Sunday, May 15, 2011

:: I dreamed a dream ::

Salam to all my readers.

Yesterday I asked my mom, can I be a model? No. That was what she said. And I asked her why. She said I am too big to be a model, which I kinda agree with the statement, and later she added, model don't wear glasses so, if I want to be a model, I need to wear contact lens or go to the hospital and get my eyes fixed. I was laughing hearing her opinions on me becoming a model.

I think in our life, I certainly believe that, we do have this kinda feeling. The feeling of becoming somebody that is not us and somebody that is far out of our reach. This is not ambition. Ambition is more like a strong desire to do or achieve something in life, but this is different. The feeling when you're watching TV and you see Celine Dion performing and getting big applause from the audience and suddenly you say, I wanna try to be like her for one day. This is the feeling that I'm talking about.

This maybe a lil bit embarrass to admit but okay, fine, I think wanna try to be a model for a day. Laugh your heart out if you want but it is really something that I feel like I wanna be if Allah granted me a chance to be somebody else, which by all means, is not gonna happen in real life. It's okay to dream, the last time I checked. I'm gonna put the blame of shows like America's Next Top Model (ANTM) coz for some reasons watching the show kinda influence me a bit, or maybe not a bit, but the thing is, it all started with the show.

There was also times when I sat on my comfy couch and imagined how fantastic it would be to see myself playing a role on the silver screen and to see my face handsomely on the poster of blockbuster movies. I wrote about this once, click here to read more on what type of movie I would like to be in if I was an actor. Haha. In real life, I am nobody. I want to feel the pride, the glory when people cheering at me and people calling out my name when I walk down the street. "Judiene!" "Judiene!". Boy, it turns me on! Haha. I successfully managed to make myself look pretty stupid and lame. LOL!

~ one of my favourite actor he is ~

Come on people, don't act like you never had a dream like this. Don't lie to me, or at least, don't lie to yourself. Feel free to share some of your dreams here. Put away all your shyness, I promise, it's only you and me. Hehe. Until next time guys, ciao!

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