Monday, December 27, 2010

:: 'thanksgiving' feast ::

Salam to all my readers.

Okay, seriously, I don't have anything in mind right now but somehow I feel like I should write something.

Actually, I just finished helping my mom preparing dishes for tomorrow event. Oh, didn't I tell you about that?? Well, my younger sister had made my parents proud as she passed her PMR with flying colours. She got straight As. So, my mom decided to organize a small party, well, it's not really a party, more like 'kenduri kesyukuran' or 'thanksgiving' feast I suppose but in a small scale. Only families are invited.

My mom has prepared Laksa Penang (the best laksa penang in town coz she's originally from Penang, hehe), Laksa Kelantan, Batik Cake, pudding and another dish that I don't even know what the name is coz it's made in Kelantan. I'm supposedly to go to bed early, got to accompany my mom to 'pasar borong' tomorrow morning. Talk about being 'anak yang soleh'. Hehe. Instead of doing so, here I am, still sitting in front of my laptop trying to finish the entry for you guys to read. See, how appreciate I am towards my rabid readers.

Oh yeah, tomorrow night is gonna be the last night I sleep on my comfy bed coz I'll be hitting the road again and my destiny should be Puncak Alam. Urghh, I'm not ready to face another semester with assignments and stuff. My heart is still attached to holidays. I wish I could freeze time. Yeah, got to do what I got to do. But I can sense happy and nervous somewhere in the not-ready mode. Maybe because I've got lot of responsibilities on my shoulders that I need to carry out sincerely and the biggest highlight will be the annual dinner, which I'm the event director of the event. Scary.

So, I think I'm gonna sign off now. It's getting late. Until then, ciao!

p/s: Writing this entry while listening to Leon Jackson singing 'A Song For You'. Its easy flowing rhythm kinda swing my feeling. Beautiful.

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