Monday, July 20, 2009

:: i just can't! ::

Salam to all my fellow readers

have u ever feel something irritating and then 1 second later u try to act like nothing's happen??
have u??
well, in my case, i've been thru this a lot
and believe me u guys, it's hard to maintain a smiley face when ur in trouble or when ur facing something suck and irritating!!
owh, almost forgot, this entry is one of my emo entry so shud i say get ur ass of my blog if u don like it??

dlm m'hadapi hidup aku ni, u know, being a 1001 emotion person is tough
it's tough bcoz ppl around u dunno what ur feeling and they try to cheer u up
but what they dunno is the thing that make me feel 'suck' is actually got to do with them
i don mean that i'm true all the time and they are wrong all the time
it's just i'm seem not to understand the nature of the world
u know, being in a friendship sometimes has ups and downs
sometimes u happy and a second later u sad
but, to maintain a happy face whenever u r surrounding by ur fren is tough
they tend to ask 'what's the matter' but how cud i tell them when they are the reason that i feel 'suck'!!??

don be confiused
it's not my freinds' fault
it's just me who is emo terlebih
yeah, that's me
sometime i feel jealous of something that i shouldn't feel that way
it's suck u know
but, sorry guys, i can't help it
so, to cure my emo terlebih syndrome ni, i always think of something happy that we've done sepanjang perkenalan kami
i feel cool a lil bit by doing so
but, smpai ble aku nk cni??

i don care if my friend read this
i don care if they say 'ni mst ko ckp psl aku kn'
to me, my blog is a place where i can spill out all of my probs and what are kept inside my heart
i don give a damn if dowg rse menyampah
i really don care

but in the meantime, i try to be someone better
someone that can accept things easily without being haunt by jealousy
i may sounds like a girl
u know, jealosy
hehehe, sorry dude, if u wanna know about Izzuddin, huh, be my guest

p/s ~ lalalalala...

6 puji aku smart:

AdiE said...

yeah dude...
its normal that we are surrounded with people with several kind of faces2..
we don't know who actually they are..
they might pretend that they like us but actually they hate us do much...
so, what else can we do??
am i rite...

Just_najmiE said...

be strong, u'll make it..
focus on the positive side of ur friendship, I'm sure u'll be okay..

I pray for the best for u.. stay strong ya?.. (^^,)

Dhada said...

What's wrong ?
Sabar ya .. ingat Tuhan dulu :)

MISZ NaNa said...

hidup mmg camni...
jealousy tu biasalah
just be yourself x pyh fikir byk2 sgt

EIPUL said...

it's just normal lah kawan-kawan sekejap baik sekejap annoying ni iz. aku pun skrg tgh tak dpt masuk ngan kwn aku. nak baik aje, tiba-tiba ada benda yang dia buat sangat sakitkan hati. huhu. so, what to do? i juz go wit the flow. LOL

Judiene said...

to all ~ guys, thanx a lot for spending ur time reading my blo and drop some comments. i really appreciate it and hopefully u guys keep visiting my blog k. hehehe :)

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