Sunday, May 31, 2009

:: i'm da biggest loser! ::

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sila baca ucapan dr seseorg di bwh ini dgn penuh penghayatan. jgn berkelip wlau sekali. janji. k, dah, bce!

" 3 months ago, i'm a 100++ kg boy with low self-esteem bcoz of my super heavy weight. i can't wear clothes or shoes that i like bcoz i can't find my size. sy slalu pkai bju and sluar yg bsr2, yg labuh2, coz ade owg ckp kalo owg gemuk pkai bju yg ketat2 akan menampakkan lg lebihan2nye itu. so, sy xberani nk pkai coz tkt ade yg kutuk2 plak."

smbil mengesat air mata gune tisu cap Tesco, dan dia smbung lg..

" everytime i walk past a group of people, they all will look at me with a nasty, hidious look. seolah2 mcm sy ni jijik dan xlayak berkawan ngn dowg (kesat lg air mata). slalu hina sy dgn pekataan2 yg hanya Tuhan sje yg taw betapa kecik n sakitnye hati sy (hingus hijau da mule meleleh-leleh). adakah sy xlayak berkawan dgn org2 yg kurus dan smat?? do i need to befriend only with fat ppl like me?? mcm2 pertanyaan yg bermain kt pale otak sy skrg. tapi..."

tbe2 berdiri smbil memegang pita pengukur...

" (dgn bgganye) kini, sy da xtkt lg! everythg's changed! i'm a new person now! look at me! berat sy da turun kpd 60++ kg. all bcoz i enter The Biggest Loser reality tv show. thanks to my fmly who convinced me to join the show and if not bcoz of them, i will not be sum1 hensem and thin like i am now. i'm really happy with my body. during da show, i pushed myself doing those extreme and hard exercises and whenever i think of ppl who dislike me, it motivates me to lose weight and makes me more determine to fight for wat i want."

~Look at me now!!~

" The Biggest Loser really change my life and i would ask ppl who got da same problem as me, do not afraid. join da show and u'll know wat its like to be in it. u'll gain sumthg dat u'll never think of getting it. i'm happy now."

this is the comment given by Izzuddin Marno, da winner of the current season of da reality show, The Biggest Loser, aired on Hallmark Channel. don forget to tune in da show and watch fat ppl trying their hard to lose weight, conducted by 2 coaches.

p/s : sje je sbnrnye nk suh kowg tgk show tu. bagus utk motivate diri sndiri utk kuruskan bdn. hahaha, jgn marah haaaa..

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WanIE GhaZaLI said...

wah,,good improvement from 100++ to 60++..
actually suke tgk citer tu.suke smgt dorg..huhu..ape pn xmustahil dlm dunia ni kan..
erm..xensem?ok je ensem ape :p

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