Saturday, May 14, 2011

:: Short forms in blogging is unacceptable ::

Salam to all my readers.

Yessss! Finally we are back in business. I bet all bloggers are gonna update their new posts now. Haha. I wonder what is the new improvement blogspot did coz it looks like the same to me. Nothing new. Hurmm.

Okay, lets get straight to the main points. I've been doing lot of blogwalking this past few days since blogspot was outage and I have come across quite a number of blogs that prefer to use short form words rather that spell it in a full form. Lets take a look at an example of sentence below.

'ktrg dh abis exm. nh la pdhnya bla jd bdak stat, slalu jer jd pntp pntu pagar U. hbs je exm, apa lg blik trus kms2 brng..'

To the owner of the blog who I copied this sentence from, I'm truly sorry. I don't mean to embarrass you or to humiliate you. I kinda get really annoyed reading a blog that is written like the sentence above and I can't wait for the entry that I am reading to end. It's okay to use these short forms when texting messages through phone but I find it unacceptable when you're writing an essay or something similar to that, you know, like a letter or something.

You guys probably say 'ikut suka aku lah blog aku' but at the end of the day, you want your readers to feel comfortable while reading your entries and you don't want them to kinda like searching for the 'X' button 10 seconds after dropping by at your blog. It will not kill you or weary your fingers to spell the word in its full form. I suggest to every blogger who are using this method to write their entry to start spelling the words the way it is. Trust me, your entry will look nicer and tidier.

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