Saturday, May 23, 2009

:: jealousy!? anger!? wat else!!? ::

salam to all..
i'm not in da mood, so, juz str8 to da point!!

based on my post title, u know already wat da f**k i'm gonna talk about.. rite now, my heart is filled with those emotions.. maybe its due to many things dat happen around me recently, which i'm no good at handling them.. problems + hatred + jealosy + anger = wat else!!

~i'll be like this if my temper is risen~

nape human ni, ade rse jealousy in them?? to me, da simple theory is bcoz we don get wat we want and owg len ade bnda yg kte nk.. btol x?? i'm a sensitive person n believe me, there's nothings dat i wanna do but making diz feelin' disappear coz i tend to get jealous easily altho its coming from my own fault.. sumtimes i jealous over a small thing and lme2 it bcome anger which i hated when it happens.. its so hard being me!!

ade owg ckp, kte jelez over sumthg yg kte syg.. cthnye r, kalo kapel kowg rpt ngn owg len, or kapel kowg lbhkn owg len, for sure pasaan jelez tu akan dtg ngn sndirinye.. xpyh nk seru or pggl2 r coz gerenti bnda tu dtg.. hehe.. kdg2 bkn slh kapel or pihak kedua tu yg membuatkn kte jelez, tp jelez ni natural occuring.. hehe..

its hard to avoid from being jealous, but it can be overcomed by da way we face it and da way we handle it.. huhuhu.. dlm institusi rumahtgga plak, 2 pasaan ni la yg slalu memecahbelahkn hubungan antara suami n isteri n ade smpai jd kes jenayah (pe hal smpai msk isu2 rumahtgge neh..hihihi)..

kalo dlm b'kwn plak mmg xpyh ckp r.. mmg byk sgt la kes2 cni.. believe me coz i always befriend with those emotions n i've been labeled as 'emo' from my frens.. sumtimes i feel like i wanna shout to the 'who cares if i'm emo!'.. f**k dat shit r!!! but bcoz of my respect to them n bcoz of my frenship, i hold myself from doing it.. seyesly..

actly, bebelan aku ni bkn pe, i juz want to release my anger (to those ppl) dat growing in me.. n somehow i feel good doing it.. hehehe.. so, ble2 kalo aku ade xpuas ati ke pape ke, aku akan luahkan dlm blog neh.. kalo kowg nk bce, bce r.. kalo xnk dgr kutukan aku neh, blah dr cni awal2!!


[mood : angry, moody]

3 puji aku smart:

WanIE GhaZaLI said...

normal feeling in each normal dun wory..sometimes that feeling make us much more stronger than b4 and if that feeling does not exist,life seems dull je..tol x?

Judiene said...

ur totally rite..
i'll try to change myself n da way i look at things..

ekin bla bla said...

what happen what happen?

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