Friday, May 20, 2011

:: America's Next Top Model Cycle 16 is... ::

Salam to all my readers.

Perhaps you guys knew this already but I still want to announce it anyway. I am gladly announce that the winner of America's Next Top Model Cycle 16 is the fierce Brittani Kline! Yay!

~ Brittani's Cover Girl Ad ~

~ Molly's Cover Girl Ad ~

Now the winner has been revealed, who is the runner-up? It's non other than our own Molly O'Connell. If you guys look at their Cover Girl ads, you may think that Molly's is much more Cover Girl-like than Brittani's but, unfortunately, the finale deliberation of who's gonna be wearing the ANTM crown is not based on the Cover Girl ads solely. They were judged based on their finale runway walks and the previous works. The result out of the deliberation is Brittani crowned as the latest top model and also the latest 'baby girl' of IMG Model Management. During the finale runway show, they participated in a runway show for Vivienne Westwood latest collection.

~ Brittani's photos during the Marrakesh Love Story episode ~

~ Molly's photos during the Marrakesh Love Story episode ~

~ Molly and Brittani during the finale runway ~

To be honest, I wouldn't be upset if either of them wins, I mean, both these girls are really good and they were neck and neck at the finale. It just, maybe Brittani kinda outshone Molly during the finale runway walk so that could be the contribution factor of Brittani winning. This could be the best final 2 ever, well, after Danielle and Joanie of Cycle 6 of course. What a great cycle! Oh, forgot to tell ya. Our final 2 was spotted with a new makeover at the final panel and looking at the picture above, I think they work the new hairdo.

~ Final 2 at the panel ~

~ Final 2 facing the judges ~

~ The judges ~

That's it of ANTM Cycle 16. Now, the next cycle would be ANTM Cycle 17 or also known as ANTM: All-Stars Edition. It means that, the models who are robbed or who are not make it in the previous cycles will have another shot to be on top. They will start all over again, just like any other cycle but the only difference is, they already knew how this show work. The list of who's gonna be competing on this cycle is already leaked and I'm will be making a special entry about that one. So, gotta watch this space. Hehe.

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