Tuesday, August 31, 2010

:: may our peace last forever ::

Salam to all my readers


sorry i seldom update my blog nowadays, thanks to my biochem scrapbook. in my entire life, i usually stay up till 5 am to study or surfing the internet. but last night, i actually slept after subuh just to finish up the scrapbook. at first, we was like, what the hell is a degree student doing with scrapbook. i mean, it's like doing project back when we was in high school.

our lecturer insisted that his project must be in scrapbook form so, we got no choice. i forgot to take pics of us scrapbook-ing but i promise you, i'm gonna show you the final result of a 5 guys group. to me, i can't believe that our scrapbook is done by guys. hahaha. cute! wait and see ya!

so yeah, that should wrap it all up. i'm gonna need to study Clinical Chemistry. got test tomorrow. and after that, shopping!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

:: Wǒ hěn yīngjùn ::

Salam to all my readers

finally, my hectic schedule is gone by the wind. the this week, or tomorrow to be specific, i'm gonna go shoppin with my classmates. yeah, you heard it right. we are going to Masjid India, as a preparation for Raya, to buy some stuffs. my girlfriends are all can't wait to set their hands on the things sell there. from baju kurung to accessories, i'm sure it's gonna be a war!

i had a Mandarin Language listening and reading test today, which is quite depressing to be honest. learning new language make me realize that it is not easy to establish a language and to make people use it. at some points it even brought back memories. i remember when i was a little, it was so hard for me to like and learn English as our second language. i'm sure you guys have the same memories of learning English.

Mandarin, at certain point, is kinda similar to English. there are certain words that so confusing and hard to memorize. the hardest part is to be able to remember each word with its mark. i don't know what they call it but to those who know Mandarin, the words got mark on the vowel. it's very annoying coz misplace the mark means mislead the meaning. and the way you enunciate it is the core to better understanding and better delivery of messages.

thank god our laoshi (it means teacher, not some kind of food!) didn't make us remember the other version of words. again, i don't know what it is been called but the other version, which is the old one is wayyyy harder than what we're learning now. i'm grateful for that.

until then..zaijian!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

:: bad tech habits ::

Salam to all my readers

a couple of days ago, while i was reading NST, i stumbled across an article written by Audrey Vijaiden, a NST journalist. i found the article interesting because it talks about how we can be rude while using our phone.
technology has made us progress and we can talk to a person who is miles away just by dialing numbers or sending text messages.

to youngsters nowadays, text messages has been a tool to keep connected with each other, and some just can't stop sending text messages regardless of event or company. they feel like losing control or insecure if they are not checking their phone. even if there is no messages or incoming call, they will check to see if the battery is dead.
here i list some of the bad habits that some of us committed constantly.
  • responding to messages or e-mail while in a conversation with someone else
  • fiddling with your mobile phone while someone is trying to have a conversation with you
  • putting the phone on the table when dining
  • cancelling appointments via text messages
  • conducting video calls in public places
  • people who link Twitter, Facebook and email updates causing all messages to be sent out to friends in triplicate
  • and the famous one, texting while driving!!!

when you're in a public place, you need to turn the mode into silent, so that the loud shrill of your phone didn't bother everybody around you. sometimes we take this for granted and don't even bother to see whether the place need us to silent our phone or not. places like hospitals, mosques and library are several places which need us to change phone mode to silent.

~ even Obama needs to be alert of using phone in car! ~

so guys please make sure you are alert with your surrounding after reading my entry. haha. joking. but seriously, this maybe looks like nahh-it's-nothing-laa problem but we don't want all eyes are on us whenever our phone ring do we?? it's like you are the main attention, but in a bad way. got it guys?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

:: meeting my juniors ::

Salam to all my readers

today i had a program with my junior of Diploma Sem 1. it was a great meeting as we, seniors, didn't expect anything from the meeting, just wanted to see our junior faces and get to know them. this meeting was called, ermm, i don't know what the exact name of the program but it was organized by Meltech and basically the juniors wanted to meet us, the seniors, to ask everything about MLT world. from how to study to our practical session, everything the need to know.

so, we all woke up pretty late, 8.30 am (after we had our sahur of course) and the program started at 9.30 pm. everyone gathered in a Dewan Kuliah, and had a brainstorm session before we proceeded with in-group session. the first thought i had when i saw my juniors was, they were all looked wayyyyy more matured than me. even one of my classmate said that too.

together with two other girls, i was given the responsibility to conduct a group consist of 5 students, which i thought pretty awesome since i never had a chance in my life to be kinda like a facilitator. we had managed to cover on topics like, knowing the lecturers, how to score exams and tests and the anticipated part for them, the practical session. we also got a chance to share with them our priceless experiences when we was in diploma back then. it went all great and i enjoyed every moment of it.

~ the mentors :) ~

then its photo shoot time! i had taken lots of pics and everybody seemed happy to get their pics taken. even my juniors didn't mind. ya know, some might cover their face with books or whatever things they have just because they are shy or something. fortunately everybody were becoming cam-whore at that time.

we all had a great time and even though we had to wake up early just to attend this small-budget program, i think its worth it. hopefully they can make a good use out of our experiences and stories or as a guidance to become a better person. cehhhh. haha

~ with the juniors. sorry, a bit shaky ~

~ some of the degree part 3 students a.k.a the SENIORS! LOL~

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

:: my followers ::

Salam to all my readers

i don't know whether it's my blog or people miss the 'add link' when they are following my blog but it seems that last 3 persons following my blog didn't put their link in. i appreciate that people like my blog and they want to follow it, that's their choice. but please click on the 'add link' link so that you blog will be added automatically, well, if you have one laa.

i try to tract everyone who followed my blog, and it makes my job harder if they have blog but they don't put it together. i would love to see my readers' blogs. seriously, i mean it guys. so to those who wish to follow this orangy blog, if you are a blogger, do share your link ok.

it's been a week of Ramadhan now. 23 more days to go. hehe.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

:: in a month time ::

Salam to all my readers

this entry is a continuation from my previous entry. so, last time i talked about loving or learning to see thing that we don't like from other people eyes.

actually i was talking to myself. i haven't been in a situation where i got forced to learn things that extremely not my cup of tea. so last week i went to my uncle's house and he wrote the opening words for a book written by a prominent contemporary Muslim philosopher and thinker from Malaysia, Syed Muhammad Naquib Al-Attas. the book entitled Islam dan Sekularisme.

to be honest, i don't read this kind of book, coz it makes me think and understand like i do for my add math and history classes. maybe this book is interesting to some people, perhaps those who are working in Islam theological thinking field.

my uncle is the professor in UKM and he presented this book to me, hoping that i will read and understand it coz as he said, it is hard to find youngsters today who willing to read this kind of books and have high level of understanding regarding the world and the civilization of Islam. this book have been translated to over 20 different languages and i got the semi-bahasa indonesia one.

i'm gonna read this within a month and on the first day of raya, my uncle is going to ask me about the book, which i'm sure if its a joke or not. hahaha. but yeah, i'm gonna try to see and read it and try to love the art, coz he is very committed in things like this. and i promise you guys to share with you the contents and what i will be learning from this piece of art.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

:: some things are meant to share ::

Salam to all my readers

i'm sure all of you have ever been in a situation where other people criticize your interest on something, saying bad things about it and some of you will take that to heart. for those who are warmth enough, they don't bluntly saying their heart out. instead, they will criticize it with respect and without making you feel annoyed.

how many of us willing to learn and see things the way other see it? if you find things that is unattractive and uninteresting to you but the opposite way felt by others, i am quite sure that some of you would not bother to stop and think, "why do they like this." or "what is so interesting about it.". me myself hate to do that, coz i don't know whether it is something worth to learn.

people will live happily and there will be no war if people starts to apply this in their daily life. i mean, don't directly say that you don't like this and that without even think about those who like it. instead of talk ramblingly, why don't you sit down and ask, what is so interesting about that particular thing. sometimes Malaysians will turn a blind eye over this matter, coz it's not important for them to really think about others. they will do so if other starts to criticize their thing of interests.

you guys don't have any idea why am i writing this boring topic, do you?? something got my attention and to be honest, i don't like that thing at all. to me it's kinda boring and not my time yet to be exposed to it. wait for another entry if you wanna know what it is.

until then, cheerio!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

:: 'lovely day' ::

Salam to all my readers

i just slept for 3 hours, after spending like a whole day of studying Lab Tech, which is the last thing i will study if i've given a choice.

owh, did i mention that i got test 2 hours from now and my schedule is pack until 4.30 pm?? and now i'm in my towel, ready to take a shower.

OMG! it's freezing over here!

this is what i call a lovely day..


~ the gateway i always dreamed of ~

p/s ~ ohh yeah, happy fasting to all muslims.. :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

:: everything about emptysoul ::

Salam to all my readers

today we are going to learn about history. no, it's not about world history or Malaysia history, no, nothing close to that. the only history we're going to learn this time is EMPTYSOUL history. yeah, blog do have history. so i'm gonna unravel the mystery behind a blog named EMPTYSOUL.

before i start, this idea comes after i read Nabilah's blog. the reason i blog is because i like to write. and i don't stick to just one main point. i blog about everything happen in my life. i love to share things with somebody who willing to read my crap. i used to read articles in NST and my dream of owning a personal blog is rise ever since but i don't have someone to look up to, until one day where i stumbled on a blog and found out that it was my friend's blog. so she taught me how to set up a blog and the rest is history.

ok, now, how do i get the 'emptysoul' name. well, the name came out because i was single at that time and all of my buddies were seeing somebody. i felt like, all of them got something in their heart and i have nothing. so i start searching for a name that would reflect the situation i was in at the very moment. and there you go, a suitable name was found.

some of my friends had asked me about the language i use for my blog. at the early age of blogging, i started with BM. but then i felt like BI suited me more. after a few entries, i switched back to BM. another alteration happened and finally i settled with BI, because i feel more me when i write in english. it's not that i'm not proud of my mother tongue but it got something to do with what happen to me back when i was in form 5.

since i was a teenager, i always wanted to be an English teacher. so i applied for the TESL together with my friends. but i don't know, maybe i wasn't destined to be my path of study so, i didn't get to further into the field. i envy those who are taking TESL or any english-related field. there are even blogger whom i know doing this kind of program. Z@ck, Daniel Adie and Fitriah, just to name a few. there are all very lucky according to me.

so, i think this is more than enough. now you know everything about this blog. i assume its everything coz i literally have to squeeze out idea out of my brain. LOL.

p/s ~ sorry, this entry is kinda long..huhuhu..

Saturday, August 7, 2010

:: something 'bout love ::

Salam to all my readers

finally, David's new music video is released. boy, he looks fresh and grown up. boy, the jacket he wore in this video is so cool and vintage and nice. ohh ohh, his hairdo. love his new hairdo. suit him perfectly.

although he just lip-sync through the entire video and no acting at all, but still i love it, because the people portrayed on the video are all smiling and after all, it's something about love.

p/s ~ David, if you happen to read this (i'll be going crazy if he really read my crap) i urge you to come down here and do a big-scale concert. huhuhuu~~

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

:: take my arse outta here ::

Salam to all my readers

it's been awhile since i posted my last entry. been busy with assignments, tutorial and stuffs. as i'm typing all these words, i fell sooooo damn sleepy. but gotta push myself not to sleep after Asar, or i'll be blur and blank when i wake up.

this weekend would be great i suppose because finally there is a week where we don't have assignment or tutorial to be worried about. maybe our lecturers starts to think that student should have enjoyed their weekend rather than sitting on their desk, doing assignments. it's wonderful to see the changes in them. haha.

but still, i have to stay in this huge place. it has been 3 weeks since the last time i walked out of the UiTM front gate. why, because i'm short of money. PTPTN, please, gimme money! feel like i have lost connection with the world. don't know what is going on out there. maybe there are few new shops built around Puncak Alam.

ohh, my friend told me today that McDonald will open a new franchise here, next to the Petronas, which is quite a happy news for me. at least i don't have to travel half of Puncak Alam just to get a taste of McD. she said they almost hang the coming-soon banner outside the premise. see, if she didn't tell me about this, how i would have known. i need to get my ass out of this place. somebody please kidnap meh!!!

owh btw, Ramadhan Al-Mubarak is around the corner. and a month after is Hari Raya. time does fly fast. hope this Ramadhan will be the best Ramadhan ever. first thing to do, add up my food stock!


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