Sunday, May 1, 2011

:: The Royal Wedding - Prince William & Kate ::

Salam to all my readers.

One of mt friend said I was preoccupied with the whole Kate & William's Wedding thingy but honestly, I just want to feel apart of this once in a lifetime event. It's a world event actually coz more than 2 millions people watched the wedding. Superb! I was away yesterday so didn't get the chance to watch the broadcast live but thanks to TLC Channel which still in its Kate-William-Wedding theme, I got to watch it today.

~ Price William and Kate as they are leaving the Westminster Abbey ~

All I can say it, the wedding was tremendous. It's a royal wedding of the Britain's heir of the throne and the most popular royal family in the world so, it's pretty much something you can expect, which is tremendous. With thousands of people waited along the way from The Buckingham Palace to the Westminster Abbey and some of them had waited as early as 6 am. Not to mention some who had camped at the site. Very supportive. I was eager to watch the performance part actually rather than the 'I Do' part coz from what I have heard, there were a list of celebrities and singers who going to perform there including my favourite Elton John. Sadly they were saving the part.

~ The crowd roaring excitedly in front of the palace ~

~ The couple is on their way to the Buckingham Palace ~

The broadcast that I watched on TLC was hosted by Amanda Byram and Clinton Kelly in London and Randy Fenoli in Times Square New York City. It was kinda funny because they talked more on the outfit wore by the guests and the royal families rather than they did on the wedding. But hey, that's what keeps us awake isn't it? There was a moment when Amanda said that it is like watching a Grammy's red carpet. All eyes were on the outfits.

Apart from the fashion, there was another moment waited by thousands of people who came and gathered in front of the Buckingham Palace - the royal kiss. Like the late Princess Diana who sealed the kiss on the balcony of the palace, Kate chose to do the same. The kiss was quick to be exact and if you look away or blink your eyes, you probably gonna miss it. All eyes were on Kate and Prince William as they emerged from the palace onto the balcony. It is said that the new Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge will set off to their private honeymoon location today.

~ Kate and Prince William seal their kiss on the balcony ~

Nine days before their impending nuptials, Prince William and Kate took a boat to his mother's final resting place. It is believed that Prince William want to keep his mother close to him during the ceremony and by giving Princess Diana's engagement ring to Kate, he said that this is the way he keeps her mother's memory alive. Long live the marriage.

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