Wednesday, August 4, 2010

:: take my arse outta here ::

Salam to all my readers

it's been awhile since i posted my last entry. been busy with assignments, tutorial and stuffs. as i'm typing all these words, i fell sooooo damn sleepy. but gotta push myself not to sleep after Asar, or i'll be blur and blank when i wake up.

this weekend would be great i suppose because finally there is a week where we don't have assignment or tutorial to be worried about. maybe our lecturers starts to think that student should have enjoyed their weekend rather than sitting on their desk, doing assignments. it's wonderful to see the changes in them. haha.

but still, i have to stay in this huge place. it has been 3 weeks since the last time i walked out of the UiTM front gate. why, because i'm short of money. PTPTN, please, gimme money! feel like i have lost connection with the world. don't know what is going on out there. maybe there are few new shops built around Puncak Alam.

ohh, my friend told me today that McDonald will open a new franchise here, next to the Petronas, which is quite a happy news for me. at least i don't have to travel half of Puncak Alam just to get a taste of McD. she said they almost hang the coming-soon banner outside the premise. see, if she didn't tell me about this, how i would have known. i need to get my ass out of this place. somebody please kidnap meh!!!

owh btw, Ramadhan Al-Mubarak is around the corner. and a month after is Hari Raya. time does fly fast. hope this Ramadhan will be the best Ramadhan ever. first thing to do, add up my food stock!

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