Tuesday, June 30, 2009

:: when heart is in confusion.. ::

~Jennifer Hawkins, Miss Universe 2004~

Salam to all my readers

" What u seek in a girl?"
" What's ur dreams girl would be?"

Have u ever been asked questions like above?
of coz u had kn
and then u will list down all 'characteristics' that u seek in a girl
and that wud be ur dream girl/guy la kan
and again, of coz some of the characteristics u seek is hardly found in real human being
u can't find someone who 100% meet with ur ideal girl/guy
maybe u found a guy/girl who is handsome, pretty, cute and smart but at the same time they surely lack of other characteristics that u're looking for
do u understand what i'm getting in to??
u'll do..

Me myself now are experiencing the problem
i met a girl who i think suit me and cud be my first gf
but the problem is, my heart is firmly tied with what i cud say, the characteristic of my dream girl
maybe u'll think i'm over the top or insane if i say that i wish i cud date a chinese or an english girl
yes, a chinese and english girl!
i repeat, chinese and english!!!

~Jennifer Hawkins : She'll always be my dream girl! :D~

~She's so damn hot!!!~

it's not like i hate malay girls
no, never
i do love malay girls
it's just, i'm a bit crazy when it comes to this matter
i always imagined how my childrens are goin to look like if i marry sekian sekian sekian
i mean, let say, if i marry a chinese girl, biologically, my childrens will have chinese gene in them
they may get chinese looks too
and according to our Prophet, he encourages mix marriages
it got something to do with the IQ thing of the child..

now u guys know why i wud lovvvvvveeeeee to have a chinese gf
but on top of that, according to my friend la
"sedarlah diri tu sket, muke bknnye hensem sgt, xpyh berangan nk kawen omputih atau cine!"
what they said is true
i'm not rich, i'm not smart and i'm not that handsome but maybe a lil cute
huahahahaha!! :D

ok2, back to the topic
i wanna give a go with this girl i found suitable for me
but like i said earlier
my mental and my heart block the feeling inside me
the feeling for her
my mind keep reminding me about my i-dunno-where-i-can-find dream girl whenever i think of couple with her

At this point of my life, didn't have someone to be loved and to love is actually freaking me out
"U shud start looking for one rite now"
that's from my cousin
who had married and has a cute lil baby boy
i dunno whether i cud find the rite girl on the rite time
life is full of surprises
it's hard to predict what may come in the future
but all i can do is pray to Allah, so that Allah will show me the girl who is really meant for me

u know what,
i dunno why all of a sudden i'm talking about this
maybe it has something to do with...


me who never experience love!!!

p/s ~ i'll be waiting here for u, my love, Jennifer Hawkins! ahaks!! :)

12 puji aku smart:

riBEna said...

tgu die ekkk..
jgn x tgu

Anonymous said...


mmg cute ape kamu..

berangan yek..
btw,berangan pun leh terjd jgk kan 1 hr nnti..
da dpt girl idmn 2,jgn lupe bgtau lionteen yek..

yaziith su anaz said...

you are far too young for miss hawkins dear.


and remember our deal for club single mingle?

Dhada said...

Nk yg sexy & hot ja :P

MISZ NaNa said...


haha~ nampaknya kamu telah ditanya soalan2 subjektif itu....
macam kate yazith u are too young 4 miss hawkins..
someday u wil meet your dream girl... *wink*

sHaH said...


bro i dunno about u but the girl that i always wanted is not what i get.
kekadang tu, bile seru da sampai, kite akan bersama ngan si dia.
that time, kite da tak pedulik sapa dia.
tawakal kat Tuhan k...
u'll get what u wanted..
it's just the matter of time.

Judiene said...

Ribena ~ i will...hehehe :)

Lionteen ~ me? cute? ahhh, cmon *blushing alrdy* hahaha.. yup, hopefully i'll find my dream girl.. hahaha :)

Yaziith ~ owh, i forgot bout our club.. hehe.. don worry, i'm still in da club!

Dhada ~ hahaha, no komen ek! hihihi

Judiene said...

Misz Nana ~ haha, plz don remind me about my age! hehehe :)

Shah ~ bro, thanx a lot for da advice, sedey plak tetibe T.T

WanIE GhaZaLI said...

may ur precious dream come true!!!

EIPUL said...

wah itu jennifer manyak cun oh. gua suka jugak meh. LOL

Judiene said...

Wanie ~ hehe, insyaAllah..

Eipul ~ i cudn't agree more with u! hehehe :D

nasevh said...

everyone hav their own dream girl..
especially those single mingle person..
hope u got la ur chinese english girl tu..

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