siap lap lg kesan2 minyak kt moto aku. xtaw la kalo kt workshop len wat cm2 gak kn (nmpk sgt xpnh pgi workshop gheeee). lps byr aku pn merempit blk umah. vroom vroom!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

:: Babies of June ::


juz a simple Happy Birthday to all my frens who were born on June. to show u dat i do remember u guys. hehehe. sum of them dat i know are :

1) miss rossie ~ 4th of June

2) kak asma ~ 5th of June

3) Azlan aka Mat Le ~ 7th of June

4) sam KMK ~ 10th of June

5) zul KMK ~ 11th of June

6) leon ~ 13th of June

p/s : sorry if u don like ur pic here. hahaha.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

:: tahukah kamOo? ::

salam guys

neh aku ade ilmu nk share ngn kowg sume. hahaha. aku pn cilok dr yahoo neh. korg taw xmknan yg kowg mkn tu, bape minit exercise yg perlu diambil utk nk menyamai nilai kalori dlm mkanan korg?? xtaw?? pe lg, bce r. hehe.

Donut. ni yg lbh krg cm Dunkin Donut pnye r. Big Apple n J.Co pn sama gak kot. yg ade frozen choc tu. kalori die 230. kowg kne berjalan selama 59 minit (3mph) utk membakar kalori dlm donut neh. fuhh!

~Dunkin Donut~

~McD Breakfast Egg McMuffin~

Burger McD ni, nmpk mmg sodap. tp kalori dia 300. kowg kne berlari selama 32 minit (5mph) utk membakar kalori yg kowg makan drp burger neh. mantap kn.

~Choco Chip~

Aku allergic sket ngn biskot neh, coz kalo makan mst addicted. xbley stop. dia ade 440 kalori dan aku terpaksa naik basikal selama 62 minit (10-11.9 mph). seb bek aku ske naik basikal.

~pizza yummy~

Bnda alah ni pn sme gak. mmg aku allergic sggoh. da puas berubat tp xberhasil. kalo aku mkn ni, bleh wat perot aku buncit kekenyangan. tp awas, 1 slice die = 320 kalori. kalo mkn yg Pizza Hut Large Hand-Tossed Style Cheese Pizza la. kne wat 39 minit of swimming. abah, order swimming pool 1!!

~Burger King Original Whooper With Cheese~

Kalo burger kt Burger King mmg aku jrg mkn. tp aku rse sme gak kot burger cheese kt mne2, lbh2 lg McD. if u eat diz, u have to do 94 minutes of swimming coz it contains 770 calories. tgk, tggi xtggi kalori dia. ptt la sodap!


kpd mereka2 yg xtaw, brownies ni lbh krg cm chocolate cake la. tp lbh sodap (aku da pnh mkn daaa). kowg kne wat Yoga jns Hatha (ntah jns pe aku xtaw yg psti yoga la). brownies mengandungi 380 kalori.

~french fries~

ni french fries kt Wendy tp sme je kot utk segala jns french fries. kecuali yg vegetarian pnye la. mengandungi 540 kalori. 77 minit kowg kne berbasikal. it looks fine to me. haha.

~come on, lick it hehe~

aku rse eksrem ni la plg mahal dlm sejarah aku mkn eskrem. pic ni adalah eksrem jenama Häagen-Dazs Vanilla. taw kowg xpnh mkn coz eskrem ni mahal siottt. haha. lek lek (bak kate keme) gurau je. kalorinye sbyk 270 = 0.5 cup. xtaw la byk mne tp kowg kne berlari a.k.a. berjogging selama 29 minit. nape xckpkn stgh jam terus??


kowg jgn xtaw. burrito ni actly mknan mexican. ala, kalo kat malaysia ni cm McD pnye tu la. yg balut ngn roti tortilla tu. lbh krg je kalori die aku rse iaitu sebyk 410 kalori. ni plg best. all u have to do is dancing for about 70 minit = sejam 10 minit. hehe.

well guys, tu jela yg aku nk share ngn kowg. arap2nye dpt la ilmu drp blog aku neh. wlaupn aku amek drp yahoo. hahaha. tp kn, kowg xpyh nk rsau sgt psl kalori tu, mkn jela kalo terase nk mkn. slagi idop neh. haha. ske ati je aku. gasak ko judin!


p/s : rindu brownies yg k.as buat. hahaha.


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