Monday, October 25, 2010

:: X-Factor - Live Show 1 & 2 ::

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I haven't got the chance before this to keep my blog updated with X-Factor UK 2010 that is already in its third result show but I got it now so I'm gonna review the last two episodes that i missed but I keep it short.

The first episode of X-Factor witnessed a shock double elimination, which to me, kinda not fair. If they want to reduce the amount of contestant drastically by sending two contestants home at a night, why would they take 3 more contestants from the wildcard? Those who were on bottom three are F.Y.D, Katie Waissel and Nicolo Festa and Nicolo is the first act to go home, followed by F.Y.D. Nicolo got the least votes and he was sent home immediately while F.Y.D got a chance to sing for survival but the judges didn't seem to have interest in them thus the elimination.

~ Nicolo Festa ~

~ F.Y.D. ~

On the live show of week one, I was rooted on Nicolo, One Direction, Belle Amie, Mary Byrne, Rebecca Ferguson, Matt Cardle and Aiden Grimshaw but sadly Nicolo has to go home, which is sad coz to me, he is a great singer although he is slightly weird and posses the diva-ish quality. No luck for him.

And as for Live Show 2, which is in week 2, I was kinda blown away by performances of Matt Cardle, One Direction, Mary Byrne and Belle Amie. Rebecca Ferguson, to me, is quite boring this week, maybe because of the song choice. But the judges love her. I love One Direction performance because as what Cheryl said, they look like they were meant to be together as a group and they show that Simon's decision to take them as a group is a genius decision ever made. I'm sure they are gonna stay longer in the competition as they got the look which obviously will attract more girls and women to vote for them.

The Result Show 2 saw Storm and Diva Fever (it's a male group, not a female group) be the second act to go home. Yes, it is a double elimination again. Now Simon only got 2 acts left under his supervision. The only group that I think can make Simon the judges winner for this season is One Direction. Not that Belle Amie is not great but the judges seem to love One Direction more.

Oh, you guys have to check out the performance of 14 acts singing Telephone, originally from Lady Gaga and Beyonce. They look funny singing the song but at the same time entertaining. Can't believe someone like Wagner, who is born with Brazilian accent and festive spirit got to sing the song. Haha.

And below are the remaining contestants.

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