Friday, July 3, 2009

:: yay! alhamdulillah... ::

Salam to all my fellow readers

actually, i'm happy today cos i'm writing my 50th entry!
time passes so fast
that i couldn't take a rest
from posting new entries in my blog
to me, my blog is not so 'WOW'
its doesn't have the intellectual look
but still
it gives me comform
whenever i write, its like i'm telling people story
and that what make me comform the most!


to celebrate my 50th entry
i'll write something that will show the other side of me
i dunno whether u guys gonna realize it or not
but as far as i concern
i never write anything like this before
just wait ok

until then...

10 puji aku smart:

Ejay said...

congrats for ur 50th entry...

keep on blogging. tak sabar nak baca ur surprise entry tu.. jeng jeng jeng...

riBEna said...

suda 50?
truskan usahaaaaa~

maju la sukan utk blog

EIPUL said...

congratz. dah capai 50 entri. Aku lupa nak celebrate hari tu, sebab aku tak pasan entry aku dah capai 50. haha

strewberimanes said...

keep on bloggong!
newey congrats ya =)

xsbar to read ur suprise
ape ek agak2nye?
tadaaaaaaa =)

lalink7 said...

wOw..memang leh dapat award bloggers paling rajin wat entri la dik..

Anonymous said...

lg byk,lg mnrik kan..

AuraFIza said...

baru 50 entry, tp follower da rmai..
teruskan mem'blogging'..


MISZ NaNa said...

wow! x sabar nak tunggu! congrates ok!

Judiene said...

guys, thanx for all da wishes
don put such a high expectations in my next entry
its nothing la actually
but hope u guys r gonna enjoy reading it


Dhada said...

Wuwuwu happynya :P

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