Thursday, May 21, 2009

:: Kris Allen is the new American Idol ::

~Kris Allen~

one of my peberet idol this season finally win da competition..
Kris Allen was crowned as the new American Idol today and da competitor, Adam Lambert is the runner-up..

~Adam Lambert~

i can't believe it..hu3.. to me, da result is unpredictable and shocking yet it's a good news to me..ha3.. to honest wif u guys, i really wanna see Danny Gokey (who is 2nd runner-up) as the new American Idol.. when he was eliminated during da top 3 result show and seeing Kris made it to da top 2, Simon thot dat it was an unpredictable result.. he3..

~Danny Gokey~

but guys, i do think dat Kris deserves to win da competition.. not only he can sing, but he also can play the instruments such as the piano and the guitar.. congratulations to him (if only he reads this blog..hu3)

more reviews on American Idol Finale are coming up later..


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