Wednesday, April 27, 2011

:: a mixture of singers and models ::

Salam to all my readers.

Sorry for the long hiatus. Been busy with my final exams and had not have any ideas to update. But today is different. For this semester, I only need to sit for 3 papers for the final and two has passed urmm, not very nicely. I screwed up one paper and I believe that I am not gonna do well this semester. Well, since when I go out of the exam hall with a happy face. *sigh.

Okay, lets talk about something else, but seriously, I keep thinking I am going to f*il this paper today. God, I am so scared! The carry mark for the final is only 30% but the one that determine whether I am going to f*il or not is final practical exam, which went, urmm, quite bad too. Wait, I thought I told you guys to talk about something else. Pfftt!

Living in a place like Puncak Alam is really get on my nerves sometimes, especially during the weekend. It gets worst if you don't have any transportation to move around. Trust me, you do not want to live here alone. Anyway, in order to kill time, I keep myself busy watching shows like American Idol and America's Next Top Model (these two are my favourite) which is currently on their latest season. I watch them on YouTube. I love to see great singers perform and models walk the runway and pose for pictures, wearing a garment by well-known designers around the world. Seriously, there is nothing more fun than watching these shows.

~ American Idol 10 ~

My favourite for American Idol this season is Pia Toscano, Jacob Lusk and Stefano Langone but sadly Pia and Stefano had been eliminated due to lack of knowledge on 'how to choose a great performer' among the voters. It is obvious that Pia is going to win if she stays. Now I'm just hoping that Jacob can make it to top 2 or at least top 3. Oh, fyi, Pia has released her first single, entitled 'Don't Question Why', 2 days after her elimination. Do you see that people, composers are fighting over Pia. She's simply the best! =D

America's Next Top Model on the other hand, is airing its Cycle 16 now and my favourite among the bunch are Alexandria and Brittany. Although Alexandria acting like a b**ch at the beginning and towards the middle of the competition, she knows how to pose in front of the camera and act like a real model. She is not really see eye to eye with Brittany most of the time but they started to befriends with each other in the episode 7 if I'm not mistaken. So here it is, the summary for American Idol 10 and America's Next Top Model Cycle 16. Haha.

~ America's Next Top Model Cycle 16 ~

~ L-R, Alexandria and Brittany ~

Anyway, I am going back home tomorrow morning (yay me!) and I better get packed now. I hope to see a pile of durians the moment I step into the house coz I am craving for durians like so bad. Okay guys, until then. Ciao!

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