Saturday, July 11, 2009

:: when Dr. Love starts to talk.. ::

Salam to all my fellow readers

now, i'm typing this entry live from my small rent room in Seremban
as u guys know kn, i'm gonna start my practical soon at Hospital Tuanku Jaafar here
so, to anyone who are dying to see me (haha) pls don come to the hospital
can't wait to start practical laa (sarcastically) (",)

u know what guys, lately i've been thinking a lot about this
it's not bcoz i'm dying to try this or desperately need this
but, seeing my friend with their couples, happy2, yeah, most of them happy but ade gak la yg berendam ayaq mata hehe
yeah, that's what i've been thinking - COUPLE
u got it right
one of my old friend said that, maybe i'm gay, so that's why i'm not crazily looking for girls and single until now
am i gay?
yeah, i think i am

ok la, here's my opinion on this matter
i repeat again, this is just my honest opinion and doesn't relate to any people ok
so nnt jgn xpuas ati kutuk2 aku ek!!!
couple, it's a bond between man and woman, influenced by love
but there's also couple between man and man
or woman and woman
but that's the other side of the story..

couple ni ade +ve and -ve dia
according to Dr. Judiene aka me (aishhh)
couple bring more -ve influences than +ve ones
u know, when u start dating a girl, it means u have to start thinking about the responsibilities and the comitments u'll have to give to ur partner
u may be not married yet but if u are thinking of dating someone, plz be serious about it
i hate playboys/playgirls
they don have the right to play with one's feeling
so, be nice, honest and loyal to ur partner, which is not an easy job to do
to be frank, i'm not ready to think about someone's feeling seriously and not ready to trust a girl and make her the queen of my soul
that's why la aku xde sesape
make sense x??

tp, ade gak bestnye kalo couple ni
we'll feel appreaciated and have someone to cry to if we get into any trouble
surely there's someone who can comfort u and give u supports
other than ur friend laa
friend always be there for another friend
that's my definition of friendship

other than that, couple gives u way to express ur 'nafsu serakah' to a girl
i mean people will not look twice at u if u hold hands or kiss ur partner
unless ur partner is same gender as u!
WTF la tuu!!!

so, the conclusion (like writing my report la plak) is if u want to involve in this whole couple thing, be sure that u r ready and not just bcoz u r jealous of others
dating is a one step closer to the married life
it's important bcoz u r actually choosing and seeking ur life partner
but above all, it's all depend to God's will
but we as His slaves, should follow His wisdom in everything that we do
sekian, wabillahitaufiq walhidayah
assalamualaikum w.b.t


p/s ~ if there's someone who like to invite me to give a speech regarding this matter, do not hesitate to send me an email.. hahahaha!!! xD

4 puji aku smart:

Just_najmiE said...

'other than that, couple gives u way to express ur 'nafsu serakah' to a girl
i mean people will not look twice at u if u hold hands or kiss ur partner
unless ur partner is same gender as u!'

that is so NOT true! seriously!!.. hello, we are Muslims, it is OBVIOUSLY against the teachings of our religion to do such things before getting married.. please change ur mindsets, people! even if u're coupling with someone, it does not give u any rights to touch her/him.. I repeat, NO RIGHTS!! and being a gay/lesbian is so freaking wrong.. Allah made men for women, and women for men.. we complete each other.. to be gay means u defy the teachings of Allah n his prophet.. please, don't be gay!

and FYI, people will look at u if u do the said things, holding and kissing, becoz they will not like to see it.. those are sinful acts and whoever condones it is said to 'subahat'.. if anyone does that in front of me, I will not hesitate to slap some sense into them, seriously.. I have done it before and I will do it again.. hate me if u want, but that is what I'll do..

I have no problem with coupling but acts such as hugging, kissing and even holding hands before marriage is strictly prohibited.. girls, guys can NOT touch u if u don't allow them.. so DON'T allow them!.. have some dignity, protect ur maruah.. and guys.. if u really love a girl, protect her dignity, her maruah, until she becomes ur wife.. that is the TRUE gift of love.. (^^,)

and Judiene,

u're not a gay.. u just want to play safe and not want to get hurt emotionally.. I understand and it's perfectly normal.. I have friends who have never coupled before and they're prefectly normal also.. take ur time, the right girl will come to u.. enjoy life while u have no additional responsibilities(gf)..

sorry for the long comment, but I just had to say these things.. now it's ur turn to choose which one u want to follow..

sekian, terima kasih..

sHaH said...

huh? panjang giler si najmie punyer komen..
rilek la bro..
aku 1st kapel time umo 20 taun.
and right now happy with her..
ko blom sampai seru je lagi..
nnt jumpa la si dia tu..

toksah la kata ko gay unless old english gay yang bermaksud happy.
paham kan aku cakap pe?

sHaH said...

bro, if ur gay, it's fine with me.
y discriminate these people?
tol tak?

aku penah tnya my senior:

"kalo betol Allah sayangkan hamba Dia, nape ada yang dilahirkan gay?"
(fyi: gay or homoseksual could be genetic and caused by the environment aka faktor luar)

my senior jawab:
"Allah nak tunjuk kekuasaan Dia dan Dia nak manusia berpikir tentang apa yang baik atau apa yang tak.."

so, ur life is ur own choice.
aku dan sesapa pun kat dunia ni has no right to judge u.
think about it k?

(tringat cite brokeback mountain..)

Judiene said...

hey guys
don be fooled what i wrote
i'm not gay ok!
i just say it just for fun

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