Wednesday, July 15, 2009

:: no shoulder to cry on ::


i was planning to write about our day out at Seremban but something was bothering me this past few days
owh, don worry, i'm not sick
it's just, my heart seem a bit distracted
i dunno what cause this unpleasant feeling but it kinda hurt since i'm a guy with 1001 emotions!
but the worst part is, i feel like i'm all alone and there's no one here to comfort me..
sorry this entry is gonna be an emo entry..

do u ever feel like u got a problem but u don have a shoulder to cry on??
i dunno about u guys but i'm feeling it right now
it's suck! horrible man!
i feel like i'm drowning in my own problems
i can't breathe
i'm clueless
i may look cool and fine if u see from the outside
but deep inside my heart, i really wish i have someone to turn to so that i can open up about my problems
ahhh, it's not really a problem though but everything i do it seem not wrong

it's really hurt when it comes to human's feeling
there's no cure for it
only time will heal the wound
but the wound that i'm feeling now, is still bleeding
sorry for being so emotional but since i don't have a shoulder to cry on
my blog is perfect to replace

but above all, what make me feel like i'm goin' crazy is the problem itself!
it's something that a normal human are not suppose to feel
it's weird that i can tell u the problem
ohh god!
it's not a surprise if i'll be diagnosed with depression one day
yeah, anti-depressant pills can do
but, no, i'm not gonna take it
no, never!

i'm totally crazy!!!

p/s ~ i'm not expect u guys to understand this stupid and crazy entry anyway...

7 puji aku smart:

safri@chaie said...

lek2 judin..
bese r tu kalo emo2 sket..
baru la nmenye human being...
but, we're gentlemen, n we're survivor..

sHaH said...

sometimes, being alone make u realise about life.
life without problem is totally a meaningless life.
bcoz i believe that life is sweet if only u have tasted the bitter side of it.
i'm not sure how and what u feel right now as i have no idea wat keeps bothering u all the time.
whatever it is, be strong..
sometimes you have to learn to comfort yourself in certain situations.
happiness and sadness can be chosen.
so choose either one coz the one that you choose would make a great difference in ur life.

Eazy Izzuddin said...

whats wrong with u...
chill kayh..

nasevh said...

just stay calm..
coz it just a normal feeling
that affect anybody..
just depend to the individual
whether they want to xpress it
or keep it keep real them inside.
get seek ur fren..n stay cool bro..
hope u will be fine..=)

yaziith su anaz said...

i'v been through dis quite loads of times.

just hoping dat u can face it well.

MISZ NaNa said...

hope u will be fine.
being alone doesn't mean that there's nobody care about u.
maybe u not realize it.
be strong!
i know u can XD

Kotak Hati said...

oh judien..
u can do it..

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