Monday, May 9, 2011

:: X-Factor US 2011 ::

Salam to all my readers.

For those who is a fan of reality television singing competition called X-Factor, one will probably know that the creator of the show, top producer Simon Cowell is launching the US version of the show. It is based on the UK version of the X-Factor, which was where Simon served as one of the judges until its 2010 series. It is revealed that Simon departure from American Idol is because he wants to bring the show to America.

The US version of X-Factor has already kicked off its first audition on May 8th 2011. I am happy because finally Simon will be cooperating with his former American Idol judge, Paula Abdul as the judges for the show. The other two judges are L.A. Reid, a record producer and Cheryl Cole. Now, the weird thing is, I wonder why Cheryl wanted to follow Simon's footsteps and leave her role as the judge of X-Factor UK. She suits well as the judges there, and I don't think Americans are going to love her. She speaks with an odd slang and people might misunderstand her. I rather see Nicole Scherzinger or Kara DioGuardi as the judge. Or any other singers in US. I do like Cheryl but in my opinion, Simon has made a mistake by taking Cheryl into the judging line.

~ Paula and Simon was a sweet pair on American Idol ~

~ L.A. Reid ~

~ Cheryl Cole while in X-Factor UK ~

I'm eager to see what this show will turn out to be as two British and two Americans will served as the judges and from there I think we can predict how they going to blend with each other. I hope Paula and Cheryl will be a good friend while judging coz the latter seemed to have a problem if the other female judge (reads Dannii Minogue) outshines her, in all kind of aspects so, it's gonna be interesting.

Whatever it is, there are four contestants left on American Idol 2011 after Jacob Lusk leaves the show last week. Who's gonna be the next American Idol? Stay tuned to find out. :)

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