Wednesday, May 25, 2011

:: The twins attack! ::

Salam to all my readers.

Ya know, I always like the idea of having a twins in my family. Seriously I do. Whenever I see twins I will go like, "This is a must-have item after I got married.". Haha. Twins are not like any ordinary people. Apart from the fact that they are twins, they tend to attract a lot of attention from the public, especially if the twins wear something similar and many eyes will fascinatingly rest on them.

I have heard stories, most of them inspiring, from the people who got a chance in life to raise twins and it is easy to assume that they had a true joy experiences in raising them. So, the question is, why is this twin people exist? From what I have learned in school, identical twins or known as monozygotic, form from a single fertilized egg and splits into two parts, resulting in the development of two embryos. Because of the two embryos come from a single egg/sperm fertilization, they have the same genetic origin. There is no authentic solid reason why the egg split into two, maybe it's a malfunction of the normal development process. To know more, go check your biology textbook.

If my wife pregnant and I have a 'choose' button whether you want identical twins or non-identical twins, I definitely go for identical twins. The number one reason why I want twins is because I want them to look alike. Non-identical twins is similar to any ordinary children, except for you will not be having children that share the same age. What's the point of wanting a twins if you don't want them to be identical right? I will buy them the same cloth, the same toys, damn, it's gonna be interesting! Hehehe.

~ Amanda and Michelle : the first ever twins made it to ANTM ~

~ Dylan and Cole Sprouse, who play Zack and Cody Martin in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody ~

Okay, I may like a twins-maniac here but don't get me wrong guys. I am not gonna hate my single-birth children just because my wish to have twins is not granted. I will love them equally. Haha. But hey, according to this article that I read, there is no established connection between genetics and monozygotic twinning. Scientists have not really found and confirmed clear cause for monozygotic twinning, which you already knew how it is occurred inside of the women's womb. All parents have a reasonably equal chance of getting identical twins. Now, that's a great news to hear! :P

p/s : may Allah push away all the complications if I were to get a twins babies. Hehe

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