Thursday, July 23, 2009

:: come on and follow me! ::

Salam to all my readers

i just wanna share with u guys what i'v been doing to ease all my stress and at the same time, regain my body shape
u wanna see how my body used to be??
scroll ur mouse down


~ haha, can't believe haa?? ~

starting from, ermm, yesterday actually, heee
i've been filling my evening with jogging
i know it's hard to believe as i found it hard to belive too
me?? jogging??
ok2, i admit that i'm not really into this kind of activity but if it's for my body shape, anything is acceptable

since my henfon is stolen yesterday after jogging, i thot maybe returning to the place will remind me of my beloved henfon
but, i make myself strong, and just jog at the park with one aim
well, actually there are more than one aim but in this case, just one aim
to regain my body shape!

so friends, sape2 yg rse nk sihat or nk kurus, plz join me

p/s ~ another aim for me to jog is to make me forget of all of my jeaousy towards somebody!!

9 puji aku smart:

WanIE GhaZaLI said...

hehe..nk joinla..

POSH76 said...

cayalah bagus2...tapi tak yah ler berketoi2...haha

Ejay said...


kalo ko buat semua ni just to be like someone else... that's not right

you can follow but don't imitate
you can admire but don't envy

whatever it is.. be proud of yourself

(ape la aku mengarut ni kan.. heh)

Pije. said...

gila tough u judin.
menyampah den.

Judiene said...

Wanie ~ nk join? jom2.. huhu..

Ejay ~ hehe, don get me wrong dude. i'm not doing it bcoz i wanna be like someone else. da pic above is a illustration only. hehehe :)

Posh ~ hahaha, xde smpai ketol2nyer..

Pije ~ hahaha, den pn nek nyampah gak!

Dhada said...

For real ? Haha

EIPUL said...

i dont wanna be any kurus-er, thats 4 sure. haha.
tapi kalo jogging ni aku kadang-kadang tyme rajin adalah jugak buat. Time tak rajin, pepaham sendiri lah. Terbongkang kat bilik lah op koz. Hahaha

Judiene said...

Dhada ~ hehehe, yela. why? xcaye??

Eipul ~ hahaha, sme la kte. tp aku try merajinkn diri aku r. hehehe..

riBEna said...

nak join
nk join

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