Sunday, August 15, 2010

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Salam to all my readers

i'm sure all of you have ever been in a situation where other people criticize your interest on something, saying bad things about it and some of you will take that to heart. for those who are warmth enough, they don't bluntly saying their heart out. instead, they will criticize it with respect and without making you feel annoyed.

how many of us willing to learn and see things the way other see it? if you find things that is unattractive and uninteresting to you but the opposite way felt by others, i am quite sure that some of you would not bother to stop and think, "why do they like this." or "what is so interesting about it.". me myself hate to do that, coz i don't know whether it is something worth to learn.

people will live happily and there will be no war if people starts to apply this in their daily life. i mean, don't directly say that you don't like this and that without even think about those who like it. instead of talk ramblingly, why don't you sit down and ask, what is so interesting about that particular thing. sometimes Malaysians will turn a blind eye over this matter, coz it's not important for them to really think about others. they will do so if other starts to criticize their thing of interests.

you guys don't have any idea why am i writing this boring topic, do you?? something got my attention and to be honest, i don't like that thing at all. to me it's kinda boring and not my time yet to be exposed to it. wait for another entry if you wanna know what it is.

until then, cheerio!

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