Sunday, January 31, 2010

:: come on miracle, come to me! ::

Salam to all my readers

skrg ni musim dak2 U apply UPU online. sume tgh gumbira dan pening2 mau pkir kos ape nak isi. even my friends pn tgh dok pikir mau apply ke tak. sure good to be like them. me? nahh, i'm not thinking of doing so. not bcoz i don't want to, but bcoz my result is the only thing that stand on my way.

well, actually its my fault gak coz tak serius masa study dulu. skrg hambek ko! aku jd tukang tgk jela dowg sume apply UPU. and come to think of my future, i'm kinda nervous and worry whether i manage to continue my study in the same kos or not. yeahh, it's my fault. so mom, dad, you can put the blame on me.

i never thought that pursuing in degree level is this hard. i mean it's a lot work to do. nak apply UPU tu pun aku dah pening kepala. dgr cko kate, kena buat surat then hantar kat setiap U yg kita apply tuh. nak kena sertakan sekali borang berhenti sekolah, result SPM segala. aduhh, ssh btol. kalo sumenye online kan senang.

~ i'm lost, can't you see it! ~

up until now, i can barely see the future in front of me. its blurry and seriously i tell you guys, i really don't know exactly what i wanna do for money. even i'm taking this kos now, of course i'll be an MLT after this. working in lab. private or gov, that's second thing. but the truth is, i'm not gonna work as MLT for my entire life. that's zero for accomplishment. be a hollywood star lecturer is what come across my mind after MLT.

i don't want 5 or 10 years later, i regret everything that i did in my life. that's totally a scary thing to be happening in someone's life. come on miracle, please come to me! i need you now, desperately. as desperate as the refugees in Haiti. pity them. may God Bless them all.

Friday, January 29, 2010

:: the most wanted Malacca Trip! (Part 2) ::

Salam to all my readers

ok, hari tu aku stop sampai hari pertama je kan. skrg aku sambung plak gebang pasal trip aku ngn kengkawan aku neh kt Melaka. diulangi ek, i was having a great time there! i really did. so, to those yg suka suki mempersoalkan kegumbiraan aku, plz, don't waste your time. tetibe emo. warning je k.

ok la, hari kedua neh, pagi2 lagi ktowg dah bangun, semangat nak pusing bandar Melaka lg neh. hari ni jugak lah baru aku taw yg Melaka takde ibu negeri. huhu. before this, i thought that Bandar Hilir was the capital city of Melaka. haha. memang sejarah fail la aku neh. ok, destinasi pertama ktowg - Muzium Kapal (ntah ape nama muzium dia pn aku tak ingt).

kat muzium ni ada replika kapal yg konon2nye karam kt lautan Melaka. so dowg wat replika yg gila babeng besar nak mampus. i was like "whoaaa! what a big ship." aku dah rasa ala2 Captain Jack Sparrow dlm citer Pirate of The Caribbean la plak. but despite the Whoaa! expression that i gave, all the history thingy and the not-so-Whoaa!-exhibit make me yawning a couple of time. so, we just snapping pics instead.

then we moved our asses to an old castle of Sultan Melaka. the castle was pretty huge and i feel like stepping in a 20s century. dan di dlm istana ni jugak lah, pergelutan antara Hang Tuah dan Hang Jebat, yg mana akhirnya Jebat mati di tangan Tuah kerana menderhaka kpd Baginda Sultan. i'm sure you guys know this story pretty well right. you're not malay if you don't know this. go and change your race already. haha. lagi2 snapping took place. gilak.

next destination - jalan2 kt mall. ape ntah nama mall ni dah lupa, but its exactly located in front of the ancient A Famosa. mall kat sini best2, tak taw r nape. its like Times Square meet Sungai Wang kinda mall. best gila kalo nak shopping kt sini, tp syg btol aku dlm budget, so, cuci2 mata jela. bleh tahan ramai gak org time neh. cuti hujung minggu mungkin.

so, the conclusion is (cam wat essay english la plak) i had a great time there at Melaka. being with K.Yus and K.Sue, and not to mention the four of them, really make my week bossom with smiles and laughs. another sweet memory added in my list. oh lupa plak, kalo sesape nak turun Melaka nnt, contact la si Adie neh. bleh jadi tour guide kowg, free of charge. hahaha.

p/s ~ for more photos viewing, click here

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

:: the most wanted Malacca Trip! (Part 1) ::

Salam to all my readers

Day 1

pada tarikh 23 dan 24hb Januari yg lalu, yakni hari Sabtu dan Ahad, aku dan my besties along with our dearest sis, K.Sue and K.Yus were on trip in Melacca, the historical city. drp apa yg aku tgk dan rasa, Melaka is not a boring city at all. before this i thought Malacca was boring and dull, you know, the history thingy, but i change my perception as long as i arrived there. Melaka wasn't like what i've imagined. it's breathtaking. huhu.

ktowg gerak sana dalam kol 11 pagi Sabtu dan tiba kt Melaka 35 minit selepas itu. kowg kira sediri la ek kol bape. hihihi. then jemput K.Sue and K.Yus. the atmosphere when we all meet was quite akward but it only last for 1 minute. the craziness of us took place.

first we searched a hotel to sleep then we headed to our first destination of the trip, Zoo Melaka, which was quite boring actually. most of the animal there are the type which active during the night. so, all they did was sleeping and we can't even see a single tiger walking and roaring. but whatever it was, we did enjoy walking at the zoo.

pastu ktowg pusing-pusing bandae Bandar Hilir. ramai gak org time ni. hujung minggu la katekan. A Famosa ngn Bangunan Stadiust (btol ke ejaan ni???) tempat wajib. aku mengaku agak jakun time. yelah, first time jejak kaki kt sini (ok, boo aku ramai-ramai!). tgk A Famosa dgn kawasan sekeliling bajet cam sampai Belanda plak. haha.

balik hotel jap, salin baju, mandi ape sume, then sesi night out plak. agak excited coz nak naik River Cruise pusing-pusing bandar neh. hehe. sekali lagi aku jakun di sini. best woo, angin tiup sepoi-sepoi bahasa jek. after that, oleh sbb tak taw nak g mana, ktowg karok. agak menyesal gak karok kat situ coz lagu pn tak update, mahal plak. tp, sbb nak try karok ngn sis dua org tu, takpe lah. lepak-lepak kat Bandar Hilir tgh2 malam ni best coz lampu lip lap lip lap. cerah aje. we headed back to our hotel around 3 am. fuhh, mata mmg da stim giler dah time neh, terus tido tak ingt dunia.


(Part 2 will be continued..)

Monday, January 18, 2010

:: i don't want banana to fruit two times! ::

Salam to all my readers

don't judge a book by its cover. jgn sbb nila setitik rosak susu sebelanga. well, kalo masa sekolah rendah dulu kn we used to write stories based on the peribahasa given as a title, so, i think dua peribahasa ni mmg fit ngn what i'm feeling last night.

me and my friends got a chance to watch Adnan Sempit, the latest action-comedy movie by Ahmad Idham. you know, at first, i dunno what to expect. to me, its like another movie that use lumba motor or rempit as its theme. but surprisingly, all that perceptions changed after i walk out of the cinema. the movie turns out really good and so effing hilarious. tp ada gak part yg wat aku sedih. hahaha!

well i'm not gonna write the review or the synopsis of the film coz that will spoil the mood to those who haven't watch it yet. all i'm trying to say is, this movie is different and its worth to watch. if you think you gonna see another slapstick comedy like senario (opss, sorry senarion fans!), you're wrong. its not even over the top to say that this is the best comedy movie (malaysian made) i ever watched. i'm not being bias or anything, if you guys don't trust me, well, be my guest to queue, buy the ticket and watch the movie yourself.

regarding the cast, i'm not really crazy about the heroin aka Intan Ladyana but Shaheizy Sam is definitely a something. he actually portrayed his character excellently and outstandingly good. i first see him in Bohsia, and he was good in that movie too. Along ngn Yana pn byk membantu. good job guys, and not to forget Ahmad Idham for making such a great movie!

so, those who haven't watch it yet, go and do so at your nearest cinema. mmg gamat r dlm pawagam tu dgn gelak tawa penonton. di mana ada kemahuan, di situ ada highway! baekkkkkk punya!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

:: it's oh-so-cute-turn-i'm-gonna-throw-you-outta-this-train situation! ::

Salam to all my readers

kids. they are sooo cute but i warn you, they can be pretty annoying sometimes. i'm sorry if you guys think i'm cruel or bad or whatever the bad words are after reading this entry but i'm just being me. this story take place in a train from KL to Seremban.

i was just finished having my shopping spree and i'm totally exhausted. all i wanna do in the train after this is sleeping and take some rest before reach Seremban. i was delighted coz i manage to get a seat and the train wasn't pack with people. then, a father with three small children sat next to me. but there was only one seat left and the children had to stand. i was really tired but seeing their face made me think, "should i offer them my seat or not" but i chose to stay put. ok, that's the first crime i did.

~ oh look at them! ~

the children were in a good mood so they just jumping and playing around. i tried not to see them as i'll feel guilty for not letting them sit. but things started to get a little out of control (in my opinion) as they enjoying their time on the train like they were playing at their house. they were making noises and jumping around, and that's where i started to feel really annoyed. hello, i'm trying to sleep here!!

they still small and it's not worth it to scold them and ask them to sit quietly. that's the good Judiene speaking. but the evil Judiene saying like this, "i wish i could throw them out of this train!". huhuhu. ok, i'm cruel, get it. but i'm not usually like this ok, it only happen if i was tired, unhappy or not really in the mood. and the kids were having fun while i was tired. hahaha. see.

but whatever it is, i really enjoy being around children. as long as they age 2 years and below and easy to take care of. huahahahaahahaa (evil laugh!)

p/s ~ i found two sweaters that are really make me feel "i can wear sweater too". erkk!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

:: i'm gonna miss her like crazy! ::

Salam to all my readers

its not gonna be the same again. yeah, at least to me. that's bcoz she left me. unnoticeable. i just knew about the news when i read an article on Yahoo. to me, no one can replace her, she got her own style. the show will never be the same again without you Paula Abdul.

yes, i'm a die-hard fan of the no. 1 reality show in the world, American Idol. i started to follow the show when i first watched it back in 2004. the show was running its third season, and Fantasia Barrino was the winner of the season. as i heard, Ellen DeGeneres will fill in the position. i don't know what its gonna be but i'm definitely gonna miss the craziness that Paula brought to the show.

but one thing for sure, aku tak bleh tgk AI!!! arghhh! that's bcoz we don't have a TV at our rent house here and it's killing me. haha. i really like watching the audition bcoz that is where all craziness and funniest people gather to fulfill their dreams to be a recording artist. and that's also where we can see the tension in the judges as they facing people who ermm, not really know how to sing and pasan diri bagus last2 ayam berkokok pagi2 pn lagi best dari sre dowg. haha.

and one more thing, Ryan Seacrest! you're awesome dude. i don't think there's anybody can host AI the way he did - santai, tak formal sgt. he just simply one of the best host in US. or that's what i heard he is. plz keep him until the show come to its final season. huhu.

but you know what guys, Paula is not the only one who left Idol. news broke that Simon Cowell will follow Paula's step and this would be the last Idol with Simon. seriously, Simon is the charmer of the show. can't imagine watching Idol without his sarcasm, crazy and 'stupid' comment.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

:: i can't sleep with this thing on my mind ::

Salam to all my readers

i just got home from watching Paranormal. actually, i was planning to do some reviews on that movie but i change my mind and opt to give just a simple conclusion instead.

to me personally, i'm not embarrass to admit that i'm a guy who easily freaked out by the whole ghost things and watching the movie was just prove it even more. haha. it's not really a movie, you know, coz they use just an ordinary camera, i mean not a camera that usually used to shoot a movie. so it's a like watching someone else's horrifying experience video based on a true story that happened in 2006.

~ a scene from the movie ~

i don't know if it was a re-acted movie or not but, it's like insanely real. seriously, you'll feel every sort of feeling - scared, shocked, unbelievable all together. i can feel the chill up and down my body but it was worth the watch. but i warn you, to those faint-hearted people, you better think twice coz this movie is full with surprise and suspense. and the jaw-dropping scene that will make your breath stop for a moment is the ending. i was like, "damn, this can't be true"! the ending was 'superb'.

it's insane to think that it was based on a true story coz you believe me when i say, you don't want these creepy things come to your house and end up like the movie. hell no!

i'm having a hard time figuring out to how to sleep with the movie keep playing in my head. god, get the hell out of this things plzzzzz!!!??

Sunday, January 10, 2010

:: familiar face! yeah, it was really her! ::

Salam to all my readers

ok, in my previous entry, i mentioned that i have a story to share with you guys. so, here it is. when is the last time i write an emo entry?? quite a long time ago i think. entry ni bkn emo sgt pn sbnrnye. huhu.

ok cni, yesterday, i went to pasar tani at my place. i was waiting my mum picking out fish from the seller when suddenly i spotted a familiar face. at first, i didn't really give a damn to that coz otak aku jam, sakit perut dowh time tuh. then when the person came closer, i finally figured out the face. it was my former bestfriend, Ijah (bkn nama sbnr).

did i just mention she was my former bestfriend?? yeah, we used to be close to each other back when we was in secondary school. but there was an incident happened between us, something that i did, that make she hate me to death. but seriously, i didn't mean to do all the things i did to her. i was stupid at that time and if you ask me if i regret it, 100% yes!

i saw her but i was afraid to approach her and great her. afraid if she still hate me, and still mad at me. when i was looking at her, walking side by side with her little brother, she wasn't looking at me. maybe she didn't know that i was there. it's been a long time since the last time i saw her face. i don't even know whether she has FB account or not. actually, i already forget about us right after i finish my high school but seeing her yesterday, make me recall my memories.

i wish she can text me, if she didn't delete my number yet.

dunno if she can read this...

Friday, January 8, 2010

:: down the memory lane ::

Salam to all my readers

this is just a quick entry. busy packing my things for tomorrow's journey. yes, the day has come. i will be back to Seremban. so, lot of stuff-packing going on in my bedroom right now. messy and a bit chaos. need to clean up a bit after this.

and masa aku kemas-kemas umah td, terjumpa la pic lama aku dlu. these pics are taken when i was a kid, and most of the locations were in KL and Zoo Negara. comel plak tgk pic aku sendiri. hahahaha. ok, sila muntah ramai-ramai.

i have a story that i wanna share with you guys but i've to postpone it for now. until then, enjoy the pics. daa~~

Thursday, January 7, 2010

:: korang nak magic yg halal? ::

Salam to all my readers

actually aku baru lps tgk citer Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix ni. aku tak taw r nape aku addicted giler ngn siri-siri Harry Potter neh. mungkin aku da terkena love spell kot. haha. aku tgk siri Twilight pn takde sampai addicted cni. tak kisah la ada rob panti ke, taylor lautner ke, kristen stewart ke, yg aku taw, Emma Watson a.k.a. Hermione Granger is hawt!!!

~ damn she's hot! ~

pd yg tak minat harry potter tu, jgn risau coz aku bkn nak gebang psl movie dia, tp psl game yg ala-ala harry potter neh. nama game neh School Of Wizards. masa first aku jumpa game ni kat facebook, sonok giler tak terperi. haha. maka aku pn dah addicted ngn game neh walaupun takde aksi-aksi lawan ke pape, just tekan button duel then kuar r result ko menang ke kalah. tu je. game ni gak memerlukan kowg mencari ahli-ahli dlm order kowg, makin ramai yg join order kowg, makin kuat la power kowg.

~ klik utk pembesaran yg jitu ~

ok that's all about the game. haha. now, back to emma watson. latest news psl this hot yet innocent-look girl ni, dia nak wat label baju dia sndiri utk para remaja. kowg jgn risau coz dia takkan reka baju yg mcm dlm harry potter tuh. of coz design-design dia nnt se'hawt' tuan punya badan. hehehe, awwwwww! ;P

aku harap dia takkan rosak di kejar populariti. ramai giler kot artis-artis hollywood terlibat ngn mslh - lindsay lohan, miley cyrus, amy winehouse etc. mslh-mslh ni mengganggu peluang aku nak dptkan si emma neh. haha. agak2 boleh tak?? ;P

~ emma masa mula-mula berlakon dulu ~

p/s ~ ni la calon awek omputeh aku..hehehe..bleh tak?? ;P

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

:: getting my hair cut is like a gambling ::

Salam to all my readers

actually dah lama dah aku berhajat nak wat mende neh. lgpn rimas gak bila dah panjang. umi aku pn asyik suh potong aje. ok, skrg da potong. sayang jugak nak potong neh, coz angan-angan nak simpan ala-ala Hanazawa Rui dlm Hana Yori Dango tu (ok, gelak ramai-ramai). tp tak dye la. kang mak aku ligan dgn paip besi plak. yg dye sket aritu pn kena tegur. huhu. tp rambut aku skrg takde la panjang sgt pn. tgk r pic kt bwh neh.

aku xtaw la pasal kowg, tp, getting my hair cut is like a gambling. ko pergi salun or mana-mana kedai gunting rambut, then you just let the barber do the rest of the thing. kalo rambut kowg turns out to be a really nice hair-do takpe, but how if you're not satisfy with your new look? nak gunting balik mmg tak boleh dah. takkan ko nak pakai wig kot. so, tu la definition bagi tajuk entry kali neh. i always feel nervous whenever i get my hair cut. wanna know why?

here's the story..

dulu, masa darjah 4 kot kalo tak silap, aku pegi gunting rambut. time tu budak hingusan la, tak kenal lg ape tu wax, gel dan mouse sume tuh. so, kedai gunting rambut yg rm3 da memadai. dan i already wearing spec at that age. so young kan. baka scientist konon-kononnye. haha. perasan lg. ok, so masa nak gunting tu, aku kena bukak spec. pakcik tu pn main gunting je, kejap2 suh aku tunduk, kejap2 suh aku melangut (erkkk!).

aku time tu budak kot, so tak berani nak gtaw style yg aku nak ala-ala mohawk, which is infamous at that time. hahaha. bila da siap, aku pakai spec, mak oii, botak terus. bukan botak takde rambut tp mmg adik beradik botal la gak. blk umah, aku majuk. tak pegi sekolah sehari, sbb malu ngn kwn2. buruk kot aku time tuh. lps pada tu, bila aku gunting rambut je, aku pegang spec kat tangan. haha.

tp tu dulu, skrg dah taw term-term utk style rambut. layer la, medium cut la, spiky la. so dah tak pegang spec kat tangan. hehe. satu pencapaian tuh. actually da lama aku tak gunting rambut kt Winnie Saloon tu, seb bek akak cina tu still kenal muka aku. hehe. mungkin sbb kekacakan aku kot. ok, perasan lg.

well, presenting, my new hair-do..


p/s ~ ye, rambutku adalah salah satu aset aku yg berharga, selain.....ermm, never mind!

Monday, January 4, 2010

:: 2 in 1 ::

Salam to all my readers

wah, agak tersentap gak aku bila baca paper pagi ni. Mahkamah Tinggi Kuala Lumpur (MTKL) meluluskan penggunaan nama Allah dlm penerbitan Herald-The Catholic Weekly. drp apa yg aku baca, Kementerian Dalam Negeri (KDN) dlm proses membuat rayuan psl kes ni dan PM Najib pn plan nak menghadap Yang Di Pertuan Agong.i don't have much knowledge about politics and things related to it but i think, this matter is something that shouldn't happen in Islamic country.

what on earth are MTKL thinking. aren't they afraid that such decision can lead to unsatisfied feeling among islamic people? they should take some considerations before they came up with the decision. or maybe there's something else going on in there, you know, everything can happen in politics. ok, enough said. nnt tak pasal2 blog aku kena saman. but whatever it is, i hope the objection made by KDN and Persatuan Pengguna Islam Malaysia (PPIM) will be a success, or just waiting for the worst to come. to those who wanna join the petition can simply do so by clicking here.

~ "Ya Allah, sinarilah cahaya kejayaan ke atas negara kami. aminn." ~

kowg pernah dgr psl pendidikan seks? sure pernah kan. ada tak sape2 yg pernah menuntut ilmu ni, coz aku da cari da tuisyen psl subject ni tp tak jumpa. kot2 la dah ada yg wat kan, bleh aku daftar. HAHAHAHAHA. aku konfius gak, apa yg dowg nak ajar dlm subjek ni. semua dah sedia maklum kot cara2 nak _____ (isi la ske ati kowg). tp ada gak r aku dgr2, dowg nak ajar pendidikan seks ni dari perspektif agama Islam. wahh, ayat perspektif. first time aku guna ayat neh. hahaha.

sbnrnye dah lama dah aku rasa kementerian dok ckp psl pendidikan seks ni, tp tak gak ajar-ajar. skrg baru nak ajar kat PLKN. sure nnt dak2 PLKN terkinja-kinja tak sabar. hahaha. td aku baca, ada plak yg nak suh tukar nama subjek neh. tukar kpd ape, pendidikan batin?? tp bagus la dowg wat subjek neh, at least golongan muda-mudi bleh la taw cara2 ehem2 dgn lbh berhemah. cuba kowg bayangkan, kalo subjek ni wat kat sekolah, comfem takde yg ponteng. sume exam dpt A+++. hahaha. amek SPM subjek ni boleh?? ;P

ok ok, suda suda la mengarut ek. saja nak buka minda kowg je. ececece. oh btw, i wanna wish congratulations to Serena Redzuan and Gavin Edward a.k.a. Salahudin Ghafar on their marriage. hope they will be together until the end of time and live happily ever after (yesss! berjaya gak aku guna ayat neh!ahaha). aku pn nak kawin omputeh gak ah. tak nak dah kawin negro. erkk??

Saturday, January 2, 2010

:: closing ceremony of the holiday ::

Salam to all my reader

ok, this time, no video. why? coz aku penat nak tunggu upload video lembap cm siput babi tua yg cacat. bayangkan betapa lembapnye siput babi tu selembap line tenet kt sini. so, instead of posting a vlog, i change it into regular post.

ok, i'm gonna skip about the new year thing. da byk sgt kot blog yg tulis psl neh. as you all know, school holiday is gonna end. so, anak-anak and cucu-cucu arwah Tok Wan Daud had come up with an idea - bbq at the house. this event took place yesterday, at the house porch. all of us, bapak-bapak, ibu-ibu (da cm lagu inul la plak!) dan anak-anak berkumpul kat umah Tok Wan as early as 2 pm. acara bbq ni start lps asar. sebanyak 6 ekor ayam, 10 ekor ikan dan satu paha kambing telah selamat dicicah sos bbq.

actually 19hb Dec baru-baru ni, we already had a vacation together at Pasir Puteh. the activity there was the same as today, which is bbq. but who cares coz the feeling of being together and seeing each other faces are what really matter. although i'm not very close to my cousins (well, some of them) but i had a great time and enjoy being with them. but unfortunately, i didn't get the chance to capture those moments. huhu. bcoz of that, i chose pictures when we was at Pasir Puteh to be uploaded.

p/s ~ aku xtaw nape, mse aku upload pic neh, takbleh nak stop. asyik upload je. sb tu pic byk sket utk entry neh. erkk! ;P


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