Wednesday, August 18, 2010

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Salam to all my readers

i don't know whether it's my blog or people miss the 'add link' when they are following my blog but it seems that last 3 persons following my blog didn't put their link in. i appreciate that people like my blog and they want to follow it, that's their choice. but please click on the 'add link' link so that you blog will be added automatically, well, if you have one laa.

i try to tract everyone who followed my blog, and it makes my job harder if they have blog but they don't put it together. i would love to see my readers' blogs. seriously, i mean it guys. so to those who wish to follow this orangy blog, if you are a blogger, do share your link ok.

it's been a week of Ramadhan now. 23 more days to go. hehe.

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