Friday, July 3, 2009

:: back to school yeah!! (part 1) ::

Salam to all my readers

in my previous entry, i did say that i'm gonna write about something which gonna show the other side of me
if u guys notice, i never write sad entry before
well, this is time, it's gonna be sad
but i didn't cry though!

ok, here's the story
last Wednesday, i went back to my old school, SIC (Sultan Ismail College), with my buddy, Mujahid aka Jay (thanx for the ride dude!)
we went there just nk amek sijil SPM and PMR yg dah lme terperap kt office
i was nervous to meet our teachers at first but Jay keep saying that all we have to do is take the certificates and get our ass out of here
but after taking the latter, we decided to stay there for a while
lps lme xdtg, xkn la terus blk kn..

~ kat lobby SIC ~

then, we went to see SIC latest PK HEM, Pn. Wan Norzila, who used to be my class teacher back at form 5, in her office
she's actually one of my favorite teachers
my feeling at that moment wasn't happy
but i felt sad instead
it has been ages since the last time i saw her
we talked about everything
termasuk 'ketidakpuasan' hati terhadap pengetua
ni antara sbb why i like her
she's not afraid to express her opinion
wlaupun terhadap pihak atasan ;)

~ me & Lady Norzila :) ~

actually, hari tu ade majlis perjumpaan ibubapa form 5
so, rmai cikgu2 yg mengajar form 5 terlibat
in the mean time, we went around our school, amazed by the transformation that changed the look of the school
then, we met this teacher
he was my Ketua Warden at my hostel - Mr. Zaimi
he looked happy to see us
we chatted for a while before he took us to our hostel
sempat gak la aku amek gmba ngn die :)

~ mr. zaimi & me ~

OMG!!!!! WTF!!!
that was the word that came out of my mouth when i saw the hostel
it looked different
so different
bangunan2 dicat semula
siap ada taman lg
nape la dowg xwat sume ni mase aku still kt sini!!??
then suddenly, hati aku rse sebak plak
coz selama 5 thn aku tggl kt hostel ni
it brought a lot of memori
es to see the place that used to be my 2nd home
i almost shed a tear u know..

sempat la gak aku snap2 pics sementara Jay tgk sekeliling
Dewan Makan pn daha ade air-cond
xbley jadi neh!
a few minutes later, Jay called out my name
and that bcoz he saw Pak Guard Man!
he still works here! ingtkn da pindah
pakcik ni baik sgt

~ me & pak guard man ~

he is our pak guard
then, ktowg chit chat jap, tnye2 khabar
tnye psl asrama ni yada yada yada...
then, ktowg pn blah
but before that, take a look guys at the pics of my hostel

What will happen after this?
what will Judiene do when he meet 'his gf'?
wanna kno more?
find out on the next entry part 2


~~ to be continued ~~

8 puji aku smart:

EIPUL said...

aku pun tak amek2 lagi sijil spm aku kat mersing sana. Bapak jauh. tak tau nak amek bila. Huhu

Eazy Izzuddin said...

memori semasa skola...
rindu zaman skola dlu2

Dana Telecom said...

jadi terkenang masa sekolah aku.

riBEna said...

oowhh skola cni upenye ye dlu?

windu jgk zam skola

zaman skola plg hepi!

Judiene said...

Eipul ~ mak oii!! jauhnye skolah ko.. cne la nk amek tu nnt.. hehehe

Eazy ~ ha'ah, taw xpe.. nk nanges taw tgk asrama tu.. isk3!!

Judiene said...

Dana ~ hahaha, i'm happy if my entry make u remind of ur memories :)

Ribena ~ zra knl ke SIC?? hahaha jgn xknl, antara skul femes kt klate taw.. hihihi :) yeah! idop zman skolah!!

strewberimanes said...

mengamit kenangan di bangku sek =)
zmn sek plh beshhhh. knnnn kamo knnnn =)

p/s: from ur pic above, ur face like my clsmate. adakah kamo adek beliau?? =p

nasevh said...

just same~hehe

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