Tuesday, July 21, 2009

:: my henfon, in memory! ::

~ this is my henfon ~

Salam to all my readers

ok2, this entry is not gonna be an emo entry
so u can read it happily
thanx guys for all of ur support
i really appreciate it
u guys are truly a person that i can called as friend
thank you very much!

ok la, back to my entry today
ptg td, about 5.30 pm, me and my friends went to Taman Tasik here at Seremban to have a lil bit exercise
well, we went to jog actually
so, before we get out of adly's car, we put henfons and wallet in the dashboard coz ssh la jogging ade henfon dlm poket
we didn't expect or think about anything bad since there were crowds at the park
so, i think it was a safe plan to hide our henfons in the dashboard

and by the time we wanted to go home, we found out that our henfons and money were stolen
the saddest part is, adly's car kne bukak but no one actually saw that
i dunno whether people there really don't see the incident or they just simply ignore it
i was so shocked and frustrated as i used my ptptn money to buy the henfon
what a lose!
i felt horrible after knowing what was happening
i love my henfon so much
i actually cannot believe that my henfon was gone

bad luck to those who steal it!
fuck u!!
but at the end, aku pasrah la psl kejadian ni
moral of the value, don ever leave ur belongings in ur car
people nowdays are very creative
they know how to break in the car without leaving any sign

p/s ~ i love my henfon.. :'(

5 puji aku smart:

peridot sepi said...

tumpang simpati...

Ejay said...

1. maybe it's time for u to change to a new hp. kalo tak hilang, ntah bila nak tukar phone baru kan?
2. nasib baik tak kena rompak or kes ragut pastu nyawa melayang. hilang hp, at least bley ganti.. kalo hilang nyawa.. naya beb.

so, think positive k!

EIPUL said...

alamak z610i lah. aku pernah ada hp ni gak. ciannye ko. sabar je ea. orang yg curi hp ko tu, awas lo! biar dia pengsan tak dpt kentut 5 tahun. boleh?

AdiE said...

mmm...what a pity thing happened to u..
sbr je..
(klise advice)hahahaha

Judiene said...

Peridot Sepi ~ thanx :)

Ejay ~ hehe, i tried to think positive but i cant la.. i love my fon!!!

Eipul ~ hahaha, mmg cilaka la sape2 yg curi tuh!! huh!

Adie ~ haha, thanx for da advice dude :p

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