Tuesday, July 7, 2009

:: back to school yeah!! (part 2) ::

~ laluan menuju ke Principal's office and dewan SIC ~

Salam to all my fellow readers

ok, lets finish what we'd started shall we?
in my previous entry with da same title, we stop at when i reached at my hostel
ok2, after that, Jay and i had some chat with pak guard man (still remember the character hehe)
but it almost 12 noon so we decided to meet other teachers that we hadn't got a chance to meet before (awkward huh?)
during my way to meet the teachers, i looked around and saw form 3 students walking near me
i noticed that they are small and doesn't look like form 3 students
i mean when i was in form 3, we were not that small
hehehe, ok, enough said!

we were heading to the library when a boy approached us
and it happened to be someone that i miss (miss??)
hey, can't i miss someone who is same gender as me??
he used to be my 'kid' when i was in form 5
he was in form 1 at that time
we played volleyball together
of course with few other guys laaaa
and now, he look different
he's all grown up
so tall
he was so small back then
that's why i called him 'kid'
but two things that still same
his 'garau' voice and his teeth (haha censor sket ni ek)
we had a little talk coz he had a class to attend
too bad i didn't get a chance to take a picture with him

on my way to the principal's room
i bumped into a Bio teacher
Pn. Asmani - she's so sweet and sweet and sweet and........SWEET!
hahaha (awas bkn scandal ekk)
she was so surprised to see us
but i hate when she said
"mujahid, awok napok matured"
"izzuddin pulok, sehat nyo"
nah hamek ko Judiene!
dialek klate sehat means semakin berisi or gemuk la
skali kne fat!
ok2, i admit i'm a bit fatter
u can see it obviously at my cheek and my arms
hate this!!

~ to dak2 SIC, jgn jeles hehe ~

~ Jay & Pn. Asmani ~

she asked about our studies and what we are doing now
she was smiling all the time
but i cud see the 'stressness' in her eyes
coz she teaches Biology in all classes of form 5!
huhuhu pity her
and before left, she was sporting enough to take a pictures with us
we were her students so no big deal!!

and here are some pics that we took that day
mostly pics of my school laa

~ perkarangan SIC ~

~ padang SIC terbentang luas ~

~ 2nd padang dlm sekolah ~

~ kt dataran ni la ktowg senamrobik dlu (multi-purpose court) ~

~ tu la masjid SIC next to multi-purpose court ~

~ the runaway hehe ~

~ ni la blok form 4 & 5 ~

i owe a lot to this school
to all my beloved teachers who had taught me from form 1 till form 5
may ur life be fulfilled with happiness and keredhaan from Allah SWT

p/s ~ i almost crying while writing this entry.. huhuhu :'(
Kid is wayyyy taller than the last time i saw him, still can't believe it hehe..

6 puji aku smart:

riBEna said...

siap2 nages ye taip ni
mase skola la yg plg d rindui

sHaH said...

wah, free je ko ek..
siap leh lepak kat skolah lagik..

PHIRDOTE said...

anda hebat berbahasa inggeris..nice one :D

Kotak Hati said...

mo comment..

Judiene said...

Ribena ~ zra, xdela nanges, juz berair hidung je.. hehehe :)

Shah ~ xdela free sgt, tu pn hari tu je dpt lepak kt sne hehehe..

Phirdote ~ apekah makna nama anda ini? hehehe.. hebat?? i don think so.. grammar tunggang langgang tuh..

Wan ~ cmon dude.. it's just an expression of feelings.. ape aku mengarut neh..

shawn said...

best2...dh lmer ak xblk klntan,nk gi skolah lagi lar...
pn godzilla jd PKHEM...
mmg class lar...wa mmg tabik spring lar beb
she the best english teacher we ever had...
may Allah bless her n her families

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