Thursday, May 12, 2011

:: AF students can't sing English songs?? ::

Salam to all my readers.

I am a big fan of reality TV singing competition. I watch shows like X-Factor (XF), American Idol (AI), One in a Million (OIAM), Mentor and Akademi Fantasia (AF). Whatever you say folks but these kinda shows really got me glued in front of the TV and there was a moment where I talked to myself and went like, "I think I was born to be in the industry, you know, whether as a singer, songwriter or producer." Hahaha. What a funny thought is that.

Okay, I'm not sitting in front of my lappy just to talk about my unaccomplished desire of becoming someone in a entertainment industry or fashion industry (wth!) but there is another topic worth to talk about. If you watch AF, regardless of any season, there will be a time when the students are gonna be tested with an English song. I notice something 'unhealthy' going on, I don't know if you guys did too. Majority of the students will be like kinda frustrated or scared whenever they get English song to be sang. Some of them will just cry or express their anxiety regarding the song. Have you ever notice that??

Well, in my opinion, there is no reason to be like that coz we've been taught English since we were in standard one and the song doesn't require them to give out a speech or to talk in front of the audience in English, they just need to sing the lyrics out in rhythm. Basically that is what they do right, singing. You don't necessarily have to be 100% grammatically perfect to sing an English song. The words are there, written on the paper and all they need to do is just practice the pronunciation that's all. They even have Puan Fatimah Abu Bakar to help them with that so, no point to be frustrated or go in front of the 'talking' camera and say that you don't like the song and etc. This kinda shit is really not acceptable.

~ I praise Farhan for her ability to sing English song perfecly ~

~ He sounded so bad when he sang in English during one of the concert in AF3 ~

This incident happen to every season of AF. Even I remember how scared Mawi was when he received an English song entitled 'Beautiful Maria'. I'm sure a lot of AF fans will go against me on this one but in order to become a versatile and a good singer, being able to sing in English is a must! Do not spit on me for telling you the truth. The students should be ready to uptake whatever songs that they are given, no matter what language it would be.

Last but not least, happy holidays guys! Ciao!

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