Saturday, October 2, 2010

:: still got the Raya feeling left ::

Salam to all my readers

It seems that people in Puncak Alam still got the Hari Raya feeling. Ohh, don't get me wrong. It is not because they turn the Raya songs on 24/7. Also not because there are open houses everywhere organized by students or their course. All of these got nothing to do with the Raya feeling that people in Puncak Alam is experiencing.

The only reason for this never-ending Raya feeling is the annoying sounds of the firecrackers. I don't know if our Pegawai Penyelia Pelajar's (PPP) house is soundproof but it is situated below my house and i can hear it so damn clearly and PPP seems doesn't care of what is happening. No action have been taken so far. The sound is so loud as if an explosion is happening. Like a bomb explosion. It hurts my ears.

I swear to God if i have heart attack i would be dead by now. Every now and then the sound of the firecrackers echoed. Don't know where they got it. Maybe it was leftover from their Raya stock. Those who done it are unidentified so I assume PPP is so lazy to go and check, or even make an inspection regarding this matter. Until the legal action is taken, I'm gonna need a wool, you know, for cover!

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