Tuesday, October 19, 2010

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Salam to all my readers

I just screwed a test just now, which appear as the last and only chance for me to get great result for Clinical Chemistry II. OK, maybe it's my fault that I take it for granted and enter the hall not well prepared but damn, the questions were so confused, i can't even differentiate which question belong to which topic. Lame isn't it??

I'm actually thinking of changing my blog template and header, since I've been using this like God-knows-how-long, but the problem is, my knowledge about making my own template and header is zero. This kind of thing is not something that we can learn overnight, or simply from the website or book. I believe, practical approach is more suitable method to learn from.

Already asked some of my friends and hopefully by the end of this year, my blog will have a major make over. And yeah, one more thing. If you guys have cool website for blog templates, do share with me. And the blog header too. The only photo editor I'm using now is Photoscape, and people always make a great and cool header out of Photoshop, not Photoscape so, I'm asking you guys a favor here, do leave tips or anything informatics regarding the matter. I appreciate all your hard work.

Last but not least, my final exam is around the corner but the feeling to sit for exam and pass with flying colors seem to be missing and I don't know where to find it. Shesshh, I don't know what I'm writing about. Pffttt!

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