Wednesday, July 8, 2009

:: burning flame ::

~ hiasan semata-mata ~

Salam to all my readers

this entry basically is not so important pn
juz wanna share with u guys about what had happened yesterday
it was nearly a tragic accident but all are safe

like u guy know, the weather here is so hot and dry
so, yesterday evening, my mum bakar sampah
she didn't realize that there were a small area of dry bushes near the place where my mum burnt the garbage
so the fire from the burning garbage spread to the bushes
it cud be doused easily at first since the fire was small
but my dad said "alah, xde pape tuh, jap lg padam la tuh"
my mum listened to him and continued doing what she was doing

then, a couple of minutes later, the wind started to blow heavily
hahaha ade hiperbola neh
so, the fire became big and spread to all the entire bushes near my house
my mum panicked
she yelled to me and asked me to find a pipe
we tried to put out the fire but it was hard
the wind blow helped the fire to spread faster
fortunately, my uncle and few other people came to the rescue
they brought hoses and we combined the latter to make it longer

after nearly 20 minutes (i assume laa) finally, we managed to put out the fire
the ashes from the wood was blown by the wind
thank god the burning didn't attract the fire brigade to come
if they did, definitely we'll be fined
xsempat nk amek pic time tuh!
what a waste!

umi, it was all your fault
u are the one who shud be blamed for the open burning
kidding guys
it was an accident laa..
take a look at my pic
sorry for the low-quality pic
we were panicked, remember?? :)

~ the smoke from the burning ~

~ Uncle Jo bz tgk2 asap ~

~ alhamdulillah all are safe! ~

4 puji aku smart:

Just_najmiE said...

OMG, that's scary!..
good thing everything's under control now and no one was hurt..
and the moral of the story is, don't play with fire!..
hehehe.. (^^,)

nabilah_2908 said...

hrumm...dh mcm pasukan bomba memadamkan kebakaran...nasib baik x pape kan..:)

Dhada said...

Bahaya bermain dgn api . lalalala

Judiene said...

Najmie ~ yes, i got u! :)

Nabilah ~ hahaha, my dad was the fire fighter that day..

Dhada ~ bkn main, termain.. heee

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