Monday, October 18, 2010

:: The Other Side of Down ::

Salam to all my readers

I feel soooo excited and satisfied today. Why? Because after one long year of waiting, finally I manage to get my hand on David Archuleta's brand new album, The Other Side of Down. I was hesitated to buy at first, thinking of the expensive price but thanks to Miss Rosie for the advices, I have made my decision to buy it. Hahaha. There's no turning back after I walked out of the music store.

I have already listened to the songs in the album and just like his previous album, all songs are acceptable and current, which suit his bubbly personality and his kinda matured voice. I like the fact that he changed his hairstyle, which make him looks more grown up. And I love what he wears in his cover photoshoot, its like vintage meets teeny-bopper kinda thing. Ok, enough with his appearance, let's take a look at the tracks in his album.

  • The Other Side of Down
  • Something 'Bout Love
  • Elevator
  • Stomping The Roses
  • Who I Am
  • Falling Stars
  • Parachutes and Airplanes
  • Look Around
  • Good Place
  • Complain
  • Things Are Gonna Get Better
  • My Kind of Perfect
As you already know, his first single from this album is Something 'Bout Love. The second single will be Elevator. Be patient and keep your ear fix to the radio to make sure you don't miss it when the second single played. If you are not patient enough, just simply go to any music stores near you and purchase it, just like I did!

Trust me, it will be worth your money. To all David's fans out there, you don't need my word, aren't you? OK, now I can strike this out of my list. Next thing is, I hope that there's gonna be a concert or tour and he will come to Malaysia again! This time, i try not to miss it.

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