Saturday, May 16, 2009


ohaiyo gozaimasu..
to all my frens..

yesterday was my Eating Day coz start from early in da morning until nite, i ate non-stop.. hahaha.. u guys wanna know why?? bcozzz...


~my mom very own Laksa Penang..slllrrppp!~

my dearest mom cooked us her very own tasty dish, original from penang (yup, me mom is from penang)... LAKSA PENANG!

i was so damn miss Laksa Penang dat i ate it for my breakfast, lunch, dinner and even my supper.. while watching American Idol Result Show, it's gud to have sumthg to eat n i choosed laksa.. hahaha.. my mom said, bcoz of my crazy eating habit yesterday, make me gain another 10kg.. OMG! start diet today.. hihihi

da smell is very attractive especially da smell of belacan.. really menusuk hidung.. i've tried my other version of laksa penang, especially kelantan-made version, it doesn't taste like Penang mali.. da laksa like lack of sumthg.. mybe the originality.. hehehe.. if i go back to Penang, my aim is to eat laksa penang, n of coz other mee stuffs like mee rebus, mee kuah and soto.. too bad i don have the pictures to show u..

~waa..very tasty..yummy~

~mmmm, heavenly taste~

anyway, if u want da recipe, plz email me.. i'll send it to u.. huahahahaha!!!!


~ahhhh...i want more!!~


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