Sunday, October 17, 2010

:: every man is different ::

Salam to all my readers

I am happy today coz my family is here in KL with me. Got a chance to meet them before final exam starts. I actually have no idea that KTM Komuter has broadened their railway up to Batu Caves. It is quite a journey for me, from Shah Alam to Batu Caves. Thank god there is someone..ermm..sitting in front of me. Ok, I shall not elaborate on that. :P

You know when I first arrived at Batu Caves station, i noticed something different. It was so quiet, as if every sound have been sucked out from the place. There are just few people waiting for the train and few people got out from it. I was like, Ok, what is this place, you know what I mean. Hahaha.

And one more thing I noticed. There are no other people there but Indians. Yeah, Indians. Those who are responsible for committing, ermm, ok I shouldn't say much about that. From the moment I stepped out of the station, no taxi, no bus, no everything. I was about to call my dad when one taxi came. And the driver and another passenger in it are Indians. Again, I was like, am I in India right now?? LOL.

Then they chatted gloriously in Tamil language, which I don't understand a thing. I was trying to create my own dialog, based on what I think they were talking.

The driver : What do you think we should do with this boy?

The Indian passenger : Should we do like what our friends did? I like burning things

The driver : Naahh, too risky. People will know straightaway.

The Indian passenger : So, any other plan??

The driver : Ermm, nope. ahh, just send him la. Plus he's not worth to k**l. He don't even have money.

~ motiff?? ~

I was praying to God, please keep me safe, I don't wanna get killed here in the taxi. Huhu. But it was all my bad instinct that leaded me to think bad about them. Instead from doing what i was thinking they would do, the driver was kind enough to show me the shortcut to my cousin's house. He even asked me to walk safely and take a good care of myself. I don't know what he means by 'take a good care' but yeah, that completely changed my perception towards them.

Moral of the story is, if a person is bad, it is not likely that the others are the same. Every people have different thoughts on things that going on. I was quite ashamed of myself for thinking something bad like that. They are Indians but hey, we are 1Malaysia. Maybe those who responsible for Datuk Sosilawati's death are some kind of crazy, blood-hunger murderer but I'm sure, other Indians are against what they did.

Huhu. Peace to the world! :)

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