Friday, August 27, 2010

:: Wǒ hěn yīngjùn ::

Salam to all my readers

finally, my hectic schedule is gone by the wind. the this week, or tomorrow to be specific, i'm gonna go shoppin with my classmates. yeah, you heard it right. we are going to Masjid India, as a preparation for Raya, to buy some stuffs. my girlfriends are all can't wait to set their hands on the things sell there. from baju kurung to accessories, i'm sure it's gonna be a war!

i had a Mandarin Language listening and reading test today, which is quite depressing to be honest. learning new language make me realize that it is not easy to establish a language and to make people use it. at some points it even brought back memories. i remember when i was a little, it was so hard for me to like and learn English as our second language. i'm sure you guys have the same memories of learning English.

Mandarin, at certain point, is kinda similar to English. there are certain words that so confusing and hard to memorize. the hardest part is to be able to remember each word with its mark. i don't know what they call it but to those who know Mandarin, the words got mark on the vowel. it's very annoying coz misplace the mark means mislead the meaning. and the way you enunciate it is the core to better understanding and better delivery of messages.

thank god our laoshi (it means teacher, not some kind of food!) didn't make us remember the other version of words. again, i don't know what it is been called but the other version, which is the old one is wayyyy harder than what we're learning now. i'm grateful for that.

until then..zaijian!

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