Tuesday, August 31, 2010

:: may our peace last forever ::

Salam to all my readers


sorry i seldom update my blog nowadays, thanks to my biochem scrapbook. in my entire life, i usually stay up till 5 am to study or surfing the internet. but last night, i actually slept after subuh just to finish up the scrapbook. at first, we was like, what the hell is a degree student doing with scrapbook. i mean, it's like doing project back when we was in high school.

our lecturer insisted that his project must be in scrapbook form so, we got no choice. i forgot to take pics of us scrapbook-ing but i promise you, i'm gonna show you the final result of a 5 guys group. to me, i can't believe that our scrapbook is done by guys. hahaha. cute! wait and see ya!

so yeah, that should wrap it all up. i'm gonna need to study Clinical Chemistry. got test tomorrow. and after that, shopping!!

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