Friday, October 15, 2010

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Salam to all my readers

Life as a treasurer for a well-known association is very demanding. Sometime they need you to attend a meeting on the spot. And there was a time when you didn't receive any notes about a meeting and here you are, laying around on your bed, with your blanket cover all your body up and all of a sudden you received a text message saying, "Need you now in student centre. Meeting." This is where when I say, arghh damn the meeting!

OK, i'm not that busy actually. It just one of my imagination of how busy my life can be. huhu.

I have just been appointed as a new treasurer so not much time spending on the meeting yet. But we do have a meeting recently, yesterday to be exact. We have discussed about the programs we want to do next semester as well as dividing the members committee into their bureau. From the list of programs that we had ruled out, I'm quite eager to do the annual grand dinner. Why? Coz I will be the director of the event! Yeah, read my lips guys!

I don't have much experiences and knowledge on how to organize a successful dinner, just a bit when I was a member of Transportation and Logistic Bureau back in my diploma years. Other than that, no. So, I'm quite nervous to be frank, the moment Mr. President announced my name as a director of the most awaited event of all students.

~ wish i can do something like this ~

Gonna be busy starting this semester holiday. Need to think of what to fill for that night, beside from serve our desire on food of course. Somebody who are expert on this kind of thing, kindly please leave a comment or drop some tips in my comment box. I'm sure no one want their plan to mess up at first time they handle a big event, don't they? I have to make sure everything is well-planned and although it seems too early to talk about this, I think its necessary for a newbie to starts early. Huhu. So, help me out guys! :)

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