Saturday, October 9, 2010

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Salam to all my readers

This week was kinda hectic for me, not only i got tests but also i was a nominee for a position in MELTECH (it's a student association for my course) and it is not an ordinary position. I'm gonna be one of the Supreme Council member! I don't know what to feel at the moment i received the news coz big position come with big responsibility plus I don't really have leader kinda attitude so, gotta earn it i guess.

After few days watching my face printed out on a paper and hanged at every corner of the faculty with other candidates faces, is it time to reveal the mystery. I don't expect for a high position since I don't think people know me, even my senior don't know my full name. They just know my nickname and what people call me with. This situation shows that I'm not really close with my seniors, especially the guys.

Well, yesterday was the Annual Grand Meeting and the moment I've been waiting for. It was quite a heart-pounding moment as I don't know how to react if people see me and go like, ohh, is this the guy for the position, or will he suit the position. You know, that kinda thoughts really annoyed me coz I don't know what people think and that what scares me.

So, behold, the new Supreme Council member and the position is:

ok, you may vomit now. LOL. I got to sharpen up my math after this. Dealing with money is scary you know, especially when it's not ours. Once you miscalculate then everything will be in chaos. Gosh, I hate math as much as I hate bugs!

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